If you have no more hiking experience and are gearing up to head out on a hike. Of course you should read more knowledge and tips of hiking before heading out. From the basic equipment to the clothes that you are planning to wear, there are a lot of skills of every detail. Such as the proper traveling or hiking large backpack, appropriate clothes, shoes, to make sure you will go through comfortable hiking.

Go hiking


It is the most important hiking item. Select your backpack depends on the distance of hiking. Stick to 55L backpack for girls while choosing about 65L for boys, if you have decided to begin a long hike. Before buying, ask more information about it so as to make sure it could achieve the effect of losing weight. Waterproof lightweight wearable backpack should be the first choice.


As you know, you must be all of a sweat when hiking, at that time, the best clothes should be the one that could keep you dry when you start to work harder and sweat more. In another aspect, the athletic design clothes will make you comfortable and allow your skin to breathe much more when compare to the soft cotton tee. You’d better choose to wear shirt with long sleeves in order to prevent the sunburn or mosquito bite.



Shoes and backpacks are seen as the of significant equipment for hiking, as whether your shoes good enough or not directly related to your safe. It is worth to spend more money on your shoes if you are a sport enthusiast. Because it is the best way to protect your ankle. There are many different hiking shoes selling in the store, be sure your footwear is durable, comfortable, and appropriate for the conditions. Of course, fit is everything.

Hats and kerchief

You can choose the common sport hat, as the major function of it is prevent sunburn. Of course, you can also select hat with a broad brim. I think the kerchief is comfortable to keep your head warm and it is great way to keep head from sun.



The weather always changing fast without predict, and the temperature could drop significantly, especially if you are going up in elevation.

Picnic is a great choice for family party and celebrations. It is romantic and amazing to have a picnic with your lovers, appreciating the beautiful scene, enjoy the delicious foods and have a close chat. For the whole family, you can share the food with your child, play with your child in the field. And picnicking is often less expensive than scrambling around looking for tasty food. It can take place in almost everywhere, from the beach, nearby park and so on.


However, have you ever worried about what to prepare for your picnic, how to do to prepare a perfect picnic, different from earing at home, enjoy the picnic you’d better prepare carefully so as to prevent some unpredictable event and affect your moods.

picnic picnic

Here are tips to make picnics more manageable:

1. Prepare blanket, Insulated soft cooler bucket bag. You don’t have to rush to the store and buy one, you can feel free to buy the new on or just use your old one. Keep it large so as to hold everything you are planning to bring, stick to lightweight one. As you know, cold food is inevitable in summer, buy a bag with the function of keeping cool would be perfect. Keep some ice and cooler, as you never know when you will need them.


2. One-off plate, even though use the one-off plate is not an environmental choice, the plates are too heavy to bring. But please do remember to clear up all the waste after having a picnic. Don’t forget the cutting knives which are the tools people tend to forget.

3. Keep cloth napkins, it is convenience to use cloth rather than the paper one, as you could also store them with you picnic goods without worrying the napkin with be wet by melting ice. In addition, the cloth napkins are not so easy to blow away by the breezy when compare with the paper napkins.

picnic great-picnic-food

4. Umbrella and sunscreen, the sunny day is perfect for picnic, but you should do something to prevent your skin from the sun by using the sunscreen or umbrella. On the other hand, the weather always changes suddenly without predicting, it is sunny at that moment and may be raining next. There is no harm to put them on outdoor picnic bag or your personal backpack.

5. Freshly baked baguette, cheeses, sliced meats, fresh fruit and cut veggies, chilled drinks are seen as the common picnic. But extras can make picnic special. Such as salsa, popcorn, brownie bites or cookies, coffee.

Veggie-Spring-Rolls picnic_spread

There is no doubt, travel is the best teacher in your life! When I was a little child, I was very envious those who have the chance to travel all around the world, as time pass and I grow up older, I know travel around the world is unrealistic for most of us. Then I begin to admire people travel once a year or sometime have a trip with their friend. But now, I ask myself, why I just take a real liking to people, why not just do it, a short trip on your country actually won’t cost you so much. Here is the thing, not only me, but also most of people, they are yearning for traveling, but never talk themselves into it, because of having not enough money and time limited. So they are bound to admire the whole life. Not the same as them, I am planning a trip recently, I think my long-awaited travel life open gradually. But before you begin every journal, detail project is inevitable! There’s the best travel tips I’ve discover along the way.



