How to exhibit handbags in shop

April 27, 2016

Practical isn’t really a word that gets women’s hearts racing. Consider a few of the season’s top trends, like door-knocker earing, which stretch your lobes, and sky-high platforms, which risk an ankle injury, you can’t call either of those things practical.

One thing that should combine form and function, though, is your everyday fashion bags. Fashionable handbag is used for both accent your appearance and keep your personal items safe. Every woman may have experienced that handbags look best when hanging. But it is not always the best way to hang your fashion items.

Want more advice? We’ve compile a few guidelines on the subject.

1.    You’d better keep the generic stainless steel that you traditionally find in the retail stores away your shop, instead, choose to use the custom knobs and hooks. You will find the vintage doorknobs add flavor to your shop in the meantime of hanging your handbags perfectly well.
2.    It is truth, evening clutch bags isn’t the items that are suitable for hanging, but why not preparing a few plate display stands for them and show them on the counter? Moreover, it makes them seem more important to customers.
3.    Accenting the appropriate outfit of your models in your shop with beautiful bags. The perfect collocation is able to attract more customer’s eyes, so if your collocation is perfect enough, maybe the customers will buy not only a handbag but a suit of items on your model.
4.    Try to hang your bags with the stylish coat racks which is perfectly for hanging most of the handbags. And you won’t spend a great fortune on buying the racks in interesting designs.
5.    Window display is of significant for your shop, as we known, whether you are willing to go inside the shop, most because of the items that you have display attractive enough or not. Plus, it is also a great way to make important element of your retail sales.

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