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Khaki is a never out-of-date when it comes to fashion, own it’s popularity every year, even in some simple and laconic design, it will make you outstanding and elegant, as a result of its own gentle effect on visual impact.

Of course, the color will not just work on coat or shirt, it also brings the same effects to bags!

Khaki, or sometimes camel, can be confused with each other

Different from camel or khaki, the brown bags are easier to match, a large bag can be hard to show your style, but smaller bag the will be totally OK

Lots of girls know that black color can match all, but the brown is also that useful! having a brown bag, and you can start with a lot of styles!

Even match with dark colors, brown bags can also show its power! and very vibrant.

And when it comes to gorgeous colors, Khaki and Camel are also very mature and neutralized colors

Also very good for green and blue

Or even camouflage

2White Clothing Bags

White is a holly color and also the best color to brings you different fashion effect, very useful to work with light color bags.

White casual lots are perfect with light yellow, light purple or pink colors, would give you a warm and gentle effect. White career styles are suitable for light purple or other hues like it.

3.Brown Color Clothing

Brown Color clothing have less various choices, matching with white bags for girly style, matching with red bags for vibrant style, even matching with same colors is also good to look——but can’t be very close the same, some plaid and different texture can show your unique ideas

Purple Color Clothing with Bags

Purple Clothing is elegant and luxury-like and requires high quality of material and crafting of the clothes, so it’s also hard to choose a bag. but it was just the hardest match can show your luxe and upper-class talent. Light purple is more romantic and not matching well with dark color bags, show your elegance; Dark purple is noble and luxurious, matching well with bags of close color while not that shining

Green Color Clothing

It’s suggested that Green can be matched with beige or light yellow for some spring style and laconic style. light green is idea with light red, light yellow, light blue and others like them, it’s easy, fresh and girly.

Beige Color Clothing

Beige is plain yet delicate, as the most common color used, it’s used in career style for being plain and mature, so it’s good to pay attention to choose some classic or common handbags, not those bold or sophisticated style bags.

Also, when it comes to career style, as we need to make the office atmosphere less dense, it’s ideal to choose low purity color.

Bags are to women what watches are to men. To judge the Affordability of a woman, bags are as important as your clothes! Then here are the questions: how to choose your bags to match your outfits and to your body size? and how much you know about techniques on colors matching? Now, we shall find out! @Aitbags

Warm and long coat
It would be incomplete without a long coat in winter. when you are choosing bags to match that, do not select big bag as it will gain your gravity burden, the lightweight small bags will be your ideal choice to travel light and agile, especially to wear it cross body, making a great difference for you.
Ideal bags: Totes, cross body bags
Handbags outfits for warm and long coat
What’s more, shoulder bags like chain bags and bucket bags are also good choices, apart from other big bags, it’s a popular way to carry them on shoulder with your coat unbuttoned.
Bucket bags outfits
Commuting middle coat
A middle coat that length reaches kneels is necessary for everyone, whatever the size and height, as it’s easy to handle. Hand-held big bags are the best choices for those styles and for commuting! Suitable bags: Hand-held big bags (to be held in hand or elbow with handles)
Handbags outfits for commuting middle coat
Practical short coat
Short coat that height reaches hip is favored by petite girls, it can cover their wide hip without cover the person whole. To match this style, the bags should never be too large, and strap should never be too long, making it right around the waist would be helpful for proportion adjustment.
Handbags outfits for practical short coat
Contrast Color Collocation
Black and blue got sense of formal, while blue and white could felt fresh, thus, it’s good to try a blue bag with black outfits or black bag with blue outfits. but please note that you should use ocean blue instead of light blue or sky blue.

Rule for bag purchasing: Contrast colors require senses of colors matching, the basic way to match colors is to use colors with high saturation, it usually works well. Small pieces of contrast colors are also easier to handle, and to start with small bags.

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Philipp Plein create a fashion magic in Milan Show recently, from the mid-century style background to the tail-finned clothing, cool car, everything is just on the perfect way. I have attracted by the bright colors and the coherent background. The theme of it was 50s greaser girls, “good greaser girls and bad ones”, which is distinguished by the differ of colors: pastel shades of pink and blue represent the good one while red and black for bad.

01-philipp-plein-resort-2017 02-philipp-plein-resort-2017 03-philipp-plein-resort-2017 04-philipp-plein-resort-2017 05-philipp-plein-resort-2017 06-philipp-plein-resort-2017 07-philipp-plein-resort-2017

The red flame decorates for the black jacket, pants, skirt add different sense of cool and you will look absolutely badass when wearing those piece on. And the carton punches up the look to vivid one.

08-philipp-plein-resort-2017 09-philipp-plein-resort-2017 10-philipp-plein-resort-2017 11-philipp-plein-resort-2017 12-philipp-plein-resort-2017 13-philipp-plein-resort-2017 14-philipp-plein-resort-2017

Furthermore, the sharp unruly designer handbag is another shining point of this show! The punk style bags with rivet show the beautification of boldness and unconstraint.

