Red is a hot color, it seems that most of women are fanatical about red and willing to liven up their outfit with it. If there’s a color that combine with love, power, excitement, that must be red. However, not all of people are suitable for the large space red, instead of the red dress, may be the small doses of red such as heels and red evening clutch bags would be perfect with neutral color!

Actually, I gravitate toward the casual or sport clothing in androgynous style, it is a ho-hum closet without some highlighting accessories. Therefore, add some print or bold color accessories are imperative. During the hot summer, I’m fond of wearing the white dresses from day to day. Go with a pair of sneakers, elegance and simplicity is the focus on that look. And the red cartoon handbag which is slung over the shoulders punches up the whole look of me.

Ladies, let me mind you: too much bold colors for a look is not just as fantastic as you are expected. But matching your lipstick to your red clutch bag to your shoes absolutely works.

You must have heard this in the fashion world: bags are like friends, which you can never have too many! But have you ever think about this, if you are planning to invest only one style of designer handbags for women, which type of classic bags you will select? Do you really know the types of handbags, and how to accent them well according to different types? Scroll down to get inspired now.

Top handle bag

With it, you can feel free to hold it on your arm or while adding a piece of shoulder girdle, wear across your shoulders are out of question. Actually, this types of bags which combines with multi functions will be the future trend in the fashion world.

Toe bag

This type of bag has spacious roominess interior which is seen as its most important feature. Ideal for those people who are busy on business and need more space to hold various files.


It is a kind of shoulder bag which is incomparably heat during the past two years. Besides the delicate design, it is hands free bag and high appearance ratio in street snap! Take down the shoulder girdle to turn it into a clutch, a bag for both wandering and party is no more a dream!
Flag bag



Fashion always go around and around, such as vintage leather handbags; you can find the backpack becomes a new favorite of street snap.

Bowler bag

Baguette bag
Bucket bag

Hobo bag

Messenger bag

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Keep a watchful eye on doesn’t mean you should refresh your wardrobe with a large number of on-trend items when the seasons changed. It is a pretty penny to save if you build a great wardrobe which is based on timeless foundation pieces, and then refresh it with some trendy items so as to liven up it. But how could you know which pieces are actually those foundation and timeless items? Therefore, before heading to your local clothing, discount designer bags shops, read following!

1. Black heels

Some women gravitate toward sneakers, while others might have crush on flip-flops. However, have you found that a pair of basic black pumps works in various occasions, and have you ever heard the black pumps will be out of style? Any collocation does work with the black pumps. Hence, when you are planning to buy a pair of black pumps, stick to high-quality one.

On the other hand, go for a closed, almond-shape toe. While both round-toe and pointy-toe pumps have their own shining time, the almond-shape never be out of style. You have better buy it on real store instead of online, as you know, besides looking beautifully, perfectly fit and comfortable are more important, you don’t want to feel prey to your heels on the street.

2. Dust coat

Since 1800s, the dust coat firstly appeared in vogue, it seems that it doesn’t plan to fade in the fashion world. It is appropriate at times to perfectly match your pants or dress, totes handbags with it. It’s perfect for drizzly days in the fall and spring. The classic style should be your sake if you would like to own the timeless dust coat, such as medium lapels, double-breasted bodice and a tie at the waist.

3. Deep color jeans

I think every woman has at least a pair of jeans on wardrobe, they are the most common items in our everyday look. Though you could find jeans easily in every year’s fashion week street style, just add the plain, dark one, as for the shape, of course you could feel free to choose according to your body shape.

4. Neutral Satchel

For me, adding cheap designer bags just like a common meal. Opt for classic and all-match style would be great, if you are willing to add a designer bag on your wardrobe and want to save budget.


No matter you are going to work, date or party, it does work. It fit closely all the way down the body.


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There are so many special days such as anniversary or Valentine’s day as well as birthday that you need to rack your wits about thinking the present ideas for your girlfriend. There is no doubt that tens and thousands of choices you could select, here are the question, how to choose if your budget is limited? That means the luxury jewelry and top designer handbags、luxury perfume are out of question. Actually, without spending a great fortune, you are still able to create a romantic day for her! Do remember that meaningful gift says more than the expensive one.

