How to Choose a Handbag for Short Height Girls

December 23, 2016

In general, in order to allow a more integrated look able, a cozy feel and when the handicapped girls for what bags this issue on the trendy in front of the people of the time they had to say and large package small packages be more appropriate. Today I will show you a few of the recent fad of big and small packages for reference.

What kinds of bags for short girls? We first recommend exquisite little bag is best. Short, we cann’t change, but we can not use big bags, which will make you more short.

1. Classic Hermes Constance Bag
women with classic hermes constance bag
New year, red, popular, classics, pop, which several elements are considered together, small first is to recommend is Hermes Constance bag in red.

In addition to red, the bags available with colorful candy-colored, fully meet the fashion young people variety of choices. Want more sensation will dare to challenge the Candy-colored, candy colors can be used in a plain crisp white shape, relax can build a little wind in Europe and America. Exquisite vintage bolt embedded in bags on the flip, high quality hardware makes this bag is very light, become the crowning of bag, rotating metal locks, the ultimate retro fashion.
2. Chloe Small Pig Bag
chloe small pig bag
Recently chloe pig bag is hot. Many superstars take it. This favorite pig bag is conducting a comprehensive expression of versatility of the Chloe girl: beautiful, elegant and comfortable atmosphere, a vivid demonstration of cool modern.

3. Michael Kors Bag
michael kors bag
Compare with Hermes and Chloe, price less is clearly more suitable for work women. It is not too expensive and stylish. Similar to the new Valentino.

4. CELINE Box with Pixie market
celine box bag street style
The Pixie market a niche brand bag CELINE and large heat bags are very similar, but her price just $132. Does it look like CELINE? you judge for yourself!

5. Aitbags a New Brand for Young Ladies
Aitbags Small Handbag
With 2016 fall and winter most popular fashion designer satchel silhouette and decorated with cute fur balls and trendy tassle, It will shows your trendy flair to life and fabulous days. It’s small but enough capacity is helpful for daily items carrying, and has 1 zip pocket for card or paper files, 2 slip pockets for phones or wallets; it has top handles for hand holding, and 48-inch shoulder strap for shoulder carrying or crossbody wearing. Carrying such tote for ladies, you would be in great modes among shopping or parties.

Of course, the bags mentioned above uses are mainly for everyday shopping, dating, is said to hold a lot of stuff in it. If it is a young mother, or office workers, is more suitable for medium-sized bag.

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