How to Shoot the Designer Handbags Online

May 4, 2016

We all clear how important the photographs play in the online shopping, it is the only way to show off the feature of your handbags online and attract customers to make a purchase according to the details and color that be showed in photos. There is necessary for us to shoot the handbags from different angles and distance so as to match up the description.

We’ve compile a few guidelines on shooting the handbags perfectly on the subject, read forward and find them.

The first step, select the background color, in most case, white is seen as the best choice, but it won’t work perfectly with the bags in light shade of beige, pink, yellow or other pastel colors. Under this situation, the dark background should be your sake, and it doesn’t matter whichever you are going to choose, the dark or navy blue one. The right background for shooting will highlight the outline of your bags.

Set designer, near the window would be a good option, as you could make full use of the natural light. Pay attention to the place and find whether it is also the best choice to set your back ground.

Check and find out whether the flash of your camera is on or off, and keep it on. Then place the bag against the background, take photos as many as you need in different sides, at last, don’t forget to shoot the details of it, such as the zippers, buckles and make sure the information is enough to convince your customers to make a decision.

Besides the appearance of your bags, the lining and inner pockets or zipper should be the must-shoot place as well. Additionally, if it is the designer bag, such as Coach, AITbags, Fendi, make sure to photograph the logo. The logo is usually stitched inside the bag or zipper pull-tabs, buckles, leather tags or buttons.

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