Philipp Plein Resort 2017

June 21, 2016

Philipp Plein create a fashion magic in Milan Show recently, from the mid-century style background to the tail-finned clothing, cool car, everything is just on the perfect way. I have attracted by the bright colors and the coherent background. The theme of it was 50s greaser girls, “good greaser girls and bad ones”, which is distinguished by the differ of colors: pastel shades of pink and blue represent the good one while red and black for bad.

01-philipp-plein-resort-2017 02-philipp-plein-resort-2017 03-philipp-plein-resort-2017 04-philipp-plein-resort-2017 05-philipp-plein-resort-2017 06-philipp-plein-resort-2017 07-philipp-plein-resort-2017

The red flame decorates for the black jacket, pants, skirt add different sense of cool and you will look absolutely badass when wearing those piece on. And the carton punches up the look to vivid one.

08-philipp-plein-resort-2017 09-philipp-plein-resort-2017 10-philipp-plein-resort-2017 11-philipp-plein-resort-2017 12-philipp-plein-resort-2017 13-philipp-plein-resort-2017 14-philipp-plein-resort-2017

Furthermore, the sharp unruly designer handbag is another shining point of this show! The punk style bags with rivet show the beautification of boldness and unconstraint.

15-philipp-plein-resort-2017 16-philipp-plein-resort-2017 18-philipp-plein-resort-2017 19-philipp-plein-resort-2017 20-philipp-plein-resort-2017 22-philipp-plein-resort-2017 23-philipp-plein-resort-2017

But elsewhere the pastels yielded some fairly PG-13 pieces, a satin bomber jacket with a 1950s Chevy on the back comes to mind, perhaps because this reporter wore a similar style in the halcyon days of her 1980s youth. The ’50s are always coming back around, it seems. Yes, there was a tee that gleefully boasted “His Momma Don’t Like Me,” but other looks here could actually win Mom’s seal of approval. His multicolored star-patched jeans are certain to appeal to the tween and teen crowds, anyway. Accessories are a growing focus for Plein, and gals of all ages will respond to his new star-studded motorcycle boots.

25-philipp-plein-resort-2017 26-philipp-plein-resort-2017 27-philipp-plein-resort-2017 28-philipp-plein-resort-2017 29-philipp-plein-resort-2017 30-philipp-plein-resort-2017


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