15-philipp-plein-resort-2017 16-philipp-plein-resort-2017 18-philipp-plein-resort-2017 19-philipp-plein-resort-2017 20-philipp-plein-resort-2017 22-philipp-plein-resort-2017 23-philipp-plein-resort-2017

But elsewhere the pastels yielded some fairly PG-13 pieces, a satin bomber jacket with a 1950s Chevy on the back comes to mind, perhaps because this reporter wore a similar style in the halcyon days of her 1980s youth. The ’50s are always coming back around, it seems. Yes, there was a tee that gleefully boasted “His Momma Don’t Like Me,” but other looks here could actually win Mom’s seal of approval. His multicolored star-patched jeans are certain to appeal to the tween and teen crowds, anyway. Accessories are a growing focus for Plein, and gals of all ages will respond to his new star-studded motorcycle boots.

25-philipp-plein-resort-2017 26-philipp-plein-resort-2017 27-philipp-plein-resort-2017 28-philipp-plein-resort-2017 29-philipp-plein-resort-2017 30-philipp-plein-resort-2017


H&M is suing Forever 21 on the charge that Forever 21 is ripping off one of its bags, The Fashion Law reports.


The bag allegedly in question is a beach tote that says “Beach Please,” according to The Fashion Law.

H&M reportedly said that since the bag’s spring 2014 debut, it has been “well received by consumers because of its distinctive design,” according to The Fashion Law.

The website reports that H&M’s copyright for the bag was registered in June.

The Fashion Law reports that the lawsuit claims that “Defendant has employed one or more companies in China to manufacture and import the infringing product into the U.S. […] Many of the products sold by Defendant are manufactured in China for the Defendant. The Defendant has also been accused of copyright violations in the past.”

H&M is allegedly claiming that if Forever 21 continues to sell the bag, it will cause damage to H&M’s reputation, according to The Fashion Law.

H&M is reportedly requesting that Forever 21 cease selling the bag.

The irony lies in how H&M is in the same fast-fashion camp as Forever 21. H&M takes runway-inspired ideas and churns them out rapidly as affordable frocks for cash-strapped millennials.

Forever 21 is no stranger to copyright infringement lawsuits — it has an ugly history riddled with this secret. In 2011, Jezebel wrote a lengthy report detailing how the fast-fashion behemoth allegedly pays off lawsuits under the table.

By Mallory Schlossberg @ AITbags

LESBOS, Greece (AP) — They are a poignant symbol of Europe’s refugee crisis: Mountains of life vests strewn on the beaches of Lesbos, and piled high at dumps on the Greek island that doesn’t know what to do with them.


Now some of those refugees are working on a solution.

A group of volunteers at a refugee shelter on the island has launched a project to make handbags, totes, and messenger bags out of the brightly colored vests, hoping to raise money for charity efforts on the island.

At a tiny makeshift workshop, Afghan tailor Yasin Samadi works with a sewing machine to make a small orange dispatch bag, as children and other curious onlookers wander in and out, drawn by the bursts of noise from the machine.

“If there’s work here, I will stay here,” says the 27-year-old from Kabul, who’s been living with his family at the shelter, known as the PIKPA camp, for 18 months. “If not, we’ll need to leave.”

Lesbos has been at the center of the refugee crisis that escalated dramatically last year. More than 500,000 refugees and other migrants arrived to the island in 2015, nearly half the total number of people who traveled to Europe.

The numbers peaked at 7,000 per day in October, with people traveling in dinghies and boats that were barely seaworthy, and many wearing counterfeit-brand life vests bought in shops on the Turkish coast.


The bags are due to go on sale by mail-order later this month, priced between 10 and 30 euros ($11-$32.5), organizers of the project said.

Greek volunteer and English teacher Lena Altinoglou said the bag project was aimed at helping refugees cover their living expenses and retain a sense of dignity.

“These people don’t want to become beggars … It’s important for people here to able to work, create something, to make a living and help other (refugee) families,” she said.

“These life vests remind us of the crossing from Turkey to Lesbos, which is a dangerous journey. Many do reach our camp safely, but others don’t. So it’s a reminder of the need to find a better solution.”


Marc Jacobs is betting big on accessories — this time under the label’s new one-brand, multiple price points approach.

With a spring collection exhibiting a new double-J signature hardware bit applied to a wide range of functional shapes and sizes in brightly colored fabrications – the majority of which will be priced under $500 – the Marc Jacobs brand, like many in fashion, looks to generate the majority of its sales in the category.

Chief executive officer Sebastian Suhl said that ideally, the label’s leather goods will account for 70 percent of the brand’s overall sales, while footwear would represent an additional 15 percent share. Such a proportion of accessories would even exceed Michael Kors’ current sales breakdown, which in 2015 owed 68.4 percent of brand sales to accessories.