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Take Pains All the Time

When you arrived to a place you are not familiar with, there’s no way to prevent all the things, do remember, don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control. You must clear that you are not spend the money and your time to be angry. Did you miss your bus? It doesn’t matter, there will be another one. Did you miss your way? Why not enjoy the scenery along by chance?


Wake Up Early

Wake up earlier before sunrise is the best choice to appreciate perfect scene by avoiding crowds. You are able to enjoy the scene that those sleep late miss. It’s also a magical time for photos because of the soft diffused light, and you could spend more time on it!


Conceal Extra Cash

People across belly, you never know the one stand in front of you or near you is a kind man or not. There will be a lot of unexpected thing along the road, you don’t know whether your wallet be stolen during sleeping on the train or not, or if there’s chance you lost your wallet, your card stops working. If those happen, I think you will be glad what you have done.


Pick A Piece of Scarf

You never know how helpful a piece of scarf on the trip. In order to prevent bringing too heavy luggage, I would like to pack 3 or 4 sets of clothes for every trip, but as you know, you will be bored of what you worn for a long trip, at that time, make full use the scarf to refresh your look, I’m sure you will find more surprise. In additionally, it’s great for sun protection.



Pack Everything Up

I really hate hold things on hand during my trip, it is inconvenient as well as uncomfortable enough. So I prefer to pack a large bag on back which chock up everything I need. Before traveling I will buy a black traveling backpack online. You have better choose the one with large capacious so as to hold all the item you need, select the waterproof one, you don’t know you will be caught in the rain or not. One of my friend have purchased the orange hiking and travel backpack, it is really hot and amazing, I gravitate toward it when I first saw it, so I ask my friend to exchange it with me, haha, she finally yield. Besides the clothes, keep both digital and physical copies of your passport, visas, driver’s licenses, certificate to go in case of an emergency.

When referring to canvas fashion bags, most of us will remind it of light, practical, convenience, wearable. You can feel its function from another name “shopping bag”! You are able to find most of the fashion icon are no longer wearing depend on the fashion rule, instead, they perfectly match the unusual styles.


Creative Canvas Bag

Just like T-shirt, its simple style be endowed with more possible. Plain and various sloganeer and prints, all of them show your fashion attitude in a casual way, such as Bohemian Casual Style Beach Tote Bag, the innovative patterns and bright colors leave deep impression for us.

But how to wear it chic enough? If those simple matching can’t satisfy you, why not try pairing the canvas bag with IT bag? Mix the different texture, you can solve the problem of stuffing up your little bag. In another aspect, choose the canvas bag according to yourself, they are all-match item, so you don’t have to be entangled with it for a long time in every morning. You should pay more attention on the colors between bags and clothes, in most case, people would like to choose black and white. If you are planning to wear it during traveling, then the print on such as Canvas Print Tote Bag is your choice.

In season and out of season, fashion editor is seen as a charming career for many young girls, the amazing fashion world in your eyes is only their daily work. All of them have a keen eye for spotting future trends and look stylish all the time. In fact, those are only because of their requirements and pursuits for fashion and beauty. Improve your “EQ” through the following 8 tips, it is not hard to find even though you are not occupied in such a chic work, being styling every day is easy.

Purchase can be considered as Investment

Closet is your “current assets”, just like Carrie in “Sexy and City” said, we are all willing to spend money on where we could see clearly, such as the wardrobe! Try to distribute your budget, for example, 70% for the necessary styles while spending 30% on trendy items. For instance, a style of classic designer fashion leather tote bag is worth to invest. Gradually, you will know how to spend more on the worthy items.

