Gucci New Product Release: GG Blooms Series

June 2, 2016

The elegant blue Geranium quietly blooming in the moment of peace night, which add a polish to the garden of designer purse brands, Gucci. The creative director Alessandro Michele endowed the iconic flowers of the brand with new time significance.

Since 1966 which Gucci released series of floral pattern, it becomes one of the most important iconic elements of the brand, and show the unique style on the luxury work. Michele opened up a brand-new vision.

Plenty of vitality are blossoming, the Gucci garden that is made by nature elements is going to open! Michele has the special talent to mixing color and print pattern perfectly, create the effect that it seems only can be found in the nature.

Among the GG Blooms blue leather handbags, poppy and vintage is adopted to be the edge of the bags, bring out vivid work. The unique living attitude of this series show well on the leather bags and shoes. No matter which occasions you are planning to go, they could help to match romantic feel skillfully.


Please credit to Gucci New Product Release: GG Blooms Series

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