How to Update Your Look with Fashion Bags

April 28, 2016

A functional and attractive handbag is a smart item for accenting your daily look. It is not strange to hear “how could you finish your appearance without piece of accessory?” from people around you.

Yes, there is no denying that the accessories play an important role on the fashion world, but you should make clear that bag for women could update your appearance under the situation of using it on the right way while it will destroy your look if it doesn’t work well with your outfit. Learn more before doing it!

Blending In

We all known, it will be dazzled when you pairing a lot of color pieces together in a look. Hence, go with the shoes and bags that are similar to one another would be a wise choice. For instance, if you are fanatical about chartreuse which is not many people can wear, just push off a dress in that color and let it to be the focus point of your whole look. Accent it with the heels and bag that complement the color and style, such as a gold clutch and nude heels. A piece of printing jean and broken tore up jeans are highly fashionable with the plain accessories.

Drawing Attention

There are some women who have crush on the simple neutral style. For those, snazzy accessories should be your sake. Likewise, it is also the best time for you to go with the color-block shoes and purse with fancy color. Choose a color in the shoes and pair it with a bag in that same shade. It will inadvertently draw attention to the bag, not the shoe. Would like to accent your outfit with a pair of luxury shoes, go with a bag in simple style and make sure it won’t steal the show of you shoes.

Keep a style

Dress according to your personality instead of prevailing trend. There is no need to take the colors of the shoes and purses into consideration each time, just keep the same style of them. A strappy sandal perfectly works with the small purse or clutch while the chunky-heeled shoe goes well with the oversized bag. Plus, messenger bag with canvas shoes create a professionally polished look!

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