May 16, 2016

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In the early 1970s in France, a time when arts leaders in the wave of chaos, simultaneously the two playing outstanding students who were studying in France Université de Paris Randy

Helm from British and Eugène Bouchardon from France co-sponsored a youth UNIR VOGUE Designers Association. At that time the starting point is very simple, that is, in order to allow more young people, like them a platform for exchange and display, the art of ideas form here.

This is a far some of the arts organizations, bringing together not only designers for clothing, leather goods & shoes, and the young avant-garde & the space designer, they gathered to create. The activity of association is very simple fixed, each month, the members of the association, everyone will have to come up with a work for your evaluation, from space to clothing, works of art in full bloom for everyone involved, putting forward opinions, often different understanding from the fields causing the different understanding from the fields causing the different arguments and even quarrels, but the arts are interlinked and they believe that this unique review will only widen their own art thoughts, in which multidisciplinary review and recommendations, everyone has access to the most valuable increase. Gradually on the 5th of every month at the gathering, there will always be some work to win all the praise.

70s is times of the fashion trend change, full of freedom and antagonism invoice. The strict rule of Chun Teng Union was threatened, Mod look Declaration of Independence fashion started and the wild uninhibited creation & endless imagination broke out. And at this time, young people with creative ideas to draw on collective wisdom after the critical amendments to allow UNIR VOGUE Association to gradually the famous. The art pioneer strength of the Association continuing infected young people.

Brand Style:


Extension uninhibited, unrestrained design thinking and collision of traditional rigorous design theory, the formation of the bold Unir Vogue, free, assertive personality, European classic, conservative shadow, fashionable, with a strong sense of design, exquisite craftsmanship and high quality materials embodies Europe has always been rigorous spirit, a representative of the new generation of fashion leather goods.


Randy 20160516111646Randy Helm

One of the leaders of UNIR VOGUE Designers Association, graduated from Université de Paris




Eugene 20160516111705Eugène Bouchardon

One of the leather of UNIR VOGUE Designers Association, graduated from Université de Paris

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