The focus on accessories fits in with the company’s goal of one day going for an initial public offering, hoping to mirror Kors’ success on the stock market. No time frame has been set for a possible IPO, though.


“Accessories are our biggest category without question – they are a top priority from a business perspective,” Suhl . Presently, leather goods account for about 60 percent of the LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton-owned brand’s sales.

Marc Jacobs found immense success through the early Aughts with bags boasting its signature oversize push-button hardware. The designer’s spring assortment, which rolled into stores late last week, is the first collection to exhibit the label’s restructured pricing approach and new logo. The label would fold its diffusion Marc by Marc Jacobs label into its higher-end one to create a unified brand with varied pricing.

The CEO said that 70 percent of the brand’s spring accessories assortment is priced under $500 – a ratio that will continue in future collections. However, special pieces constructed of exotic skins and boasting elaborate embroidery can be priced in excess of $5,000. As observed at the brand’s 163 Mercer Street store, the varied price points are merchandised beside one another without differentiation.

Included in the new assortment is the brand’s new “Gotham” leather satchel collection, priced between $300 and $600. Each has a woven strap. The “Snapshot” range of camera bags comes in bright leather ($295) and checkered sequin fabric ($550). A more ladylike “J, Marc” range of shoulder bags is styled in aged, embroidered python for $5,500, as well as simple black leather with a chain handle for $490.

Suhl said of the new “J, Marc” embellishment — two linear “J” letters that connect in a loop: “It doesn’t look like a logo per se; it’s an interesting, simple embellishment.”

Jacobs explained of the designs: “We approached everything – shoes, bags – in the same way. They needed to have an authenticity and integrity of what they should be. Everything is very considered. From the sole of a shoe to the stitching on the sole of a shoe, and it doesn’t matter whether it was a shoe made in China or a shoe embroidered in France and made in Italy. There was the same amount of attention to detail in every single thing.”


“It’s a unique selling proposition,” Suhl said of the brand’s “democratic” approach, which he says has been intrinsic to the Marc Jacobs label since its inception.

But with this broad range, what will incentivize high-end consumers to buy into the brand’s more expensive products when $300 merchandise sits beside them on a shelf?

“It’s a totally different product,” Suhl said of the higher-end designs. “The bag we have at $5,000 is crocodile and has all kinds of embroidery. In any industry, any brand will have different price points – like with cars you have one [model] for $200,000 with one next to it priced at $30,000. If you do it right, it should be obvious why one is more expensive than the other.”

He was resolute that “this is not what other brands are doing. We are not about taking a super commercial bag and trying to make a few more expensive bags to up our image. It is something the [Marc Jacobs] brand has been doing naturally for 15 years.

“Marc Jacobs is the first designer fashion house that offers a significant portion of product at democratic prices,” said Suhl. “We are definitely doing a designer story in terms of positioning and how we present ourselves in department stores.”

Though the brand’s prior duality when it operated the Marc by Marc and Marc Jacobs labels allowed it representation on both the designer and contemporary floors of department stores, Suhl said that the new unified brand will look to designer real estate in third party retailers going forward. This same designer mentality will apply to the label’s markdown approach, which will now operate on a semi-annual schedule, rather than in a constant flux as often happens in the contemporary market.

“[Our department store placement has] shifted quite a bit. We were very much on the contemporary floor and will be shifting to the designer positioning It’s a designer brand. It’s one that, again, is the only designer brand able to market most of its product at a democratic price point.

“You will see us positioned in a designer environment…we don’t want to confuse the consumer by putting ourselves amongst brands that have nothing to do with us,” said the CEO.

Suhl, who joined Marc Jacobs from Givenchy in July 2014, said that when reviewing the brand’s analytics, he felt that, “We are a very unique American fashion house in the sense that less than half of our business is in the U.S.”

The label’s geographical reach is evenly spread between Asia, Europe, and the Middle East — and is locally merchandised to suit cultural preference.

But there is one overall common thread, seen in the brand’s online traffic. “If you look, we have a very strong Millennial female base – 80 percent of our customer online is a women between 18 and 36 years old,” said the CEO. “The majority of what we are doing is a young trendy person.”

The demanding age group “expects much more of a [brand] world, it necessitates a proper collection,” Suhl said, when asked if the label is on a quest to produce a new “It” bag.

“We are not working to create an ‘It’ bag; we are working to create a collection of product that stands for something, for Marc Jacobs specifically, with designer quality, designer experience, at mostly democratic prices. We are after more of a perennial approach. We are not looking for a short one-off,” he said.

With an overall accessories market that’s in a state of muddled confusion that reported last week, Suhl still feels that Marc Jacobs can accomplish success in the category. “I think for sure what’s been missing [from the market] is that there has never been a brand able to bring a designer sensibility with a democratic price point with attention to function and merchandising. I know it’s unique. We are definitely doing that.”

Contributor: Misty White Sidell