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No matter you are planning to the beach or stay in the office with air-condition to scorching temperatures. There’s another way about all-white help cooler the hot weather and keep the simple chic in summer. All white collection is easy to wear and you don’t need to feel like you need to delve into mixing! But if you would like to appear chic with the all-white, I do think there is necessary for you to find the warm weather white pieces that suits summer-ready you as well as eye-catching accessories which is included best designer handbags, shoes so as to prevent insipid style. Flip though find out how to maintain chic and outstanding with the all-white.
Julianne hough looked hot with her knee-length white dress and the plaid shirt tied around her waist. You can find the simple style white dress look chic enough with the shirt tied on waist. A pair of black sandals and white womens tote handbags boost the look to next level. This chic and comfortable look fit well traveling style.

Every tome Emma Watson appear in front of the street snap shot; she always attracts our attention on her every move. This time she steps out with the white shirt dress, the eyelet details of the shirt dress, delicate silver jewelry, simple style brown belt say more than fashion. The cool updo is expertly combine the simple style on date night to appropriate office-wear, well-made white extend your wardrobe and they last forever.

I am fanatical about lace-up white dress all the time, it is a wise choice to create sexy and fresh style. Look, Hough’s lace dress featured a stark color and intricate detailing stood out. Moreover, she finally finished her whole look with a pair of pink heels, pink and white are the never out of fashion combinations.


Looking for a sweet color to make you look younger? Then pink must be your sake! From the pink women shoulder bags, pink jewelry, to clothes, they do work! Don’t think that the sweet pink is the color belongs to the young, everyone is young so long as you keep a young heart forever! To be totally honest, I have crush on pink for many years, though it is not as easy as you thought to create perfect pink look, we’ve breaking down the best ways to expertly combine your pink pieces!

Try a pair of pink pencil pants with simple style for an effortlessly chic summer look and button-down shirt in black, as the black is seen as the versatile color. Layer a pink blazer with cool silhouette makes this an outfit that goes beyond your typical brunch look.

A piece of pink color jacket matches the cool denim to create the classic casual look. Who tell you that you could only appear cool with jacket! The handmade leather handbags with the same color shape with the jacket give you a chance to play with fun colors and give your outfit a boost!

The pink is not only work well with the black! Every color combines harmoniously on the whole look! That look must get high rate of second glance on the street!

Put a twist on two different pink pieces’ outfit by opting for gold clutch!

The bright color skirt will be inadvertently draw attention to the whole look, and the pattern of the white shirt may echo each other with the skirt.


Pink Women Shoulder Bags

Street style is always an ideal way to get inspired and fashion trend. But sometimes it’s gotten a bit out of control, we’ve noticed an alarming trend among street stylers of changing not once or twice, but three or more times a day!

Actually, the best style is that you have a sense of magic and verve that makes the whole thing on your body creative and perfect, just like Gigi Hadid, with her California Girl good look and outgoing personality, especially her keen eye for spotting future trends, she has quickly become one of the most welcome modes in USA.

She knows well how to combine the accessories such as vintage designer handbags, t-shirt with jeans to look either sexy or cool! Get inspired from her, you can be outstanding on the crowd as well!

A cool designed jacket perfectly matches with the jean to create a cool look. Accenting it with the sun glasses and pointed boots, everything looks harmonious without any fault.

The white midi slip dress goes just perfect with her skin tone and show well her perfect body shape. Layer with a draped coat, accent with Versace black leather handbag adds bonus to the whole look!

A denim shirt with several buttons open look stunning and button-down with the leather pant, which is a best collocation for casual traveling. Accessorize the whole look with a white shoes and make sure you have a comfortable trip!

The black rolling stone tee, black sexy pant in special pant show her perfect leg shape. From head to toe black look fun with the design, texture and delicate necklace.

Shop a colorful tee with eye-catching pattern like Gigi on your Summer wardrobe now! As it is a good choice to add point to the tee and shorts this common combination. Improve the common collocation to next level really test your wearing skill!

The fashion icons always have a keen eye for spotting future trends. As the summer time is just in the beginning, but you can see the fashion brands are busy on holding the Autumn and Winter Fashion Show now. It is never too earlier to know more about the future trends and get some inspiration on the wardrobe (from the clothing to the womens tote handbags, stunning jewelry) of next season.

A style of classic vintage Louis Vuitton is worth to invest, it is the timeless fashion item to punch up your wardrobe!

For those who are fanatical about simplicity and minimalistic, this piece is the ideal item for you.

Instead of the sky-high heels, the sport or casual shoes lead the fashion trend in recent years. Stripe is another timeless and classic fashion element, it does work no matter to be used on the clothing, shoes, or bags and purses.

Keep the piece delicate and minimal, so that you could wear as much or as little as you want. It differs from the other items; the jewelry is always designed with longevity in mind. Stick to go with items that explain your style and personality!

Cute and fun cartoon pattern handbags add flavor to even your ho-hum closet! No matter how old you are, keep a young heart forever!

Nice and bright jacket, sneakers, trendy and cool collocation!

