Hot Summer Street Styles of Kendall Jenner

July 25, 2016

She seems really great and she’s good-looking as well as a great model for clothes. In recent years, Kendall Jenner has been more and more popular in the fashion world, not only as a super model in the fashion show, but also in the street. Actually, she has a keen eye for beauty and is apt at spruce up wardrobe. Jenner is able to wear the basic style item on the fresh way, transfer the common office look to the street style chic.

From head to toe black, maybe you will say that all black collocation is easy to make. Any perfect collection is not that easy. The prevailing black crop top, black leather pants and the black boots, black casual backpack, even all the items are in the same color, the different texture combines together to create stylish look.

Small tape is the inevitable summer item for women to stay both cool and stylish. White is also seen as the best summer color. White crop top pair with black jeans, casual and simple chic.

In a silky cardigan over a worn tee, cut-off shorts and ankle boots really make this an outfit that goes beyond your typical brunch look. And the sunglasses and black leather backpack gives your outfit a boost.

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