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I love party, what about you? But party look is not as easy as you thought, especially when you caught unware by an event or party that you completely forgot about. I couldn’t bear wearing flawed appearance during the party, therefore, I’m used to prepare my party outfit before one week of the party. Found out the following style inspiration, may be they are help!

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White is a wise choice to create the elegant look, it is appropriate at times to perfectly match your heels with white handbags. And it will be inadvertently draw attention to the dress. Moreover, they all work for the office look. There is no necessary to buy the dress only work for the party!

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We all know the little black dress is the classic and never out of fashion night-out party item. However, if you feel bored of black, why not try to red lace one which is able to punch up your traditional look. Or if you are shy to wear that eye-catching lace dress, try adding a pair of red heels and red totes handbags to the mix to shake things up.

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How could you go through this Summer without a piece of print dress? Accessorize it with some plain accessories so as to prevent the accessories steeling the shot of your dress.

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It’s all about the print, to be honestly, I am fanatical about the print skirt or dress! You could never tell the delicate between women and print!

Keep a watchful eye on doesn’t mean you should refresh your wardrobe with a large number of on-trend items when the seasons changed. It is a pretty penny to save if you build a great wardrobe which is based on timeless foundation pieces, and then refresh it with some trendy items so as to liven up it. But how could you know which pieces are actually those foundation and timeless items? Therefore, before heading to your local clothing, discount designer bags shops, read following!


1. Black heels

Some women gravitate toward sneakers, while others might have crush on flip-flops. However, have you found that a pair of basic black pumps works in various occasions, and have you ever heard the black pumps will be out of style? Any collocation does work with the black pumps. Hence, when you are planning to buy a pair of black pumps, stick to high-quality one.


On the other hand, go for a closed, almond-shape toe. While both round-toe and pointy-toe pumps have their own shining time, the almond-shape never be out of style. You have better buy it on real store instead of online, as you know, besides looking beautifully, perfectly fit and comfortable are more important, you don’t want to feel prey to your heels on the street.

2. Dust coat

Since 1800s, the dust coat firstly appeared in vogue, it seems that it doesn’t plan to fade in the fashion world. It is appropriate at times to perfectly match your pants or dress, totes handbags with it. It’s perfect for drizzly days in the fall and spring. The classic style should be your sake if you would like to own the timeless dust coat, such as medium lapels, double-breasted bodice and a tie at the waist.


3. Deep color jeans

I think every woman has at least a pair of jeans on wardrobe, they are the most common items in our everyday look. Though you could find jeans easily in every year’s fashion week street style, just add the plain, dark one, as for the shape, of course you could feel free to choose according to your body shape.


4. Neutral Satchel

For me, adding cheap designer bags just like a common meal. Opt for classic and all-match style would be great, if you are willing to add a designer bag on your wardrobe and want to save budget.



No matter you are going to work, date or party, it does work. It fit closely all the way down the body.



Please credit to 5 Must Have Dateless Fashion Items on Your Wardrobe

This week, we have prepared the casual style, office look as well as the party style for your reference, Click through for 4 outfit formulas to get you inspired.


The sleeveness shirt with a piece of classic denim skirt and standout patterned pieces create a professionally polished look! Any collection of solids look current when wron with just one print piece, so don’t feel like you need to delve into print mixing! Add a piece of print accessories like leisure style print wallet to refresh your wardrobe!



It is appropriate at time to perfectly match your  simple shell shape handbags with your heels. The wide leg pants have a leg up on your office look, and it is a trendy item this season! Feel free to choose the skirt if find you gravitate toward skirt.


Floral-print bra top and Tie Waist Mini Skirt are the winning couple for party style!

As we come to the end of 2015, it may feel as if it were a year of turmoil, with volatility increasing, worries about the end of the liquidity cycle surfacing and the (surprisingly) sudden realisation by investors that Chinese growth cannot continue on a trajectory of 7% forever creating much soul searching. However, in terms of stock market moves, the year looks to be ending on a marginally negative note, with a muted decline from the peak of the Shanghai index in June. This makes predictions for 2016 all the more difficult. Nevertheless, there are some key factors a long-term investor can rely on:

„Interest rates will rise from current levels, with the tightening starting in the US and followed in a staggered fashion by the UK and eventually Europe. This combined with reasonable economic growth in the US (the largest global economy) and in China (4-5% growth is still substantial for the second biggest global economy) should make for a constructive case for equities;

The world’s temperature has passed through the +1 degree level and looks set to go through the +2 degree level. Whatever decisions come out of the Climate Summit in Paris, future valuations of all assets have to adjust for a carbon discount;

The barbarity of the atrocity in Paris, which brought the kind of murder ISIL has been inflicting on Muslims in the Middle East for two years to developed economies, along with Russia’s adventurism in the Ukraine, underlines that political risk is likely to play a much larger role in investment thinking over the next decade than it did in the preceding decade.