1. Romantic trip

Almost every girl is dreaming for a romantic trip with her boyfriend, so instead of sending her a big bunch of roses, hometown trip absolutely a wise and meaningful choice. If you are in tight budget for a long journey, why not find out the place for exciting activity or beautiful scenery in your city for about two days? Prepare everything and give her a surprise! It won’t cost you a lot and you can also have a rest and relax from working days.

2. DIY handbags

“Are you kidding me?” when reading DIY, man maybe suspicious of that. I’m not mean you should DIY the whole handbags for your girlfriend. As we all know, every woman gravitates toward fashion purses or bags, especially the unique handbags! Chose one according to your girlfriend’s style, create accessories that are carving several words that you love about her, or find found the beads that engrave words and find out the words that you would like to show her on the bag!

3. Breakfast in Bed

If you are a man that never have made a breakfast for your girlfriend, that may be a good chance for you to make your girlfriend happy. Moreover, use the love theme will strive for further improvement. Cut a heart shape bread by using a metal cookie cutter, put it into the pan with hot grease, crack an egg into the heart shape hole. At last decorate it with some fruit or other favorite food of your girlfriend, she will be thrilled.

4. Memorable Tour

Every coupe or lovers has their own memorable things and places. Do you still remember it? Try to refresh your memory or the place that are important for you two. Take a walk down to that place with her, recall the friendly recollections together and send her a gift! Or if you are planning to make an offer of marriage on that day, hide the ring and roses on specific location first and give her a surprise. Do you think is a great idea?

Are you busy with your special day or evening? As a businesswoman, sometimes I need to go through 2 or 3 different occasions for one day! Or during weekend, when I gone to the gym fitness or go shopping with my friends, a phone call comes, I must go to the office immediately so as to handle a hard nut to crack. I’m not here to complain my busy life, I don’t even care.

But how could you change your gym suit to office or dinner look in such a hurry? Since I don’t actually carry my entire wardrobe in my car. I’ve all-too-often found myself racing home for a quick change.

Transform your style quickly doesn’t mean just change the whole look for the appointment in a hurry. Instead, making full with your accessories including jewelry, women leather handbags that are able to make an impact on your whole look!

1. Use the scarf

Scarves are seen as one of my favorite accessories to transform my common look to the noble one. Different patterns and styles as well as different wearing ways cause different styles of your look!

Moreover, it is a cheap accent that is able to draw huge impact, especially the one with eye-catching patent. Any collocation of solids looks more current wen worn with just one standout patterned piece, so don’t feel like you need to delve into print mixing! Plus, try to change your belt to a piece of scarf, you will find surprise on it.

2. Fashion bags

Every woman has more than one bag on their wardrobe. Various of colors and styles of handbags make it difficult to choose according to your style. Therefore, every season when you are prepared to refresh your closet, pay more attention on those fashion designer handbags which is suitable for office and party look. As the fashion bags make a huge different in your overall look. On the other hand, sale cheap designer bags can make bags an uber-cheap way to stretch your wardrobe.

Another shining way to make a quick change with your handbags is tie a charming scarf on it, it is an easy way to transform your office bags to the party one.

3. Cuff changes

Roll up the cuff and try adding a pair of flats, your causal Sunday look be showed on the perfect way; wear them long by matching it with the pointed heels and it is date night party time!

4. Shoes

Keep a pair of shoes on the place such as the office desk or in the back of your office, they will help.

Before hanging out, you finally check your look through the mirror, and you are satisfied with every single items on your appearance, the perfect dress with a pair of black heels and the stunning jewelry create a professionally polished look. But, ladies, you have forgot to check your handbag in front of the mirror!

You don’t have to match your every collocation with different best designer handbags, but learning how to choose your handbags is of utmost urgency. There are a few things you might want to consider before you select your new bags.


