H&M and Forever 21 are embroiled in a new battle

May 10, 2016

H&M is suing Forever 21 on the charge that Forever 21 is ripping off one of its bags, The Fashion Law reports.


The bag allegedly in question is a beach tote that says “Beach Please,” according to The Fashion Law.

H&M reportedly said that since the bag’s spring 2014 debut, it has been “well received by consumers because of its distinctive design,” according to The Fashion Law.

The website reports that H&M’s copyright for the bag was registered in June.

The Fashion Law reports that the lawsuit claims that “Defendant has employed one or more companies in China to manufacture and import the infringing product into the U.S. […] Many of the products sold by Defendant are manufactured in China for the Defendant. The Defendant has also been accused of copyright violations in the past.”

H&M is allegedly claiming that if Forever 21 continues to sell the bag, it will cause damage to H&M’s reputation, according to The Fashion Law.

H&M is reportedly requesting that Forever 21 cease selling the bag.

The irony lies in how H&M is in the same fast-fashion camp as Forever 21. H&M takes runway-inspired ideas and churns them out rapidly as affordable frocks for cash-strapped millennials.

Forever 21 is no stranger to copyright infringement lawsuits — it has an ugly history riddled with this secret. In 2011, Jezebel wrote a lengthy report detailing how the fast-fashion behemoth allegedly pays off lawsuits under the table.

By Mallory Schlossberg @ AITbags

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