A bag can not only make your collocation outstanding, but also can improve your temperament.
Let you out a shining senior.
Today, we introduce you the most fashionable four handbags. Let you take out the outstanding temperament!

1. Classic Box Bag
The box bag is seen 1 eye cannot ignore the temperament of options. Whether it is a personal or professional light cooked female. All may control belongs to own flavor. The real challenge is not age, balanced temperament.
You can go to amazon to find this Faux Leather Oversized Handbag, which is bag in a bag tote.
box bag
Wild Black Crossbody Bag
The Black Crossbody Bag may control all your wardrobe lists. With brunet department level fold wear have qualitative feeling more. It makes you dress more outstanding. Shell Shape Handbag
black crossbody bag
White Bags easily light up your whole style
During the spring and summer season white bags is better able to hold the colorful clothing. It’s a classic and ground color.
white crossbody bag
Camel Bags is the most high and mighty color
The succinct design can highlight the atmosphere. Is the brief prompt high-level perfect annotation.
camel crossbody bag

2. Quality Wine String handbag
This Handbag unique intellectual aristocrat’s makings. Rich details so the entire bag evokes a remarkable artistically.
The chain straps and the printing design of heavy and complicated.
wine string bag
For light ripe female
Choose decorative pattern design heavy and complicated can wear a fairy’s visual sense. Simple dress sheet is tasted can also wear a unique advanced.
If you feel cann’t hold the complicated design. You can select a solid color based wine Handbag.
wine string bag
For gentle and intellectually elegant women
The skirt with wool dress sweater collocation make your outstanding.

3. Puzzle Bag
Look like “puzzle” bag
Changeable dexterity and design feeling super strong. It can be like origami folds out various shapes at will. A bag all back method are set at a suit. Portable, side back, worn, or even remove the shoulder belt into a handbag.
On the match, simple and neat jackets go with it.
Puzzle Bag
Puzzle bag them up with more modern sense of design mix.
Some go to town the concave modelling to turn head rate the perfect score list.
So long as matches puts together the chart package, the second changes the full individual tune. A minute minute flings the passer-by ten streets.
Puzzle Bag

4. Nifty and pig bag
Young pig bag of makings even more suit the Asian women. Its design both has the detail feeling, and does not select the human. Regardless of is the delightful fresh young female student.
Mature atmospheric light ripe female. The pure color tends to gently lofty. But puts together the color material quality might as well to be freer and easier. The young pig bag always can satisfy each kind of situation the different demand. Pig package more suited to elegant style match.
Pig bag
Pig bag
The various types of dress with and pig package is the perfect match.
The autumn and winter of knitted dresses, spring and summer snow woven skirts.
To keep your beautiful effortless.

What kind of fashion element on the handbag will be popular next year? Check it out here before you’re outdated and prepare your purchase plan!

Style No.1 metal hues
Metal hue color is among the most popular trending elements this year; Not just gold and silver as well as other colorful metal hue colors which are also in great popularity. Choices like sweet pink, golden, silver and bronze make the piece more outshine. Thus, color hue is undoubtable an ideal choice at present.
Aitbags Shell Shape Versatile Women Purse Handbag

Style No.2 Unique hanging decorations
Funny and lovely decoration that hanged on the handbags is a highlight of this year. The interesting hanging accessories has caught the eyes of many bloggers in fashion field; its presence in street photography and collocation show is often. With the smell of bold fashion front, handbags with interesting hanging decorations have attracted numerous buyers with good sense of fashion. Get one in your hands and quick!
Aitbags Small Sweet Womens Handbag

Style No.3 Tassels and fringe
Tassel is a classic image in the fashion field; Its trendy look of swinging in the wind makes it so seductive that it can seen in almost every fashion-week show; Handbags with tassels are super eye-catching, making your charming index breach the limit when you use it!
Vintage Saddle Tassels Crossbody Bag

Style No.4 Irregular Shap
Irregular-shape handbags rapidly gained popularity in the fashion field, and be loved by many celebrities from fashion field and entertaiment. Personalized shape like animals and friuts are exposively popularized. Famous stars like Mini Yang, Victoria Song and AngelaBabay are in love with the Panda bag from LOEWE, and show their with it in public. It would be a lost without having such a lovely bag in your collection!

