How to Wear Bike Style on Proper Way

July 5, 2016

Nowadays, you can find less and less bicycle running on the street, instead, more and more people are fond of selecting the cars as their first vehicle, as the cars are both convenience and quick. However, I would like to ride the bicycle to the office rather than the car, not only because it is environment friendly but healthy and fun! And there’s nothing better than cruising around on a bike to get to your lazy weekend day activities!

But you might have trouble on wearing the bike style. In need of some fresh outfit inspiration? Check the following, as we round up styling tips to take from the best celebs bike styles to balance on two wheels.


The from-head-to-toe black outfit, including black graphic tee, leggings, black leather shoulder bags for women be in stark contrast with her light color bike.

The color of the top match perfectly with the bicycling, the best accessories at this time should be the sunglasses.

The beach style outfit, simply accent with the sunglasses and hat improve the look to next level.

Without seeing like this, I will never know the helmet look could be that cool. A piece of scarf slightly ties on the neck make the perfect pair with the helmet. The small backpack suddenly reminds you of the wonderful school time.

What an elegant bike style it is! There’s nothing quite as amazing as those combinations which set new standards for the bike style goals.

The colors of both the shoes and top echoes of the bike, and even though in casual wear, you can also find the look polish. The casual women shoulder bag serves as a fashionable accent to punch up the whole look.

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