How to Wear Minimal Not Boring

June 13, 2016

We have talking about how to refresh your ho-hum closet to the vivid one for several time, the key point should be the prints and colors, but will the wardrobe must be bore without the prints and colors, the answer is definite.

For the minimalism, you may think it is simple for first glance, but there’s a world of things when taking a close inspection. Or simple style items that in special design such as unique silver leather clutch says more fun! If you are reluctant to wearing the black cotton or Japanese trousers like every woman appear in the party dinner, maybe this article be help.

A piece of shirt buttons up with the white denim, you can find the material here are familiar, the shape of the oversize black bag and shirt gives a chance to play with fun and improve it to another level.

The light spot of this collocation is the long sleeve and the daring neckline.

Every woman is familiar with the little black dress, but compare with the LBD, the midi casual dress with high quality tailor may look more comfortable for the hot Summer and daily wearing.

With those three items on your wardrobe, minimal style is nothing difficult, a black clutch bag for women, black lightweight layer, walking sandals.

Without complicated colors or prints, the only way to be outstanding with minimal style should the shape. The white shirt and black trousers look common, but the eye-catching bag and black slipper do more than wear a stack of accessories.

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