Last time we have showed you the best pink street style in the fashion world, don’t you feel a little bit more interested? If you are worried about you are not able to wear them perfect, why not start with the pink leather handbags? Accessorizing gives you a chance to play with fun colors and give your outfits a boost as well. Which is also a good choice for entry-level.

Hot pink is a wise option to liven up your ho-hum closet, and it does that with everything, from the most casual white T-shirt to polish LBDs! Especially for those people who are fanatical about the neutrals style. No matter you are going to accent your black pencil skirt and white silk blouse for office look or just would like to elevate your solid white or black dress for the party by adding a bright pink clutch, they do work perfectly. Any collocation of neutral looks more current when accent with just one stand out pink, and don’t feel like you need to delve into it.

Accessorize your monochromatic look with the pink handbag. First, you should keep your style simple and use the shade of pink to your whole look, finish your look with a bright handbag! For instance, work in the light pink dress, bare heels, accent with the hot pink handbag. On the other hand, keep your jewelry silver so that you don’t detract from the eye-catching color scheme.

A pair of black or blue denim button up with a piece of white shirt, neutral shoes, the both office and causal look has been finished! Just stick to one bright color as a shining point of your whole look so as you won’t look overdo.

For those most style adept fashion-girl, try improve your style to next level with the colorblocked. Pick up a bold shade, such as bright yellow, red, goes with your hot pink designer purses and handbags! Combine your yellow lace dress with the pink clutch bag for night out party.

You will be surprise with this title! The glamourous we are holding every day can serve as a fashionable accent for your outfit and provide a secure place to store your cellphone, money and makeup kit. If you ask which fashion item could combine both form and function, that should be your everyday designer leather handbags. But have you ever thought about that there’s a chance for your bags do harm with your fitness? Take care of some details of using bags, as our human who seems strong and powerful but actually frail.

Will it hurt your shoulders?

I’m keen on leather shoulder bags for women, so it is common to see a fashion should bag be slung over my left shoulder in the street or on the road to office, from day to day. I have never notice the change of my shoulders, one of my friends told me that she found my left shoulder isn’t in the same level with the right one. I’ve never notice that change until she told me! The fact is this could alter the way we naturally stand and walk. Therefore, if you are fond of wearing the bags on your shoulder like me, you’d better try to switch sides every day. Keep it right if it is left yesterday. On the other hand, keep your bag weight under 10% of your total body weight.

Will it hurt your hand?

Luckily I haven’t shoulder bags, I preference womens tote bag! Some people might think like that after watching the above. The tote bags with too thin or too stiff straps might cut into your muscles causing a pain, especially those metal or plastic straps. Stick to the bags with soft or wide straps, or if you cannot help buying them, don’t carry too many items.

Is it hurting your elbow or cause headache?

Believe it or not, there’s a chance for you to get a headache if you carry a heavy bag! Too much pressure on your shoulders could go up the back of the neck to skull can sause severe muscular tension headache according to Everyday Health reports. Plus, don’t carry more than a bag each time, or your elbow may get hurt, try to balance the weight across both arms if you do.

Will it harm your back?

During our child, our mom always told us not to carry too much books on our school bag, or will hunchback. Don’t think that only children should pay attention to hunchback, too much weight on your shoulders could cause hunchback for our adults as well.


Breaking your hair?

Most of the girls with long hair have ever found yourself yanking your hair out of a tangled shoulder strap! Never look down upon those details, many a little makes a mickle! Therefore, sweep hair to the other side or wear it up would be a good choice to prevent from breaking.

Nowadays, you can find less and less bicycle running on the street, instead, more and more people are fond of selecting the cars as their first vehicle, as the cars are both convenience and quick. However, I would like to ride the bicycle to the office rather than the car, not only because it is environment friendly but healthy and fun! And there’s nothing better than cruising around on a bike to get to your lazy weekend day activities!

