How to Transform Your Style Quickly to Different Occasion

May 27, 2016

Are you busy with your special day or evening? As a businesswoman, sometimes I need to go through 2 or 3 different occasions for one day! Or during weekend, when I gone to the gym fitness or go shopping with my friends, a phone call comes, I must go to the office immediately so as to handle a hard nut to crack. I’m not here to complain my busy life, I don’t even care.

But how could you change your gym suit to office or dinner look in such a hurry? Since I don’t actually carry my entire wardrobe in my car. I’ve all-too-often found myself racing home for a quick change.

Transform your style quickly doesn’t mean just change the whole look for the appointment in a hurry. Instead, making full with your accessories including jewelry, women leather handbags that are able to make an impact on your whole look!

1. Use the scarf

Scarves are seen as one of my favorite accessories to transform my common look to the noble one. Different patterns and styles as well as different wearing ways cause different styles of your look!

Moreover, it is a cheap accent that is able to draw huge impact, especially the one with eye-catching patent. Any collocation of solids looks more current wen worn with just one standout patterned piece, so don’t feel like you need to delve into print mixing! Plus, try to change your belt to a piece of scarf, you will find surprise on it.

2. Fashion bags

Every woman has more than one bag on their wardrobe. Various of colors and styles of handbags make it difficult to choose according to your style. Therefore, every season when you are prepared to refresh your closet, pay more attention on those fashion designer handbags which is suitable for office and party look. As the fashion bags make a huge different in your overall look. On the other hand, sale cheap designer bags can make bags an uber-cheap way to stretch your wardrobe.

Another shining way to make a quick change with your handbags is tie a charming scarf on it, it is an easy way to transform your office bags to the party one.

3. Cuff changes

Roll up the cuff and try adding a pair of flats, your causal Sunday look be showed on the perfect way; wear them long by matching it with the pointed heels and it is date night party time!

4. Shoes

Keep a pair of shoes on the place such as the office desk or in the back of your office, they will help.

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