Christmas Gift – Specail Wallet for Women

Winter is coming, Christmas will come. Everybody need choose a new gift wallet for yourself. At this time a long wallet is practical and convenient. It can take money some bigger long wallet can hold cell phone. Today we recommend a wallet brand. AITBAGS, which belongs to the midrang purse product, is a recent newcomer popular brands, unique product designs, praise is high above in the Amazon. With many card slots, multiple bills, both appearance and function, Girls won’t be disappointed if you like. You can search Aitbags from Amazon.
1. Aitbags Women Ostrich Grain Leather Clutch Wallet Long Purse (Five color)
Aitbags Beige Women Ostrich Grain Leather Clutch Wallet
Aitbags Black Women Ostrich Grain Leather Clutch Wallet
Aitbags Red Women Ostrich Grain Leather Clutch Wallet
Aitbags Orange Women Ostrich Grain Leather Clutch Wallet
Aitbags Yellow Women Ostrich Grain Leather Wallet

Every girl wants to buy good quality with cheap price and special unique purses. The ostrich grain wallet not only have the good quality, but just need under 20 dollers wallet. It design for women, use soft ostrich patterns were used as skins, simple, childlike but also has the flash design. This is the purse of unique, you can buy from Amazon or go to the official website.
2. AITBAGS Double Chain Casual Style Hand Strap Ladies Wallet

AITBAGS Green Double Chain Ladies Wallet
Aitbags Sliver Double Chain Ladies Wallet
AITBAGS Black Double Chain Ladies Wallet
This wallet has three colors to choose. Green, sliver and black. Fashion double zipper around wallet with small handle. You can put a lot of things like money, card, cell phone and so on.
3. AITBAGS Fashion Style Noble PU Leather Ladies Wallet

AITBAGS Light Blue Ladies Wallet with long strap
AITBAGS Blue Ladies Wallet with long strap
AITBAGS Black Ladies Wallet with long strap
AITBAGS Red Ladies Wallet with long strap
AITBAGS Green Ladies Wallet with long strap
AITBAGS Orange Ladies Wallet with long strap
This is a crossbody bag purse, which could put phone, card, money. Six colors to choose. Just need $19.99. Great quality with good deal.
4. AITBAGS Casual Pattern Hollow out PU Leather Ladies Wallet
AITBAGS pink hollow out ladies wallet
AITBAGS light blue hollow out ladies wallet
AITBAGS black hollow out ladies wallet
AITBAGS golden hollow out ladies wallet
AITBAGS red hollow out ladies wallet
This is candy color hollows out the wallet.
5. AITBAGS Elegance Hollow Out PU Leather Ladies Wallet
Aitbags black wallet for women with long shoulder strap
Aitbags brown wallet for women with long shoulder strap
Aitbags golden wallet for women with long shoulder strap
Aitbags purple wallet for women with long shoulder strap
Aitbags Purple red wallet for women with long shoulder strap
Five colors can be choose. This wallet with long strap chain. This wallet is made of hard leather material. Surface skin use black pu leather, lining use fabric. Flip with neat hollow out design.
6. AITBAGS Leisure Style Print PU Leather Ladies Wallet
Aitbags yellow ladies butterfly oil painting wallet
Aitbags ladies flower oil painting wallet
Aitbags blue ladies oil painting wallet
This is a unique wallet with landscape oil painting, butterfly, flower, landscape oil painting. Great quality, great style.
Several wallets, size 8.25 “l x 1” w x 4.3 “h, top zipper closure, brilliant red look particularly cute playful, have it in hand, the people are young. Multiple card slots, and daily use is sufficient.

Women don’t buy a coat by the picture you have a look, you need buy the most suitable for you! A coat for you, will make your style look more attractive! Come see this kind of coats for fall/winter is best for you!
Have a look the picture. From left to right, the corresponding figure, namely APPLE Shaped, PEAR Shaped, Funnel Shaped, Flat Shaped. Aitbags
body style
Cocoon coat
The cocoon coat are hot for a long time, have a look this a street style, it is glance unforgettablily!Girls with apple shaped body, had better choose simple styles, cool and neat without procrastination!
cocoon coat outfit
This coat is pretty good, as long as to choose the fit of length and style, little short is fully able to hold.
cocoon coat outfit
Waist coat
When it comes to waist coat, it is estimated that many people will think the Nightgown ~ but not that popular Pajama wind!
Waist coat style
Afraid of fat in the winter? Beam makes you perfect curves ~ still increasing waist line, visually more sensible high Oh! Flat shape wear waist and can exceed, recessed and elegant curves ~ the overall shape more solid! Waist coat, let you in this autumn and winter, the more mature femininity. But pear shape to stay away, waist coat will keep your meat at a glance, the more bloated old .
Long Waist coat style
H coat
Then has the comparison mahjong piece something like a joker card coat, a group elder brother thinks the H coat but actually good choice oh! H coat, let you points minutes from films to come out feeling!
H coat street style
If you are very thin flat shape, don’t want to look thin, can also be worn open.
H coat street style
Tall girls wearing this style of coat, was a glimpse of the past is all legs.