But you might have trouble on wearing the bike style. In need of some fresh outfit inspiration? Check the following, as we round up styling tips to take from the best celebs bike styles to balance on two wheels.


The from-head-to-toe black outfit, including black graphic tee, leggings, black leather shoulder bags for women be in stark contrast with her light color bike.

The color of the top match perfectly with the bicycling, the best accessories at this time should be the sunglasses.

The beach style outfit, simply accent with the sunglasses and hat improve the look to next level.

Without seeing like this, I will never know the helmet look could be that cool. A piece of scarf slightly ties on the neck make the perfect pair with the helmet. The small backpack suddenly reminds you of the wonderful school time.

What an elegant bike style it is! There’s nothing quite as amazing as those combinations which set new standards for the bike style goals.

The colors of both the shoes and top echoes of the bike, and even though in casual wear, you can also find the look polish. The casual women shoulder bag serves as a fashionable accent to punch up the whole look.

Besides the celebrities and street style to get inspired, the fashion bloggers are another ideal choice. Most of the popular fashion bloggers have a keen eye for beauty and have a leg up on common people on wearing! And they all have their own styles, you are able to find out the style you would like to create according to different fashion blogs. Here are the summer-friendly looks to note from them!


Put a twist on a classic white and black outfit by adding a piece of skirt with dramatic pattern. And the Dutton-down white shirt makes for a pretty look while the slippers with classic design, brown ladies leather handbags in the form of the skirt elevate the look to next level.

Photo:A Portable Package

Print from head to toe look won’t leave an impression of overdo but just done on the perfect way! The classic designer handbag echoes of the print as well as punching up the whole look! Moreover, the long trouser legs add extra bonus!

Photo:Happily Grey

Overalls ideal for girly style. Simply add a white shirt, you can look chic in the crowd. The black leather handbag with hale silhouette adds sense of flavor to your appearance.

Photo:Happily Grey

Pay more attention on the details, even the minimalism style looks stylish enough! Elegance and simplicity is the focus of the look, and a piece of scarf on neck punches your traditional looks.

Photo:Hippie Hippie Milkshake

Take note from Ellen Claesson for casual look that play with vintage style bags, white sneakers. The loose knitting shirt slight button down to the leather short easily create unruly style!

Photo:Ellen Claesson

This is a perfect travel look to beat the hot sun! any collection of prints looks more current in this hot summer!

Photo:Chiara Ferragni

Photo:Annabel Rosendahl

Photo:Annabel Rosendahl

Photo:My Free Choice

Photo:Chic Muse
Photo:Style Scrapbook
Photo:We Wore What

We have showed you how to refresh your Summer wardrobe for several times and as well as talking about which piece is the best choice to highlight ho-hum closet, yes, it should be the prints, with it your outfit will end up looking cluttered! After heading into the local store and go back with several bags which is jammed with print that you like, how could you mix or which latest bags for women you should go with the print? Maybe those tips be help!

To be totally honest, print is a wise way to express yourself, you can stand out easily. And pulling off prints is not a major fashion feat, you don’t have to worry so much, as they are not so difficult as you thought.

Wear mixed prints

For beginner, just simply start with two patterns and simple style. Wear the print inside and then layer another print piece, you will find the inner piece only show the sleeves and collars so that the inner print won’t steal the show of the large print or look overwhelming.

Stick to familiar colors

Try to find out a blouse which you are going to match with the print shirt dress be in one of the same colors of your shirt dress. Or just stick to the print in neutral color while having choose the eye-catching one. Or mix different style of prints that with the same colors together.

Mix texture and shapes

Select a piece of skinny dress with small print which is able to show your femininity and another piece of large print with mesh on it. Then mix them together to create interesting style. It is chic enough!

Add one more print

Do you think wearing two mixed prints are the maximum? At that time, try some delicate print accessories such as socks, heels, sprint unique clutches purses! It’s not nearly as hard as it seems!