Saker Nusseibeh

Chief Executive,

Hermes Investment Management



As the tide recedes on market risk, sharp rocks are slowly being revealed. It will be possible to navigate around them, but only with careful portfolio management. Risk manifests itself in several different forms – no single metric will give a complete picture – but we can highlight a handful of areas of potential vulnerability:

„Volatility has been on the rise and markets are likely to see further and more severe spikes in volatility in 2016;

„Some decoupling between credit markets and equities has taken place and we expect that to continue, but the risk that correlations all rise together across asset classes is very real;

„Liquidity risks remain most prevalent in the credit market, but there are genuine dangers of spillover to other markets in the event of financial stress; and lastly,

„We expect markets to remain fragile and vulnerable to shocks.

Risk of contagion is on the rise and portfolios may appear more diversified than they actually are. Financial markets are inherently unstable and represent a challenge for even the fittest-for-purpose risk models – we must be aware of their limitations and the potential pitfalls into which our portfolios might be led.

Eoin Murray Head of the Investment Office



We are still expecting baby steps toward policy exits, as central banks with ‘skin in the game’ avoid taking the market off-guard. My outlook revolves around four beliefs. First, US and UK real policy rates will stay negative into 2017 and ‘peak’ rates will be much lower than we are used to. Eight years after the first traces of crisis, we have moved to a two-speed recovery. In the lead are the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and, for the first time, the UK. But in the slow lane are Japan, the eurozone and some emerging markets. The eurozone will continue to lack fiscal union. Greece may restructure, but this will likely be felt more by official institutions than private markets. And, like Japan, the European Central Bank (ECB) may

have to extend its liquidity. Second, lower peak rates could be delivered by the Federal Reserve and Bank of England selling some of the government bonds bought under quantitative easing (QE). A risk to the pound, though, is the ‘known unknown’ of the UK’s EU referendum.

Third, China is slowing, but has the ability to soften the landing. The effects on leverage and deflation need to be watched, but the Fed may not be knocked off course. Fourth, despite pockets of vulnerability, a blanket emerging market crisis seems unlikely. Few have fixed currency pegs to protect, so foreign exchange reserves need not be exhausted. Ultimately, they too may try QE.This all suggests that 2016 will be more like 2015 than 1994, when US rate hikes hit most assets hard. But, the policy ball is in China’s court.

Neil Williams

Group Chief Economist


Seven years on from the onset of the global financial crisis, and our introduction to “unconventional monetary policy”, investors and savers alike are still waiting to return to business as usual. By now, it had been hoped that central bankers would have receded back into the shadows, rather than remaining centre stage. Market behaviour is still worryingly dependent on the latest utterance from the Fed, Bank of England or Bank of Japan (BoJ), something that appears unlikely to cease anytime soon.In 2014, the last round of QE came to an end in the US. An initial bout of “taper tantrums” was quickly reversed and global equity markets moved to fresh highs in the spring of this year, aided by the ECB and BoJ taking up the monetary easing baton. On the surface, all appeared calm. Yet, the end of QE in the US ushered in troubling times for other markets. Commodity prices tumbled, emerging market currencies cracked, credit spreads started to widen and global trade sagged. Even the mighty Chinese economy succumbed to the pressure, triggering a savage domestic bear market.

While the ECB and BoJ were pumping fresh liquidity into their economies, neither the Japanese yen or the euro were reserve currencies, and it was the effective withdrawal of US dollar liquidity that hit credit growth in many parts of the developing world. With the Fed still agonising over the first rate rise, despite an apparently healthy economy, volatility will remain an uncomfortable companion into 2016. While the markets are focused on the normalisation of interest rates, next year could well see the Fed return to the unconventional, with uncertain consequences for asset prices.

Andrew Parry

Head of Equities

Excerpts from Hermes Investment Management @AITbags

Colorful items color your lifestyle, the plain and simple prevailing bags end up with the shine and highlighting fashion week. From the most fashionable colors, acrylic powder, quiet blue, fresh white to the gorgeous rainbow color, are worth to try this year. But there’s someone who are afraid of going with the large space colors ladies bag, don’t worry, we’ve compile a few guidelines, notes, best practice and forget-me-nots no the subject.

Rose Quartz

Fade institution Pantone announced one of the fashionable color in 2016: Rose Quartz, therefore, you might look out of fashion without a rose quartz bags. Tender and lovely pink suddenly dispel act-young suspicion when matching with the hale shape. Moreover, you will look younger if you match with the fancy item.







Quiet Blue

The blue which belongs to cool tone give the clean and comfortable impression. And you will find it frequently occurs on the street style of the fashion week. The light blue totes handbags just like the blue sky which is free and cosy. Why not surprise people with a piece of white dress?








Simple white

Minimalism in 2015 pushes the white to the top of fashion plain, pure white bags can easily hold every dress up at all seasons.



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Light Yellow

Light yellow is born with lively which give sense of rejuvenation. It is no longer the fluorescent tone in the previous years, instead, it is the fresh light yellow, it will be perfect when matching with the classical black and white, denim.


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Ebullient red clothes require high wearing skill, but if you put this color on your bag, it is easy to highlight your look on the perfect way. No matter how low-key you are in daily life, so long as you own a red bag, you will appear chic and outstanding.

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Refresh Green

Don’t forget to bring a wash of green to your faded life. A touch of green would be the best choice in Spring. Jasper is vintage and elegant while grass green bringing a sense of natural and fresh. Which color is your sake?

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