A coat
The A coat reveals delightfully lovable, but also can obstruct the meat ingeniously. Part follows the h-type coat perfect on your shoulder, part of an elegant hem. Camel looks more high sense. The satisfactory peppermint is green, enables you also to put on the spring in the winter the flavor!
A coat street style
And front row street style
Have to mention is ankle long coat, handsome cool in style, also super warm!
Long coat street style
A coat you walking with the wind, however, little short don’t try it.
Front Row Long Coat Street Style
Black match, plus a white sweater, and cannot think of a more gas, more straightforward look!
At last, we can find all these street style, need a handbag tote
which can fit for all collocation.

Bags are to women what watches are to men. To judge the Affordability of a woman, bags are as important as your clothes! Then here are the questions: how to choose your bags to match your outfits and to your body size? and how much you know about techniques on colors matching? Now, we shall find out! @Aitbags

Warm and long coat
It would be incomplete without a long coat in winter. when you are choosing bags to match that, do not select big bag as it will gain your gravity burden, the lightweight small bags will be your ideal choice to travel light and agile, especially to wear it cross body, making a great difference for you.
Ideal bags: Totes, cross body bags
Handbags outfits for warm and long coat
What’s more, shoulder bags like chain bags and bucket bags are also good choices, apart from other big bags, it’s a popular way to carry them on shoulder with your coat unbuttoned.
Bucket bags outfits
Commuting middle coat
A middle coat that length reaches kneels is necessary for everyone, whatever the size and height, as it’s easy to handle. Hand-held big bags are the best choices for those styles and for commuting! Suitable bags: Hand-held big bags (to be held in hand or elbow with handles)
Handbags outfits for commuting middle coat
Practical short coat
Short coat that height reaches hip is favored by petite girls, it can cover their wide hip without cover the person whole. To match this style, the bags should never be too large, and strap should never be too long, making it right around the waist would be helpful for proportion adjustment.
Handbags outfits for practical short coat
Contrast Color Collocation
Black and blue got sense of formal, while blue and white could felt fresh, thus, it’s good to try a blue bag with black outfits or black bag with blue outfits. but please note that you should use ocean blue instead of light blue or sky blue.

Rule for bag purchasing: Contrast colors require senses of colors matching, the basic way to match colors is to use colors with high saturation, it usually works well. Small pieces of contrast colors are also easier to handle, and to start with small bags.

Choose women handbags from Aitbags, the products quality is pretty and delivery in 5 business days. Handbags are a woman’s most essential fashion accessory, next to shoes and that’s why it’s important not only to understand what each handbag has to offer, but also what’s trendy each season and it fits into your own personal style. Handbags from designers like Michael Kors, kate spade, and Cole Haan to famous labels like Fossil, Nine West, and Vera Bradley, offer bags in many popular styles. Find more popular styles on Aitbags.

As the weather gets cooler, clothes come and go. Is your wardrobe too bad to can’t look? Seasons, wardrobe sorting like this. Practical and convenient absolutely!

Scarf & hat
Only needs a clothes rack, can all collect all scarves in the same place, deposit does not occupy a space, when be clear at a glance. Another method of storage is to use small clip, each clip a scarf, which is especially suitable for thin silk scarf.
collect all scarves on a hanger
scarf storage with small clip
Hat can also like scarf, with a coat hanger, but need to add a few more O-rings, it looks like lined up row good guards sport cap? Dome cap with s-shaped hook, hook on the rail, along with it, and don’t damage the shape of a hat, especially suitable for hat lovers.
hats storage with o-rings
dome cap with s-shaped hook
Lingerie & underwear
For many women, underwear store is a big problem. You can do it this way: Fold underwear, side by side in the drawer of the frame, to protect the underwear not deformation, easy to use, and save space. Underwear to be folded up, and put it in a drawer, so that you can access, and close the drawer can effectively protect privacy.
fold underwear
underwear in drawer
Many kinds of tops, they are the largest family in your closet. Per the different coat, we can choose a targeted have difference receive method.