Now that the weather has finally taken a turn towards the hot, a piece of simple style sun-top must be the first choice for those girls who are afraid of hot and too lazy to dress up! Especially the slender gallus style one, which is both sexy and comfortable. However, how could you match with such a perfect Summer item?


Skinny jeans

It is not a bad choice for those beginner! A pair of skinny jeans with the sun-top and sexy matching heels create a professionally polished look! The best part is that the collocation leaves an impression of delicate and tall.


Vintage straight leg jeans

It seems that the straight leg jeans are equipped for the sun-top! The casual jeans ideal for the delicate of the sun-top. The styles with proper contrast improve your style to next level. Plus, different style of black designer clutch bag and accessories give you a chance to play with fun colors and give your outfit a boost as well, they will be inadvertently draw attention.

Wide leg pants

Besides bringing the lazy style, the wide leg pants are able to accent your faulty legs. Comfortable collection looks more current and fit well the Summer style. Do remember to select the pants in light fabric.

Pencil skirt

Dress up the pencil skirt and sun-top on date night to party, the print skirt extent your wardrobe and they are on trend this Summer. Those two pieces are winning couple to look femininity. You should pay more attention to the length of your skirt, stick to the one which is not too long nor too short, so as to balance the sexy and casual sense.

Long or middle skirt

Even though it is hot Summer now, you still need to abide by the fashion rules and never show too much skin.


Cover a blazer, you could feel free to wear the sun-top to office! A pair of jeans and flats help you transfer your office to weekend casual one easily!


Mix up your style with a piece of lace sun-top and simple style T-shirt, silver designer clutch, it would be a great way to make your appearance look chic!

Fashion is about the vintage items that be injected with innovate coming again and again which also depends on the biggest runway trends. But thanks to the Internet which bring us the new trends without heading out to the fashion show personally.

For those girls who have a keen eye for spotting future trends and are good at wearing, they know only add some trendy accessories such as designer women handbags, jewelry, footwear could refresh your wardrobe to next season as well as save your budget.


A piece of ribbon would be a wise start choice

Never look down upon the effect that a piece ribbon brought, different wearing way show different chic. Select the plain one slightly cinched around your neck and you will find it appears just like the choker! Tie a beautiful braid to finish your working look! Create the chic one for your night-out party look by adding some stain or velvet! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the old look new again!

Don’t Be Shy to Pick Up Your Long Earrings

Have you ever thinking about transfer your basic look to glamourous by only using the jewelry? The bold and long earrings punch up your outfit on just the perfect way.

Slipper Leave Bad Taste Impression?

I don’t clearly know from which time; slippers start reach to the fashion world, and couldn’t tell how chic and elegant they look in the street style. Just check the following example, as beauty to your own experience!
It’s Time to Refresh Your Old Soft Leather Handbags

The relaxed raffia latest tote bags have moved beyond the beach to the street snap. Any collection of solids looks more current when worn with just one standout raffia tote bag, so don’t feel like you need to delve into that mixing!

latest tote bags

Woven Handmade Flower Beach Bags


The top short is prevailing here and there in this hot Summer, why not add a belt to your shorts or skirts when wearing the top short to highlight your style? Both the delicate and buckle one works for your daily look.

Here the chic and practice statement sunglasses

Everybody knows the sunlight is bad for our eyes, especially in hot Summer, the sunglasses are a wise choice for both protecting your eyes and look chic! Whether you prefer round, square or the other shapes, it’s perfect. sunglass sunglass

Father’s Day is on the coming way, are you still scrambling to find ideal gift for your dad? To be totally honest, most of us fell prey to the perfect gift as well, you are not alone, moreover, AITbags here to help. Even though you think that gifts showed below are not your father’s style, you can also get inspiration from it!


For the Dad Who is Electronics Lover

A brand watch, I couldn’t tell how important a watch is for a gentle man, choose the new style timepiece according to the style of your dad. Pay close attention to the quality including exude fine detailing and premium quality. You’d better buy from the credible store.