For the essential thing that you should take over first should be the colors of the handbags. Are you that girl who lose your marbles when seeing the bag that you like? Please consider the accent before buying instead of just select the color you like! Which style of outfit you are planning to match with this bag, does it work well? Select the one that go well with most of your outfit would be a wise choice!


For me, I am seldom take the material of the bag into consideration before, however, it is necessary! A quick look around the fashion handbags trends on the fashion website before heading to local purses and bags stores, stick to the bags that are made from recycled license plates and other recycle materials, as it is our responsibility to protect the environment in our power. Plus, consider the material of your outfit. A jewel-encrusted clutch will punch up your solid color outfit. Size

If you are busy with your work and dinner party, the style that suitable both office and night out would be great, plus, choose the large one so that it could fit all of your files. Moreover, stick to the colorful one, as it is able to liven up your office outfit. A shape that fits comfortably in your hand seems perfect for you at that time.

Every day, our status: thinking over and looking for the both perfect and adequate outfit for work but finally find nothing to wear. At this time, you may feel annoying, you have spent a great fortune on wardrobe every season, but still find nothing to wear, why?

The fact is that, sometimes, you feel appreciate of your perfect collocation, but next day, you will find you are bored by every single option. You must clear that not only the style of the season but also the colors, fabric, embellishment would help add flavor to your wardrobe.

Refreshing your closet is also headaches press, but instead of spending a lot of money on refreshing all the fashion outfit on your closet, adding some embellishment doesn’t have to break the bank, on the contrary, they might be able to liven up your wardrobe, if you are willing to spend a scant $50 on a few key pieces like Wholesale Fashion Handbags.

1. Add colors through fashion handbags

Make full use of your neutral outfit if you are reluctant to spend more on your wardrobe. As you know, the neutral is not so easy be out of fashion as the color one, so long as you add colorful handbags for ladies, you won’t feel bore with the wardrobe of khaki, black and gray. Whatever you would like to choose the top-handle one or just the simple cross-body handbag in bright color, they will work just perfect to your traditional outfit.

2. Keep statement Jewelry

May be most of you have known the basic rules of fashion, if you are fond of going with the plain and simple traditional outfit in neutral colors, stick to accent it with bold, stunning accessories, so as to get rid of bore and no novelty, instead, make even the most basic outfits look more exciting. In addition, you don’t have to choose the expensive jewelry, there are also a lot of charming statement jewelry that in reasonable price. When you are looking for those statement jewelry in the store, please scroll down to know some guideline:

Stick to high-quality one: before buying, check carefully to make sure the stones or other accent on the jewelry are all on the right place. Because there’s chance of the jewels falling out.

Be sure the fastener is strong enough: it is really embarrassed when the necklace with ring when wearing.

Stick to color: jewelry with bright colors play an important role on your whole look.

3. Start with a pair of shoes

Shoes and fashion bags are the must have items just only second to your outfit, a great pair of shoes can stretch the outfits you already have. It is funny to embellish your common outfit with bold color heels; they would improve your look to another level. It will be exciting mixing up with your daily skirt and shirt collocation!

4. Add pieces of scarves

It is a cheap and useful embellishment for either your clothes or your handbags. Never look down upon the importance of a piece of scarf, it is extremely versatile. You can loop them around your neck to create the elegant look, tie on your cheap purse or bag for a pop color and unique style as well as get rid of cold when the weather is cold!

It is a wise choice to buy the heavier weights and dark colors in winter, while light fabric with bright patterns are great option on Spring and Summer.

When you find stars start wearing flats more often than intricately detailed heels, there is no doubt, we undergo the revolution of the major shoe. Flats is seen as the basic item to create casual style; they are no longer only belong to the gym.

But when compare with flats, heels are easier to highlight your look no matter in broad daylight or night out! Every single item possess ability to crate magnetic appearance which depend on your collocation skills. Click through the following outfit formulas to get you inspired.

A piece of casual dress ideal for collocation of casual high-street style, a knot of striped sweater around your waist would be a winning point of your summer look.

