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Philipp Plein create a fashion magic in Milan Show recently, from the mid-century style background to the tail-finned clothing, cool car, everything is just on the perfect way. I have attracted by the bright colors and the coherent background. The theme of it was 50s greaser girls, “good greaser girls and bad ones”, which is distinguished by the differ of colors: pastel shades of pink and blue represent the good one while red and black for bad.

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The red flame decorates for the black jacket, pants, skirt add different sense of cool and you will look absolutely badass when wearing those piece on. And the carton punches up the look to vivid one.

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Furthermore, the sharp unruly designer handbag is another shining point of this show! The punk style bags with rivet show the beautification of boldness and unconstraint.

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But elsewhere the pastels yielded some fairly PG-13 pieces, a satin bomber jacket with a 1950s Chevy on the back comes to mind, perhaps because this reporter wore a similar style in the halcyon days of her 1980s youth. The ’50s are always coming back around, it seems. Yes, there was a tee that gleefully boasted “His Momma Don’t Like Me,” but other looks here could actually win Mom’s seal of approval. His multicolored star-patched jeans are certain to appeal to the tween and teen crowds, anyway. Accessories are a growing focus for Plein, and gals of all ages will respond to his new star-studded motorcycle boots.

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Every day, our status: thinking over and looking for the both perfect and adequate outfit for work but finally find nothing to wear. At this time, you may feel annoying, you have spent a great fortune on wardrobe every season, but still find nothing to wear, why?

The fact is that, sometimes, you feel appreciate of your perfect collocation, but next day, you will find you are bored by every single option. You must clear that not only the style of the season but also the colors, fabric, embellishment would help add flavor to your wardrobe.


Refreshing your closet is also headaches press, but instead of spending a lot of money on refreshing all the fashion outfit on your closet, adding some embellishment doesn’t have to break the bank, on the contrary, they might be able to liven up your wardrobe, if you are willing to spend a scant $50 on a few key pieces like Wholesale Fashion Handbags.

1. Add colors through fashion handbags

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Make full use of your neutral outfit if you are reluctant to spend more on your wardrobe. As you know, the neutral is not so easy be out of fashion as the color one, so long as you add colorful handbags for ladies, you won’t feel bore with the wardrobe of khaki, black and gray. Whatever you would like to choose the top-handle one or just the simple cross-body handbag in bright color, they will work just perfect to your traditional outfit.

2. Keep statement Jewelry


May be most of you have known the basic rules of fashion, if you are fond of going with the plain and simple traditional outfit in neutral colors, stick to accent it with bold, stunning accessories, so as to get rid of bore and no novelty, instead, make even the most basic outfits look more exciting. In addition, you don’t have to choose the expensive jewelry, there are also a lot of charming statement jewelry that in reasonable price. When you are looking for those statement jewelry in the store, please scroll down to know some guideline:


Stick to high-quality one: before buying, check carefully to make sure the stones or other accent on the jewelry are all on the right place. Because there’s chance of the jewels falling out.

Be sure the fastener is strong enough: it is really embarrassed when the necklace with ring when wearing.

Stick to color: jewelry with bright colors play an important role on your whole look.

3. Start with a pair of shoes



Shoes and fashion bags are the must have items just only second to your outfit, a great pair of shoes can stretch the outfits you already have. It is funny to embellish your common outfit with bold color heels; they would improve your look to another level. It will be exciting mixing up with your daily skirt and shirt collocation!

4. Add pieces of scarves

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It is a cheap and useful embellishment for either your clothes or your handbags. Never look down upon the importance of a piece of scarf, it is extremely versatile. You can loop them around your neck to create the elegant look, tie on your cheap purse or bag for a pop color and unique style as well as get rid of cold when the weather is cold!

It is a wise choice to buy the heavier weights and dark colors in winter, while light fabric with bright patterns are great option on Spring and Summer.

How could a woman hang out without accenting with a fashion handbag? And it seems that we women always feel like we are lack of a style of stylish bag on our closet, even though your bags nearly occupy completely your wardrobe!

