Will Your Purse Harm Your Fitness?

July 8, 2016

You will be surprise with this title! The glamourous we are holding every day can serve as a fashionable accent for your outfit and provide a secure place to store your cellphone, money and makeup kit. If you ask which fashion item could combine both form and function, that should be your everyday designer leather handbags. But have you ever thought about that there’s a chance for your bags do harm with your fitness? Take care of some details of using bags, as our human who seems strong and powerful but actually frail.


Will it hurt your shoulders?

I’m keen on leather shoulder bags for women, so it is common to see a fashion should bag be slung over my left shoulder in the street or on the road to office, from day to day. I have never notice the change of my shoulders, one of my friends told me that she found my left shoulder isn’t in the same level with the right one. I’ve never notice that change until she told me! The fact is this could alter the way we naturally stand and walk. Therefore, if you are fond of wearing the bags on your shoulder like me, you’d better try to switch sides every day. Keep it right if it is left yesterday. On the other hand, keep your bag weight under 10% of your total body weight.


Will it hurt your hand?

Luckily I haven’t shoulder bags, I preference womens tote bag! Some people might think like that after watching the above. The tote bags with too thin or too stiff straps might cut into your muscles causing a pain, especially those metal or plastic straps. Stick to the bags with soft or wide straps, or if you cannot help buying them, don’t carry too many items.


Is it hurting your elbow or cause headache?

Believe it or not, there’s a chance for you to get a headache if you carry a heavy bag! Too much pressure on your shoulders could go up the back of the neck to skull can sause severe muscular tension headache according to Everyday Health reports. Plus, don’t carry more than a bag each time, or your elbow may get hurt, try to balance the weight across both arms if you do.


Will it harm your back?

During our child, our mom always told us not to carry too much books on our school bag, or will hunchback. Don’t think that only children should pay attention to hunchback, too much weight on your shoulders could cause hunchback for our adults as well.


Breaking your hair?

Most of the girls with long hair have ever found yourself yanking your hair out of a tangled shoulder strap! Never look down upon those details, many a little makes a mickle! Therefore, sweep hair to the other side or wear it up would be a good choice to prevent from breaking.


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