Less is more, accent with cross body fashion bags, it will suit those with an androgynous style and its black and white color mixing say more than stylish!

The cool culottes seem be equipped for this street style. Crop top and pants are the winning couple to elevate your waist. The white handbag that be slung over the shoulders with fun embellishment polish your whole look perfectly.

Leather jacket, white shirt and the denim are the classic essential for causal style, designer leather handbags done nothing wrong with those basics.

If you are concern about going wrong with something, you’d better choose the simplicity of a sheath midi dress which go well with almost every fashion item. Delicate accessories like watches, simple style rings add flavor to the look!

Keep things simple with plain top and white pants, the oversized handbag which is no nicer way of brightening up an outfit when the sun finally decides to show itself than with this shoulder bag.

How could a woman hang out without accenting with a fashion handbag? And it seems that we women always feel like we are lack of a style of stylish bag on our closet, even though your bags nearly occupy completely your wardrobe!

Girl, please think about your budget instead of your closet. Keep in mind that a little customization can go a long way to highlight and transform the style of your basic bags. With those tricks you can go well different styles of outfit with a bag. Stroll down to know more now.

No matter your bags are only Wholesale Fashion Handbags or the fashion designer bags, so long as you use the high-quality embellishments and spend some time to execute your vision, you will find surprise.

1. Change your common bag’s strap to charming facing ribbon

Untie the original strap of your bags, instead, tie the ribbon to the two sides of your bag. You have better stick to make a knot, as it will look much nicer when compare with the double knot, if you are still worried whether it is secure enough or not, seam it with needle.

Shave the superfluous ribbon and add some trinket on one side of your bag, a semi DIY bag finally be finished! Do you like it?

2. Accent Your Bags with Scarves

Summer time is on the way coming, but don’t store your scarves in such a hurry, it is a stunning item for accenting your bags! Knot the corner of your scarf to the base of the handle to secure it and just start wrapping. Pay more attention to the center of the scarf that you are wrapping so as to make a decision on how much you are going to use by the time you get to the center of the handle of your large black purse. Your bag will look just perfect after wrapping it tightly! For the first time, many people will find themselves couldn’t grasp it properly way, why not try to tie a second knot at the other end.

3. Tie a printed handkerchief

To get your imagination started now, tie it whatever you like! If you pay close eye on the street style or the fashion trend, you must know it is the most prevailing trend now on the fashion world.

4. Drawing on your plain bags!

It will be absolutely great if you are a girl that specialize in drawing, come in handy! Instead of drawing perfectly, irregularity would look better.

Ok, let us take lazy and heavy-handed girls into account. Just searching some fun embellishments online just like the following and accessorize your bags, they will look great in that easy way!

Handbag is thing that should combine form and function, it is able to serve as a fashionable accent for your outfit and provide a secure place to store your cellphone, money, credit cards and makeup kit. Therefore, there are things that you should have in mind when selecting handbags.

Many women prefer to buy top designer handbags not only for style but for durability. But, as women, we always have to pay a great fortune on refreshing the wardrobe, if there are some tips to reduce budget to buy the high-quality item, it must be glad tidings for us!

Make sure whether the handbag manufacturer has outlet stores or not. As we known, some of the manufacturer have outlet store to sell last year’s inventory or the items that are now not as popular as before in a discount price.

Search the website online to find the products that are on sale or coupons, as well as goods seasons, many manufacturers will reduce the price slightly before moving the items to the outlet store. Keep an eye on the sale ads in local newspapers for listing specifying designer handbags for sale. And find the classical style of handbags which is not so easy to be out of fashion.

Pay more attention to some festivals, many of the manufacturer will choose to hold sales promotion during that time, add your favorite product onto the shopping cart and buy it till the festival.

Visit creditworthy over stock website online, find handbags online, those companies always provide overstocked items at dramatic discounts.

For me, I always buy the anti-seasonal selling items, there will be many discounts. But stick to the classic, or you will find the style is out of style and you are unwilling to wear for next season!