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Are you busy with your special day or evening? As a businesswoman, sometimes I need to go through 2 or 3 different occasions for one day! Or during weekend, when I gone to the gym fitness or go shopping with my friends, a phone call comes, I must go to the office immediately so as to handle a hard nut to crack. I’m not here to complain my busy life, I don’t even care.


But how could you change your gym suit to office or dinner look in such a hurry? Since I don’t actually carry my entire wardrobe in my car. I’ve all-too-often found myself racing home for a quick change.

Transform your style quickly doesn’t mean just change the whole look for the appointment in a hurry. Instead, making full with your accessories including jewelry, women leather handbags that are able to make an impact on your whole look!


1. Use the scarf

Scarves are seen as one of my favorite accessories to transform my common look to the noble one. Different patterns and styles as well as different wearing ways cause different styles of your look!

Moreover, it is a cheap accent that is able to draw huge impact, especially the one with eye-catching patent. Any collocation of solids looks more current wen worn with just one standout patterned piece, so don’t feel like you need to delve into print mixing! Plus, try to change your belt to a piece of scarf, you will find surprise on it.


2. Fashion bags

Every woman has more than one bag on their wardrobe. Various of colors and styles of handbags make it difficult to choose according to your style. Therefore, every season when you are prepared to refresh your closet, pay more attention on those fashion designer handbags which is suitable for office and party look. As the fashion bags make a huge different in your overall look. On the other hand, sale cheap designer bags can make bags an uber-cheap way to stretch your wardrobe.

Another shining way to make a quick change with your handbags is tie a charming scarf on it, it is an easy way to transform your office bags to the party one.


3. Cuff changes

Roll up the cuff and try adding a pair of flats, your causal Sunday look be showed on the perfect way; wear them long by matching it with the pointed heels and it is date night party time!


4. Shoes

Keep a pair of shoes on the place such as the office desk or in the back of your office, they will help.


Every day, our status: thinking over and looking for the both perfect and adequate outfit for work but finally find nothing to wear. At this time, you may feel annoying, you have spent a great fortune on wardrobe every season, but still find nothing to wear, why?

The fact is that, sometimes, you feel appreciate of your perfect collocation, but next day, you will find you are bored by every single option. You must clear that not only the style of the season but also the colors, fabric, embellishment would help add flavor to your wardrobe.


Refreshing your closet is also headaches press, but instead of spending a lot of money on refreshing all the fashion outfit on your closet, adding some embellishment doesn’t have to break the bank, on the contrary, they might be able to liven up your wardrobe, if you are willing to spend a scant $50 on a few key pieces like Wholesale Fashion Handbags.

1. Add colors through fashion handbags

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Make full use of your neutral outfit if you are reluctant to spend more on your wardrobe. As you know, the neutral is not so easy be out of fashion as the color one, so long as you add colorful handbags for ladies, you won’t feel bore with the wardrobe of khaki, black and gray. Whatever you would like to choose the top-handle one or just the simple cross-body handbag in bright color, they will work just perfect to your traditional outfit.

2. Keep statement Jewelry


May be most of you have known the basic rules of fashion, if you are fond of going with the plain and simple traditional outfit in neutral colors, stick to accent it with bold, stunning accessories, so as to get rid of bore and no novelty, instead, make even the most basic outfits look more exciting. In addition, you don’t have to choose the expensive jewelry, there are also a lot of charming statement jewelry that in reasonable price. When you are looking for those statement jewelry in the store, please scroll down to know some guideline:


Stick to high-quality one: before buying, check carefully to make sure the stones or other accent on the jewelry are all on the right place. Because there’s chance of the jewels falling out.

Be sure the fastener is strong enough: it is really embarrassed when the necklace with ring when wearing.

Stick to color: jewelry with bright colors play an important role on your whole look.

3. Start with a pair of shoes



Shoes and fashion bags are the must have items just only second to your outfit, a great pair of shoes can stretch the outfits you already have. It is funny to embellish your common outfit with bold color heels; they would improve your look to another level. It will be exciting mixing up with your daily skirt and shirt collocation!

4. Add pieces of scarves

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It is a cheap and useful embellishment for either your clothes or your handbags. Never look down upon the importance of a piece of scarf, it is extremely versatile. You can loop them around your neck to create the elegant look, tie on your cheap purse or bag for a pop color and unique style as well as get rid of cold when the weather is cold!

It is a wise choice to buy the heavier weights and dark colors in winter, while light fabric with bright patterns are great option on Spring and Summer.


When you find stars start wearing flats more often than intricately detailed heels, there is no doubt, we undergo the revolution of the major shoe. Flats is seen as the basic item to create casual style; they are no longer only belong to the gym.

But when compare with flats, heels are easier to highlight your look no matter in broad daylight or night out! Every single item possess ability to crate magnetic appearance which depend on your collocation skills. Click through the following outfit formulas to get you inspired.


