Popular Trend of Handbags in 2017——Check Out Your Purchase List!

December 9, 2016

What kind of fashion element on the handbag will be popular next year? Check it out here before you’re outdated and prepare your purchase plan!

Style No.1 metal hues
Metal hue color is among the most popular trending elements this year; Not just gold and silver as well as other colorful metal hue colors which are also in great popularity. Choices like sweet pink, golden, silver and bronze make the piece more outshine. Thus, color hue is undoubtable an ideal choice at present.
Aitbags Shell Shape Versatile Women Purse Handbag

Style No.2 Unique hanging decorations
Funny and lovely decoration that hanged on the handbags is a highlight of this year. The interesting hanging accessories has caught the eyes of many bloggers in fashion field; its presence in street photography and collocation show is often. With the smell of bold fashion front, handbags with interesting hanging decorations have attracted numerous buyers with good sense of fashion. Get one in your hands and quick!
Aitbags Small Sweet Womens Handbag

Style No.3 Tassels and fringe
Tassel is a classic image in the fashion field; Its trendy look of swinging in the wind makes it so seductive that it can seen in almost every fashion-week show; Handbags with tassels are super eye-catching, making your charming index breach the limit when you use it!
Vintage Saddle Tassels Crossbody Bag

Style No.4 Irregular Shap
Irregular-shape handbags rapidly gained popularity in the fashion field, and be loved by many celebrities from fashion field and entertaiment. Personalized shape like animals and friuts are exposively popularized. Famous stars like Mini Yang, Victoria Song and AngelaBabay are in love with the Panda bag from LOEWE, and show their with it in public. It would be a lost without having such a lovely bag in your collection!

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