For Classic Dad

It is really an intimate idea for your dad, who are reluctant to drink the cold coffee in that hot Summer time? But it is not realistic action to cool a cup of coffee in the refrigerator, as you have to wait for quite a long time. Furthermore, how could you cool it in which without a freezer? Use HyperChiller which is able to chill hot coffee in about a minute! Those liquid including wine, whisky does work as well! Believe it or not, your dad will love it so much.

For Dad Who Has Skin Routine

A set of skin care product will be the best choice to your dad. Don’t try to buy it casually in the cosmetic store, spend more time on knowing the skin of you father will add point, so as to find the right product to satisfy your dad!

For Dad Be Busy in Business

A high-quality Men Leather Office Cross body bag is suitable for your day! Stick to the one which is weightless, as you don’t want your father carry such a heavy bag on business, plus, choose the one with roominess interior! Your dad must be touch for your think over!

Men Leather Office Cross body bag

For the Fit Dad

As the coffee must be the first choice for the morning, but fruit is the best way to stay healthy. Buy Juicer for your dad and help him choose more nutritional option is good. As we all know, there are many benefits of the homemade juice.

We have talking about how to refresh your ho-hum closet to the vivid one for several time, the key point should be the prints and colors, but will the wardrobe must be bore without the prints and colors, the answer is definite.

For the minimalism, you may think it is simple for first glance, but there’s a world of things when taking a close inspection. Or simple style items that in special design such as unique silver leather clutch says more fun! If you are reluctant to wearing the black cotton or Japanese trousers like every woman appear in the party dinner, maybe this article be help.

A piece of shirt buttons up with the white denim, you can find the material here are familiar, the shape of the oversize black bag and shirt gives a chance to play with fun and improve it to another level.

The light spot of this collocation is the long sleeve and the daring neckline.

Every woman is familiar with the little black dress, but compare with the LBD, the midi casual dress with high quality tailor may look more comfortable for the hot Summer and daily wearing.

With those three items on your wardrobe, minimal style is nothing difficult, a black clutch bag for women, black lightweight layer, walking sandals.

Without complicated colors or prints, the only way to be outstanding with minimal style should the shape. The white shirt and black trousers look common, but the eye-catching bag and black slipper do more than wear a stack of accessories.

Please credit to How to Wear Minimal Not Boring

Accessories are big friends of women which are able to transfer your common look to extraordinary one. Stylish your little black dress with the sparkle necklace, red sexy heels and rose gold clutch, you could easily turn your usual outfit to luxury party chic. Create a business dinner look by just changing your sparkle necklace to pearls, and your red heels to plain color one! It is a wise choice to have a quick change by altering your accessories.

During this recent years, many people are fanatical about multi layering jewelry, especially those street style icons. But it doesn’t mean you should wear all your stunning jewelry on at a time. Too much jewelry or accessories will just make your outfit look disorder and without any shinning point. Therefore, stick to wear a few accessories at a time would be great.

If you are planning to wear the dangling earring, try not to wear the necklace at the same time and you’d better limit the rings that you are wearing. But how to do if you are fond of wearing many different kinds of jewelry each time? Be sure not to go with those accessories which are all competing to steal the shot. For example, match your gold watch with several different styles of rings, add a piece of delicate sliver necklace.

On another aspect, if you gravitate toward bold jewelry, you have better choose plain clothes. Even though the clothing in neutral color such as black, white, navy will look stunning when accenting with bold accessories. Moreover, any collocation of solids looks more current when worn with just on standout color jewelry.

Avoid being too matchy. You might look old-fashioned if you matching the blue dress with navy blue clutch, blue earrings, blue necklace! Instead of hunting down the same shade of blue, why not add some bright color item to highlight your whole look. If you don’t know which color should be combine with blue, make full use of the color wheel. Please do remember that try to keep no more than three colors at a look.