Girl, please think about your budget instead of your closet. Keep in mind that a little customization can go a long way to highlight and transform the style of your basic bags. With those tricks you can go well different styles of outfit with a bag. Stroll down to know more now.

No matter your bags are only Wholesale Fashion Handbags or the fashion designer bags, so long as you use the high-quality embellishments and spend some time to execute your vision, you will find surprise.



1. Change your common bag’s strap to charming facing ribbon


Untie the original strap of your bags, instead, tie the ribbon to the two sides of your bag. You have better stick to make a knot, as it will look much nicer when compare with the double knot, if you are still worried whether it is secure enough or not, seam it with needle.

Shave the superfluous ribbon and add some trinket on one side of your bag, a semi DIY bag finally be finished! Do you like it?


2. Accent Your Bags with Scarves


Summer time is on the way coming, but don’t store your scarves in such a hurry, it is a stunning item for accenting your bags! Knot the corner of your scarf to the base of the handle to secure it and just start wrapping. Pay more attention to the center of the scarf that you are wrapping so as to make a decision on how much you are going to use by the time you get to the center of the handle of your large black purse. Your bag will look just perfect after wrapping it tightly! For the first time, many people will find themselves couldn’t grasp it properly way, why not try to tie a second knot at the other end.


3. Tie a printed handkerchief


To get your imagination started now, tie it whatever you like! If you pay close eye on the street style or the fashion trend, you must know it is the most prevailing trend now on the fashion world.


4. Drawing on your plain bags!

It will be absolutely great if you are a girl that specialize in drawing, come in handy! Instead of drawing perfectly, irregularity would look better.

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Ok, let us take lazy and heavy-handed girls into account. Just searching some fun embellishments online just like the following and accessorize your bags, they will look great in that easy way!

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As a major Taylor fan, it’s often hard to find out new things about her. There are always websites and new articles coming out claiming “10 things you don’t know about Taylor Swift.” Sure, the average person might not know a lot of details about her, but those who follow her closely do. Right here, we are not going to share you some gossip new about Taylor. As Swiftie, I always pay close attention on Taylor’s daily look, she has a keen eye for spotting future trends. As it is known to us, your daily collocation is the best way to show your personality!


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Taylor-Swift-Street-Style taylor-swift

The past year has seen Taylor Swift change up her style from sweet to sultry, right in tune with her album, the smash hit 1989. But Swift’s style is more than slinky Alexandre Vauthier dresses at the Oscars after-party and Frame Denim skinny jeans for nights out with the girls. The 26-year-old also possesses a highly enviable handbag collection, ranging from classic Gucci hobos to fashion-forward limited-edition totes from Louis Vuitton, all paired with her all-American flair.






Since Alessandro Michele took the helm of Gucci in early 2015, everyone has wanted a piece of the brand – and now he has created a new collection to be sold exclusively on Net-A-Porter that’s destined to top every fan’s wish list.

The Italian fashion house will drop its 20-piece capsule collection for Net-a-Porter on May 2. However, consumers can pre-register on Net-A-Porter’s website to be able to shop the collection first. To shop the new Gucci capsule collection sign-up here.


The 20-piece capsule will be on sale from May 12 and will encompass ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes, and will include new interpretations of Gucci classics such as the Dionysus bag and Ace trainers. Michele also calls on familiar elements – birds often grace his designs, and a reimagined version of his heron print features on a neoprene sweatshirt.

“Our customer cannot seem to get enough of Gucci,” Alison Loehnis, president of Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter commented. “Working on the exclusive project has been a thrill and we’re incredibly excited to be launching this global first on Net-A-Porter. Alessandro has an immense talent and vision, and, as we’ve come to expect from him, the collection is exquisite.”

The site will show ways to style a look. Prices for the Gucci capsule collection ranges from $270 for an iPhone case to $5,300 for an applique silk-blend organza gown. The partnership between The Italian fashion house and Net-a-Porter was not surprising as the retailer sells Michele’s Gucci collection since he joined the brand in 2015.

