New Product Release: Mulberry Maple

June 20, 2016

Now the weather has finally taken a turn towards the hot, a wardrobe to match is imperative. Here, we are talking about the women leather handbags, a wise choice of accessories gives you a chance to pay with fun colors and give your outfits a boost as well as save your budget! If you are fanatical about spacious roominess interior shoulder bags, Maple Series are very much worth watching.

Mulberry push-off Maple on the first series of Johnny Coca (Creative Director of Mulberry). Designs of Maple is both simple and practical. Its delicate leather strengthens the texture of the bag’s look. You can also keep elegant while putting some heavy items on the bag. The best part is that carry laptop, computer, magazine is available and the shape really make this an outfit that goes beyond your typical brunch look. Differ from other classical designer handbags for women, there’s a removable clutch outside the handbag. You can feel free to remove it while it is unnecessary for you, or it will be a good choice to place those delicate items! Maple is designed for those busy office worker.

And the same busy man Johnny Coca given credit for it within 5 minutes after seeing it. He said, practical and simple are the most outstanding feature, it is delicate and without redundant designs which is suitable to carry everything that you would like to bring every day. Plus, whether you are a woman who is fond of shoulder bag or the one gravitate toward tote bags, they can satisfy both of the requirements.

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