No More Trendy Collocation Than It Took In The Winter

November 5, 2016

As we all know a lot about hoodies collocation, now I want to talk to you it’s sleeve.
Long sleeve is 2016 new fashion trends, I told you all early. So this winter’s you can choose a long seelves hoodies set to keep your fashion outfits.

I guess you see many outfits about Vetements. Long seelves is his features fashion. Although the sleeve can be directly tied to the waist taken belt, or play bondage art, but can’t stop fashion fans love to him.

Vetements sweatshirts hoodies street style

The more exotic, more by the blitz. In addition to this it also tests your ability to wear take because your not careful might change as …

The brand, which grow to be no friend of the sleeve design, should first think of Vetements. It’s this “long sleeve” wave of leaders. Vetements is representative of a trend now, the cut of its eclectic and avant-garde aesthetics, showing both functional and perfect atmosphere on the street. Have a look this Green Long Sleeve Hoodies.

long sleeve hoodies

ultra long sleeve hoodies black

Of course, stars like use the full of icon in the upper body, Vetements let red got out of hand.

Super stars is also very like long sleeve, in terms of matching is whether worn alone or mixed, they can be simple and engaging sweater to wear trendy. While this stock “ultra long sleeve” are popular, major brands in the fashion week this year is also scrambling to their “long sleeve” design clothes onto the runway.

No matter is the fashion or the tidal current, this “ultra long sleeve” the T-shirt receives the more and more many Daren’s heat to hold, no matter own can control first, buys succeeds in obtaining said again.

holding vetements kanye west rihanna

chiara ferragni vetements titanic hoodie

So the question comes, how to properly manage this “long sleeve” t-shirt?
In fact, somewhat similar to the oversize t-shirts and not so hard as we think of the wind drive, as long as the master wears a lift, it’s definitely your winter is very easy to take the items.

Select the length of the time long sleeve t-shirt is not too long (buried his hands), so as not to be too embarrassed. Besides only puts on, but also may select in the short sleeve T-shirt to build an black ultra long sleeve hoodies, presents the rich level effect.

With super long sleeve T-shirt with shorts or pants, presents a trend of neutral style, choose a sport wind pants, can make whole style show the movement of wind restoring ancient ways.

ultra long sleeve hoodies

ultra long sleeve hoodies green

Super black long sleeve t-shirt with black pants, foot or a pair of VANS sneakers, a Jet Black not only slim, will make you complete.

Collocation is not confident about yourself, can also learn from Nana wearing this suit up, both simple and violence.
If you do not want to be too casual, mashup is also a good choice for you, accompanied by intense pants or shoes, compare dresses will take good personal style.

Who would have thought that this kind of traditional aesthetic design will fire all over world? See if these fit guide on how to match it long fleece had certain understanding? If you like this design, and that while the trend is not over yet, start to put it quickly!

ultra long sleeve hoodies

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