A piece of casual dress ideal for collocation of casual high-street style, a knot of striped sweater around your waist would be a winning point of your summer look.

Less is more, accent with cross body fashion bags, it will suit those with an androgynous style and its black and white color mixing say more than stylish!


The cool culottes seem be equipped for this street style. Crop top and pants are the winning couple to elevate your waist. The white handbag that be slung over the shoulders with fun embellishment polish your whole look perfectly.


Leather jacket, white shirt and the denim are the classic essential for causal style, designer leather handbags done nothing wrong with those basics.


If you are concern about going wrong with something, you’d better choose the simplicity of a sheath midi dress which go well with almost every fashion item. Delicate accessories like watches, simple style rings add flavor to the look!


Keep things simple with plain top and white pants, the oversized handbag which is no nicer way of brightening up an outfit when the sun finally decides to show itself than with this shoulder bag.

https://www.aitbags.com/handbags.html https://www.aitbags.com/handbags.html

Kering SA has a spring in its step. The luxury goods and footwear group reported a 16% jump in fourth-quarter revenue, helped by a resurgent performance at Gucci, its flagship brand.

Revenue rose to EUR3.18 billion ($3.60 billion) from EUR2.74 billion in the same period a year earlier, helped by strong demand in Western Europe and Japan.

Kering, which owns Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Yves Saint Laurent among other brands, said that organic revenue growth, which strips out the effect of fluctuating exchange rates, rose a more modest 8%.


Puma, Kering’s sports-shoe brand, and Yves Saint Laurent logged the highest growth during the fourth quarter.

But better-than-expected results at Gucci suggest the brand is on its way up. The Milan-based business, known for its double-G logo handbags, had fallen out of favor with fashion-conscious consumers in recent years and faced slack demand in China where a crackdown on corruption has curbed the practice of exchanging gifts.

Gucci sales rose 13% in the fourth quarter, though its organic growth was a more modest 4.8%.

“Gucci has come in with a significant number of new styles that are starting to turn heads–at the same time, it is benefiting from promotions on its former collections,” said Luca Scola, analyst at Exane BNP Paribas.


Kering shares were 2.0% higher on the Paris bourse in early trading.

Last year, Gucci installed new brand Chief Executive Marco Bizarri who in turn hired a new creative director, Alessandro Michele. Mr. Michele’s first collections, which appeared in stores during the end of the third quarter of 2015, have garnered high praise from fashion critics and have also proved popular with consumers.

“These results come amid a more complex economic and geopolitical environment, accentuating the shifts taking place in our sector,” said Chairman and Chief Executive François-Henri Pinault. “I am confident that the work of our creative teams and the commitment of all our associates will enable us to extend our growth trajectory in 2016 and beyond.”

Yves Saint Laurent’s organic growth was 27% as the fashions of designer Hedi Slimane continue to be very popular with consumers. Puma grew 12% on an organic basis.

Kering’s full-year net profit rose 32% to EUR696 million from the EUR528.9 million the year before when losses at businesses that the company has since sold weighed on its bottomline. Pretax profit fell 25% on a 15% rise in revenue after Kering wrote down the value of goodwill at Puma and other brands as well as incurring restructuring costs at Gucci.

By Nick Kostov

Practical isn’t really a word that gets women’s hearts racing. Consider a few of the season’s top trends, like door-knocker earing, which stretch your lobes, and sky-high platforms, which risk an ankle injury, you can’t call either of those things practical.


One thing that should combine form and function, though, is your everyday fashion bags. Fashionable handbag is used for both accent your appearance and keep your personal items safe. Every woman may have experienced that handbags look best when hanging. But it is not always the best way to hang your fashion items.



Want more advice? We’ve compile a few guidelines on the subject.

1.    You’d better keep the generic stainless steel that you traditionally find in the retail stores away your shop, instead, choose to use the custom knobs and hooks. You will find the vintage doorknobs add flavor to your shop in the meantime of hanging your handbags perfectly well.

2.    It is truth, evening clutch bags isn’t the items that are suitable for hanging, but why not preparing a few plate display stands for them and show them on the counter? Moreover, it makes them seem more important to customers.
3.    Accenting the appropriate outfit of your models in your shop with beautiful bags. The perfect collocation is able to attract more customer’s eyes, so if your collocation is perfect enough, maybe the customers will buy not only a handbag but a suit of items on your model.

4.    Try to hang your bags with the stylish coat racks which is perfectly for hanging most of the handbags. And you won’t spend a great fortune on buying the racks in interesting designs.
5.    Window display is of significant for your shop, as we known, whether you are willing to go inside the shop, most because of the items that you have display attractive enough or not. Plus, it is also a great way to make important element of your retail sales.