Style has no relationship with money

Fashion editor is not only wear the branded clothes; they just have a leg up on most of us. Instead of wearing brands from head to toe, why not try mixing those common items. It is a wise choice mix the high-end clothes with commons. are what you wear

No matter you are recognize or not, the only way to change yourself in shortest possible time is changing your style. Even the first impression is not unsoundness, which style you show play significant role on first impression. Spend more time on preparing your look for the next day in evening from now on. yourself on classic style

With age, you should learn how to use subtraction ruler on your closet, you are no longer need to refresh your wardrobe with tens of clothes every month. Instead, spend more money and buy less.

Purchasing all the time is not a proud thing

It is truth, clothes are like friends, which you can never have too many. In most time, mix new breakthrough says more than a mountain of new items. Sort your clothes according to different occasions bring you inspiration!

Mixed style is perfect

Try a rock shirt with Chanel pearl necklace, put a twist on your style by opting for boyfriend denim with pointed shoes would be great.

Never look down upon accessories

When compare with several pieces of clothes, some unique accessories are not only able to be outstanding, but also change your style simply. Refresh the old clothes with jewelry and brown leather bags, your outfit will end up looking cluttered.

Change your style depends on occasions

Change your style timeliness which includes select your clothes for different occasions, or when you reach different levels in your career. Afresh your clothes and choose the one fit you well.

Even though not everyone has the chance to own perfect long legs, all of the people could accent your legs with the proper pants so as to show them perfectly. Some people has the opinion that if you haven’t slim legs, then you’d better not wear shorts. Absolutely not true, the lengths and shapes of your pants bring different effect for your look. Today, we will tell you, how to minimizing your short and choose the pants that fit well your legs.

Cropped Trousers

No matter what you are not satisfied with your legs, the cropped trousers are almost able to accent them. So long as you spend more time on matching, a pair of cropped trousers could make you look talk as well as creating perfect body shape. Plus, accent your look with stunning fashion accessories such as bling bling jewelry, candy color leather tote bag.

Reach Keen Pants

If your thighs are thick and own slim crus, then this type of pant is your sake. They are not only able to cover your thigh and show perfect crus, but also add sense of neutral cool for you.

Straight-leg Pants

If the line of your legs are not bad, but there’s just a little fat on thigh, the straight-leg pants could aid to create perfect summer look. Both the tailor and fabric could accent your legs, you can also create office look with it.

Hot Pants

You are so lucky if you own slim, perfect legs, why not try all the above mentioned pants? Moreover, you could wear the hot pants easily, especially high-waist hot pants, which is able to give your legs an elongation.

Maxi Dresses, as well all know, are making their own way to every woman’ s wardrobe. They are not only the most comfortable fashion items for us, but also the best one to hide your imperfect body shape under the precondition of knowing how to wear them on the right way. What’s more, simply layer a piece of wrap you are able to have a quick change from summer style to fall. However, no matter how beautiful the dress is, only when you have grasped the right way to wear it, can you appear charming! Here are some tips of wearing maxi dress as well as how to accent with ladies leather handbags, jewelry, hats.

Do you think only the women who own a perfect body shape, both tall and thin can wear the long dress on the perfect way? Of course not! Follow those tips, maxi dress is not so difficult to wear as you thought.

Never look down upon the waistline, which is able to accent your waist and draw out your legs. Even though your favorite dress hasn’t any waistline design, never mind, add a belt for your dress, it does work!

Maybe you will choose to wear a pair of heels with high waterproof because of worrying you are not tall enough for the maxi dress. The fact is that the high waterproof will destroy the light and elegance of the maxi dress. Therefore, heels with delicate design would be your sake!

For accessories, you’d better prevent oversize one, more simple is better. Select the simple style patent leather handbag, delicate jewelry. Prevent complicated maxi dress, they can only make you look swollen.

Now that the weather has finally taken a turn towards the hot, right, we step in the summer season officially. Are you looking forward to rushing out of the bore office and have a nice journal with your friends? As for the vacation style, don’t tell me you only know Bohemia long dress and straw hat. Here are the vacation-friendly looks to note from the fashion celebrity and buy some on-fashion items to create vacation style now.