dress and coat hanger
Dress and the coat is the most don’t need to bother to clothes, they are only suitable for use hanger to hang up, to avoid fold, ensure the intact version. However, there is a small tips we have mentioned many times available, make a coat with a dress little occupy a space, that is using a pull-loop. There is a way to save space, more practical than easy pull-loop. Need only a s-shaped curved hook, a chain can solve, literally you hang clothes, just the top hanger can withstand. Sweaters and sweatshirts made special, does not affect the pattern effect, can be folded directly, on top of the wardrobe.
After cleaning fold down jacket, packed in vacuum bags, to prevent mildew can put some moth balls, out of winter, could wear down Pat fluffy after, cold warm.
T-shirt as a basic model, everyone would have several pieces. Don’t have to use hangers to hang up and take up the space, easily fold into small cubes. Or roll up and putting it in the drawer. To find, when the roll t-pattern should be sticking out, to find the most wanted one. Condole belt vest in addition to the stacked side by side, also can hang up a coat hanger, is still hangers and O-rings, too powerful.
save space clothes storage tips
save space with a chain to your clothes storage
vests hang up a coat hanger
Pants have many solution, we would like to fold folding, want to volumes and volumes, even hang up well, if you can find a good way. Using curtain rings a belt hook for the pants, hanging in the wardrobe bar, and releases a lot of never too crowded. Pants hang on the hanger, pants slide problems may occur, and teach you a move: one leg from the side of the hanger, and through another pair of pants from the rack the other side, it will not slide off.
fold pants
All kinds of slippers can group together, then put it in storage baskets or Cabinet, until taken out again when you need to wear. Boots with a clothes hanger hanging, not to hurt shoes, convenience, eliminating the need for annual winter are looking for trouble.
Spring and autumn shoes also has a good place for a variety of styles: cut the PVC tube into a suitable length, use a strong adhesive to glue the pipe and the wall adhesions, can put in shoes, it is the creation of the magic! @Aitbags
shoes storageon pvc tube

No.1 Bags and Cases Leatherware Wholesale Market of Guihuagang, Guangzhou

Located in guihuagang in the north liberation road behind the guangzhou west train station, the Bags and Cases Leatherware wholesale market of guihuagang, guangzhou is the biggest and the top-ranked bags and cases wholesale market in the world; the market covers Xinyuangan Comprehensive wholesale market, second and fith floors of office building of Xinxingda hotel, Centre of Guanlu International Leather Products, Anxing Leatherware World, Zhong ou Leather Mall, Dongsheng Leather Mall, Xinxing leather mall, Zhonggang Leather mall. Qianse Leatherware Wholesale Market, Zhuolong Leather Wholesale Market, Dongxinghao Leatherware mall, Baiyun Leatherware mall, ect, totally more than 20 Large-Scale Leather Markets are joint in this area.

Guangzhou Ciitta E-Commerce Co.,ltd was founded by a group of professional purchasing elites in 2003. They are China handbags supplier in Guangzhou. After the rapid development and enriching the experience of international trading, we achieved excellent procurement success in some third-world country, where deployment of western style procurement practices are required, by adapting to their economic structure, the way of producing, industrial arrangement, trading behavior as well as their national culture.

Based on this idea, we recruited our members from global consulting organizations that hold leading positions in strategic sourcing practices and leading international industrial and retail organizations that strong in procurement, and this made a great foundation and operation environment of our own brand AITBAGS.
Guangzhou Leather Market Mall

In 1980s,thousands of foreign invested enterprises were founded in Guangdong coastal cities like shengzhen, Dongguang, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Huizhou and Guangzhou. the setting up of the factories provided numerous jobs and oppurtunities for the young people around the country from cities and villages, bringing in advanced production technologies as well as management experience. they nurtured a generation of professional people in the line of work of leather, and many of them became the main traders in the leatherware market of Guihuagang, Guangzhou in the 1990s.
Chairman Deng made his famous speech when he inspected the south in 1992, and inspired the passion of ambitious young peopel to found their business, including excellent people in different technical position from foreign invested enterprise in Shenzheng, Zhoushan and Dongguang; With their own funds or loan, they started their own leatherware wholesale companies of different scales located in nearby area of guangzhou like Sanyuangli, Tanxi,Tanxia, Huadu, Shiling.Soon, the young enterprise-founders start the age of modern leather products, industry of leather products was forming, related industry like leather processing and hardware production began to thrive, trend of using handbags to collocate dress is getting popular.