“The take-up from customers has been really incredible around all categories. We are selling loafers, but we are selling tons of RTW and fine bags, so this is really an across-category initiative,” said Net-a-Porter president Alison Lohenis. Since the time the designer joined Gucci, the label has become one of the site’s top-sellers.


The capsule collection will be promoted with social media pushes by both the retailer and the Italian fashion house. Michele also designed an exclusive rose print and updated Gucci’s Heron print in red for the capsule collection. The rose print will be featured on a reversible cardigan, two sizes of Dionysus handbags, mules, a high heel and the Ace sneaker while the Heron print was used for a sweatshirt, reports WWD.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Net-a-Porter is dabbling with a capsule collection. The retailer was the first to feature French fashion house’s Chanel jewelry online. It served as a platform for Chanel to sell its exclusive on the Coco Crush collection in April 2015.

By Barnali Pal Sinha

Among the fashion industry, the fashion bags business is a highly competitive one. Actually, it is not so easy to run a successful business, which need both excellent planning and perfect execution. No matter you are going to design the bags by yourself or just retailing top designer bags, Lightweight Suitcases. it is of great significant to know well your customers, analyze marketing and business.


In fact, when it comes up to the fashion bags businesses, it is divided into two parts, one is designing and manufacture and the other is retailing. If you are going to start the designing and handcrafted bags, then you are required to take the high quality raw materials of the bags into consideration and the time that you need to create the bags. While the retailing should store inventory. Your target should be to carry as little inventory as possible, as well as try to wholesale the well selling product in high quality.


As for those who are willing to start the design and manufacturing handbags, what you need is to arrange for retail distribution. Spend more time on researching the retail chains, or you can also take over doing small business on the website. For the retailer, have sharp eyes at spotting future trends.



Before starting the business, be clear how much you are going to spend. It is easy to forget about the overhead expenses such as legal fees for drawing retail contracts, replacement of tools, photographer for your new handbags, packaging and shipping.


Pay more attention so as to prevent the counterfeiters, be sure that the Wholesale Fashion Handbags have any authenticity. It is your responsibility to make sure the goods that buy from your store in good quality. Another thing you need to notice, you must protect your designs both for the sake of your reputation and for your copyrights and trademarks.



Everyone on the business would like to turn their ideas into gold, therefore, it is a wise choice to judge the potential of your company before starting, make a plan of how many bags you are projecting on your warehouse every year.

In this era of Internet, tens and thousands of different small business find their opportunities and doing well on the Internet. There is no denying that Internet changes the life of people and small business owners.

No longer only the man who could offer large budget achieve the successful at their business, so do those have small budget! Even though the fashion wholesale handbags or retailing still the specialized area within the fashion industry, it is necessary for you to make your online handbag business even more specific by choosing a certain area within the handbag industry.


The first thing you need to do for starting the fashion bag business is registering both your business and name on the related department of your country. It is the most basic party whatever business you would like to begin.

Make a decision on which type of fashion bag you are planning to sell? Please keep in mind, passage one business a stepping stone to success. And think about that how could you make your business outstanding among various kinds of handbag sellers to be one of a kind.

For example, you are able to sell bags that are crafted by you or the artisans in third-world countries. Or choose the environmental friendly materials of bags. All the purpose of that is to target customers with a particular interest in the handbag industry.


Try to find the Wholesale Fashion Handbags seller that could provide abundant source for your specialized handbag. Stick to select the one that fit well your business theme. What’s the most important thing: make sure that your handbag provider is legal. There are a lot of things to take care of.

Would like to cut down your cost? Compare the wholesale price from store to store, and try to find out the one whose prices are about 50% below retail.

Create a website for your handbags. Look for the website designer or an inexpensive website designer on a freelance such as oDesk, Freelance. And then sign for your Paypal, add e-commerce pay button to your web so that the customers are able to pay for their item by using credit through Paypal.


Know well your customer group will be the key to satisfy them! Set the bags on the reasonable price. Offer excellent customer service, and make sure the goods that be sent in high quality so as to attract more repeat customers!