There are many different styles for the vacation, won’t you feel bore for wearing long dress from time to time? This style of long dress work perfect for the vacation style, but if you are not reluctant to go through the journal tired, change your heels to the slippers which will make you feel comfortable. If you are so fond of oversize straw hat and sunglasses, then stick to simple style clothes, in addition, you’d better choose the casual leather handbags for women and flattie.

For the vacation style, comfortable is more important than wearing beautiful, but it was not unusual for the comfort to compete with beauty. Off-shoulder items which seems common, actually they could team perfect with different styles of shoes, casual bags for women, sunglasses and achieve various effect. Use the belts and straw hats to finish your look!

Basic style shirt, it is able to create thousands of styles, so don’t look down upon it. Stripe shirt is more suitable for the journal style, add sense of retroreflector element and pair with cool jean, it is chic enough! Tropical pattern shirt and print kerchief build modern vintage look!

Choose the t-shirt with light fabric such as cotton and flax. You have grasped the key point of casual chic when combine the white t-shirt, jean with the slippers! A piece of oversize boy-friend style t-shirt create perfect beach style for you!

We not convince you guys not wearing the long dress, instead, we think you could wear it creative. Change a pair of shoes and the bag, you could easily transfer the street style look to vacation one.

Nothing is more chic than wearing white, select a white dress depends on your style, remember, off-shoulder is the key point. Got it? Enjoy your summer trip!

Maybe you sort out the vest as the basic style, but the styles that it creates are marvelous. Plus, even though plucking bottoms, you can easy find them matching well. Especially during the hot summer, those simple and all-match items are my favorites!


This type of sport vest is casual and comfortable enough, if you are entry-level, then that should be your choice! H shoulder straps would be able to help those girls who have a little bit broad shoulders. Though they are belonging to the neutral style, every time when you team them with the skirt, finish with the black leather bag, you could be as beautiful as you are expected.

Trapezoid Vest

Last year, Crop top sweep around the fashion world, now is vest’s turn, which is able to perfect your body shape and shows your arms more beautifully. However, it is not suitable for girls that with broad shoulders and short necks.

Halter neck top

When you have already tried the off-shoulders, why not select a piece of halter neck top and have a best show of your back? When compare with the Trapezoid vest, they show more womanliness. When someone ask which style of vest show well your qualities, that must be the halter neck top!

Choker vest

They appear in every corner and season! As they are representative vintage and casual styles. Choker design is both retro and elegant, exchange your style casually with matching different bottoms!

Small tape

You think that the small tape shows too much skin? It doesn’t matter! So long as you have paired them with the right items, you will never feel awkward with them any longer. Grasp the rule: show skin upper and cover down. Add a piece of black evening clutch bag, heading out to night party be a cinch!

As we grow older, there’s something change gradually, I don’t know whether you want to or not, whether you’re even aware of it. But they are so sure are real. Your worldview may become a bit more mature, and this means your style evolves along with it, the little young girl style is no longer suitable for you. How to change your wardrobe including fashion clothing, bags for women to your older style? Flip through find some tips and get inspired from fashion stars now!


Bags are like friends, which you can never have too many, and they give you a chance to play with fun colors and give your outfit a boost, which is also the key of looking stylish. Because you could get rid of common even though there are many basic style outfit on your closet! It is worth to invest a classic designer handbag.

Ladylike dress

It’s time to clear up your flouncing dress and prepare a ladylike dress for yourself. The one with high quality and slim fit would be a good choice. Believe it or not, it is an effective way to elevate your style. You could feel free to choose the silk dress, black skinny dress, half sleeve long dress and so on!


A pair of perfect shoes decision success or failure. What you worn on behalf of your fashion taste and your figure. Choose a pair of better heels, you will find fire-new look with even the cheap clothes. Colors

You shouldn’t refresh your wardrobe with a mass of pink or fluorescence color, instead, those elegant, mature colors will be practical. Stick to the outfit with mature color and creative style. Show your skin on the proper way won’t make you look old. Coats

Pay more attentions on the quality of your coat, you don’t have to spend a great fortune on it, but keep it in high quality and classic design.