It was in this environment by then that the Leather products wholesale market of Guihuagang came into being. From 1992 to 1997, more than five thousand wholesale company on leather products have joined the guihuagang wholesale market. It triggered the birth of more than 6,000 factories in the nearby area of a thousand kilometers square around the Baiyun and Huadu districts; the Shiling town along was filled with more than 4,000 factories, and earn its fame of “Capital of the world leather products”. The industry chain centred on guihuagang market, producing more than one and a half million products each day, and delivering them to the all over the world. in this time, more than 1.4 million people work on the leather products industry, 4 million products exported by foreign invested enterprises, and 900 thousand products exported from Guihuagang wholesale market everyday.

2, Leather Products Wholesale Market of Baigou,Hebei.
Located in Baigou town of Gaobeidian City of Hebei, the Baigou wholesale market is the biggest wholesale market of leather products and small commodities in northen China. It consist of bags and cases trading mall, Yandu market building, boutique street of bags and cases, and the front square of bags and cases trading mall.
As the earliest area to produce and manufacture synthetic leather products Baigou is the biggest professional bags and cases manufacturing region, it owns more than five thousand brands of leather goods in the market with various products in all quality levels, and cheap products made up 90% of all products in the bags and cases leather products market.
Hubei Leather Market
Since 1971, Gaoqiao village in Baigou town has been manufacturing synthetic leather handbags and other kinds. after the Third Plenary Session of Eleventh Central Committee, the manufacturing, hardware and raw material production industry gained a rapid developement. Gaoqiao village started a fever that motivate its neighboring region to set up factories . From 1979 to 1984, more than 800 leather product factories were set up, with more than 70 thousand sales crew and the production rate of 100 thousand per day, its business quickly spreaded around the country, and even expanded to Russia, France and Yugoslavia. by year 2000, more than 5,000 leather products factories were build, about 300 of them are in big scale with more than 50 employees, and more than 300 thousand people were working in the industry, 200 thousand products exported every day. in the following years, many manufacture factories from guangdong joined the wholesale market of Baigou. their products were very popluar due to their innovative designs and exquisite craftsmanship, and together with thousands of brands in Baigou, they created the prosperity for the market.

3, Leather Products Wholesale Market of Yiwu,Zhenjiang
Leather Products Wholesale Market of Yiwu in Zhenjiang is the biggest wholesale market and famous small comodities wholesale market among eartern China;It has Chaoyan street specialized in trading leather belts, Huangshang street trading bags and cases, and boutique shops on delicate leather products in the third floor in the small commodites mall. Its market cover the most area of eastern China.
Yiwu Wholesale Market

Products from thousands of brand are being traded in the Yiwu leather products market, meeting all different demands from the market, and more than 90% of products from Guangdong.As four major special economy zones set up after 1984, 14 costal cities were world-opened, which brought prosperity to the small comodities trading and transporting in Yiwu, and created the condition for leather products trading to thrive. The leather products trading was started from the manufacturing of belts and shoes set up from Wenzhou and Luqiao; in 1986, a fever of setting up factories started in Zhejiang province, the those factories drove the development of bags and cases products manufacturing, and 2 thousand leather products factories were set up during 1992 to 1998, most of them were in Yiwu. the local enterprises mainly produce clothing and synthetic leather products, and gradually form a large scale leather products wholesale market that centre on Yiwu. With more than 100 thousand people worked in the leather products industry,Zhejian province could produce more than 120 thousand bags and cases produced per day, and half of them were to be exported to the Russia, Outter Mongolia, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the United States.

4, Nantai Bags and Cases Leather Products Wholesale Market of Liaoning
Located in north part of the Haichen city of liaoning, Nantai leather products wholesale market is the biggest leather products market in northeast China. It consist of first and second hall of Nantai market building, Nantai boutique bags and cases mall and local boutique shops of residents’ streets. With plenty of products in 20 types and thousands of brands for all market targeting, Nantai leather products wholesale market, is also the biggest market for famous and luxury brand leather products trading. during the time from 1988 to 2000, Dunhill from British, Tesla Danny from Itali, Lious Vuitton from France, Cartier and other foreign well-know brands made their sales record 1000 pieces per day, made up a third of the total sales of famous brand in the country. In its earlier time, the producing were carried out by family operated workshops, mainly on manufacturing products made of cloth, chemical fibre and synthetic leather. Production rate is more than capable to offer northeast China, and 50% were exported overseas.
Liaoning Bags Wholesale Market

5. Leather Products Wholesale Market of Hehuachi SiChuang
Located in Chengdu city, an important business place of western China, the leather products wholesale market of Hehuachi is the biggest bags and cases distribution place of northwestern China. Hehuachi wholesale market is located in the Dongyi road that near the Chengdu train station, mainly consist of 16th trading zone of Futian building, Hehuachi comprehensive market and other places. From 1986 to 1992, this market was small, and mainly traded leather products at fair price from Hebei, Liaoning, Zhejian and Sichuang province. After 1992, Leathr Products from Guangdong province entered the market in large number, makeing the market expanded rapidly, and formed a trend of popular-upper-class products centred business environment. 85% of All its products are from Guangdong, in thousands of brands and various kinds, and with more than 2000 fatories and 60 thousand people are working in the industry, 100 thousand products are bing traded every day.
ChengDu Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Ciitta E-Commerce Co.,ltd Advantages:
We locate in Shiling Town, Guangzhou, which is known as the “Capital of the Leather Products in China” so we can benefit from the rich material supplying and large numbers of workshops surrounded, which render us to produce tens of thousands of bags in a month.
Thanks to our design team, we already have more than of styles and release serval new models onto the market every month.
Our QC team can guarantee the quality of every one product, verified by SGS and BV of France.
Our customer service group will reply every customer’s message on time and receive the visitors with full of passion.
We are the professional manufacturer and golden supplier of the wholesale bag in Alibaba for 7 years. We welcome OEM and ODM.

Have any question please contact us.
Email: Alice@aitbags.com
Skype: megaborn007
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Retail website: https://www.aitbags.com/

A woman after 30 years old, will gradually understand the importance of wear good clothes. Because we will become more beautiful more mature, like wine, more and more mellow, delicious. So these women pay more attention to the quality of the clothes, rather than blindly pursue the present trend.

So today’s topic is that those women should have classic items, you have a few?

No 1. White shirt

Mentioned the wardrobe the classical funds, first think can certainly be a white shirts.
It is said that white shirt to dress nicely or not, the true test of the goddess of true.
Because of it’s simple enough, it is able to create unlimited match possible, can be sexy.

white shirt street style

You can either intellectually capable and handsome neutral.
And no matter what a kind of style, can will belong to you the charm of unique interpretation to get incisively and vividly.
white shirt street style

No 2. Little black dress

The woman who love beauty can’t be refuse dress absolutely. No matter how much you dress it must ultimately such a classic little black dress.
Fashion legend Didier Ludot even said, a woman without a little black dress is destined to have no future.
little black dress street style

When the angel Hepburn wears the givenchy little black dress, appear in front, it was destined to become immortal and Hepburn beauty and classic.

Hepbum little black dress

Little black dress has irreplaceable important position, is that it shows neither too grandiose grand, also won’t boring.
Therefore, no matter when and where do you attend any place, it can be your best choice.
In addition, the little black dress and gold pieces are a perfect match. A simple pair of earrings, or handbag can make the overall shape texture up a notch.

No 3. Suit jacket

The new times female, the pursue is the omni-directional independence. Not only they can manage the family life well, similarly also can hit diligently on the work place spells belongs to an own world.
women suit jacket street style

A capable jacket seems to be enough, women riding the best partner in the workplace.
And suit jacket can also become fashionable, collocation more leisure trousers, to realize the seamless switching you’re commuting and daily.
Fit method can refer to collect waist style.
women suit jacket street style

No 4. Wide-legged pants

Nearly two years of wide-legged pants, and destined to become a classic fashion sheet is tasted.
If you can only use one word to describe it, it is definitely belong to universal.
wide legged pants street style
How good is the wide-leg pants to wear? Different sizes of different women can always find eager sense of security and self-confidence here, slim and hid the meat. You can also add a powerful aura of walking with the wind.
women suit jacket street style

No 5. Trench coat

In the spring and autumn, most will complement the high sense of item, it must be a classic unbeaten ones. With over a hundred years of history it is still loved and respected by the people.
trench coat street style

Among them, the color of camel’s hair coat is regarded as the classic of classics.
Don’t think the trench coat is a load of rubbish to say that now, on the contrary, now is taking advantage of the off season, collecting a big trench coat a good time!
And recommend a fashion handbags online store: Aitbags. You will find many good quality purses and cheap crossbody bags.
trench coat street style

No 6. Flat shoes

After 30 years of age, women must learn to love yourself. Also include your feet. Only cherish it, treat it, can let oneself have to further better.
And elegant comfortable flat shoes, no doubt, will be the best choice for your daily travel.
women flat shoes street style

As a girl, sometimes need to elegant outbreak. At that time a pair of good shoes can highlight its unparalleled advantages: comfortable, can in you through the scenery beautiful figure.
women flat shoes street style

No 7. High heels

Of course, when you on to attend some important occasions. You still need to have a pair of high heels to blessing, as you add more confidence and glory.
naked high heels street style

Therefore, investment on a pair of suitable high heels, can better promote your temperament.
Naked color high-heeled shoes, can match a few more relaxed modelling, give a person more tender close feeling.

No 8. Handbag

Handbag is a woman’s closest friend for life, and that it is best to be able to witness a woman’s taste and status.
Under the premise of women in the economic conditions allow, investing in a classic bag bag is very worth it. A rich sense of senior bag bag, can be your best symbol of fashion and decent.
women handbag street style

Does not need the pursue to work as the season is popular, black, brown, the bare color all is the very good choice, medium size enough you deal with each kind of situation, the work, the banquet, go to town.
women handbag street style

No 9. Jewelry Accessories

Women with Jewelry Accessories is destined to have a puzzling affair. A fine enough accessories to meet on special occasions, town the gas field.
It not only can provide you with the modelling of make the finishing point, more can make you more radiant, all belong to the female’s charm.
women jewelry accessories street style

No 10. Confident smile

More mature attitude towards the things, you will more indifferent. To love oneself live for yourself.
Don’t be too care about others’ eyes, always with a smile, full of confidence. To maintain their own body and skin.
women smile with sunshine

Lying on my desk at home is a black handbag, which is my beloved side-kick that kept by my side when I just started working.
In the summer of year 1991, I was sent to work in a tax bureau of village that surrounded by rivers and mountain. The tax bureau is in charge of the taxation from five nearby towns, covering hundreds of square kilometers; with only zigzag small rural path for transportation, dust and sand would rose like cloud as vehicles moves on it, very Loess Plateau like.
fall winter 2016 retro handbags trends

Back then, there were only two bikes in the tax bureau, and due to the rugged path condition, it’s often the case that you need to lift the bike and walk instead of riding it. When heading out to levying, I spent more time walking than riding bike; I carrying the handbag with cash in the inner layer and receipt in the outer layer when getting across the villages. It could take me a whole day on miles of hiking, and it was easy to get lost.

In a burning July, when rice crops get ripen, I was crossing the narrow paths between the cropland that filled with ripen rice crop; I kept moving for very long time yet couldn’t find a way out. a women was working in the cropland, she found me get lost in the farmland, then come over and helped me out of the golden rice cropland.
Every time I carry this little black leather bag, I felt comfort but also uneasy. I felt comfort coz I have grown from a student that rely on parents to a cadre who has steady incomes; I felt uneasy because I was in a remote and mountainous area, and the concern of robbery kept me worry as the cash and receipts were in my handbag; so I held it in my hands carefully, worrying get robbed.
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In an afternoon,When I was heading back to the tax bureau with collected tax in my handbag. I waded across a river and ready to get on shore while I found a coral snake in front of me, swimming in the water. I took my shoes in my left hand, and handbag in the right hand, no any weapon did I have to defend myself. I grab a rock from the river in hand, and staring at that snake with each other for a moment before it moved away, leaving me frightened there. Since then, whenever I head into the hills, I would carry a bamboo stick with me for defense.

Long gone are the days of my taxation work days in that tax bureau, it was tough but also enriched. By the day I left there and head to work in the tax bureau of the county with a pool in the front, I didn’t take anything except the black handbag that kept my company for years. at the present days, as the VAT threshold rose, the increasing numbers of household business citizens have free from taxation thanks to the government policy, I will never forget the long gone days when I travel across the tough terrain for taxation.

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