Please credit to Fashion Street Snap: Learn Advance Chic in Autumn 2016

When you find stars start wearing flats more often than intricately detailed heels, there is no doubt, we undergo the revolution of the major shoe. Flats is seen as the basic item to create casual style; they are no longer only belong to the gym.

But when compare with flats, heels are easier to highlight your look no matter in broad daylight or night out! Every single item possess ability to crate magnetic appearance which depend on your collocation skills. Click through the following outfit formulas to get you inspired.

A piece of casual dress ideal for collocation of casual high-street style, a knot of striped sweater around your waist would be a winning point of your summer look.

Less is more, accent with cross body fashion bags, it will suit those with an androgynous style and its black and white color mixing say more than stylish!

The cool culottes seem be equipped for this street style. Crop top and pants are the winning couple to elevate your waist. The white handbag that be slung over the shoulders with fun embellishment polish your whole look perfectly.

Leather jacket, white shirt and the denim are the classic essential for causal style, designer leather handbags done nothing wrong with those basics.

If you are concern about going wrong with something, you’d better choose the simplicity of a sheath midi dress which go well with almost every fashion item. Delicate accessories like watches, simple style rings add flavor to the look!

Keep things simple with plain top and white pants, the oversized handbag which is no nicer way of brightening up an outfit when the sun finally decides to show itself than with this shoulder bag.

The Coachella Festival — the party of the year, as well as the fashion industry’s most pivotally important red carpet is right here. It is the annual year’s gathering of whom have crush on music or fashion. Unconstraint should be the most fascinating point of it. Here you could feel free to wear just as freely as listening different kinds of music.

Preferred style: Hippie

When it comes to music festival, it is not hard to hear the word “Hippie”, since the previous time of 1969, Woodstock festival has been seen as the height of hippy, you can find hippy here and there among thousands of attendees.

It is a best option to wear hippie when going to the music festival, just as common as wearing the school uniform to school! But how could you wear outstanding hippie style is worth to take into consideration.

Western style

The western style is prevailing in the whole fashion word, moreover the music festival, which is full with youthful spirit; cowboy hat, western boots, tassel waistcoat, small square, tassel Ladies Leather Handbags, all of those are the key words of the western style!

“Music Festival frequenter” Bohemian style

Ethnic has replaced the simple style and becomes a hot trend in the fashion show this year. The bohemian style which you believe it is only perfect when traveling, actually, has been the “frequenter” in Music Festival for a long time. Especially the layer up-on layer accessories, maxi skit and robe, embroidery, totem.


Wear your idol on!

The classical rock idols are worth to be mentioned in music festival, if you are willing to find the guys have a common goal with you among the crowd, then you should wear your attitude about music on.


The purpose of waiting the music festival for one year is for wearing them! Accessories are the good helper to improving your whole style. It will be easy to handle if you are fanatical about collecting antique jewelry.

The following items add flavor to your modeling


It’s easy to update your accessories when the goods are both in the styles amazing you and the prices go beyond budget. However, you guys must have heard more about the outfit clash on the fashion website, actually this phenomenon is not rare in today’s daily life as well. Every woman is sensitive to the fashion items from head to toe, once you have found the same in the street, beyond doubt, it is absolutely annoying, even they are just designer clutches!

Every single day, tens of thousands of people express their highlight styles and show personality through mode world. Fashion can be the symbol of betrayer and independent. Besides, fashion brings us more entertainment too- we just play around with it. Wear those funny fashion on and use perfectly on your daily life now.

Handbags with various shapes and colors would be great way to let you shine. Even with ready-to-wear’s obsession with logo hoodies and dress-down denim, handbags are still as dressed up as ever-and still about the quirk. Without any ideas of your modeling? No matter you are willing to create the causal style or sport one, the ice cream, dog, phone shape bags are the way to stand out.


Sometimes I will find the erratic pic on the street snap outside the Fashion Week while there are also some fantastic items or collocation on it, but I concede, I have crush on it . So, my feeling just like the sentence I saw from fashion website: we love it. Then we hated it. Then we loved to hate it. Then we hated to love it. Anyway, “street style” has established itself as the competing event outside Fashion Week tents around the world. I don’t know since when, most styles appear in the street snap are adults, in fact, it’s not only just for grown-ups, but for kids! Come and appreciate the “scaled-down” fashion from Seoul Fashion Week now!

How could you miss the versatile fashion item- printing dress in the spring blossoms season! The cute and vivid is the focus on design! If the weather is a little cool for a kid, lay with a wrap, create different styles are nothing difficult. Complete the look with some accessories such as vintage designer handbags, fashionable hats, simple style jewelry would be a great choice for your kids.

Only a piece of jacket help you play around with the cool and casual style for both the little girls and boys. There is nothing quite as fantastic as matching with the broken tore up jeans. A piece of headband, sunglasses, jewelry is the key to add sense of unruly! Some of you may think children should be the way as they should be, but I believe fashion is not just for adults, fashion sense and wearing skills are significant for everyone, why not infuse fashion in kids daily life since their young? Find a piece of accessory on fashion brand like AIT bags and match a perfect look for your kid from then on!

Once I have mention it to the bags, will the different kinds of charming bags that you have seen before come into your mind first? There is no denying that fashion bags for both women and men should be the bare essentials to perfect your appearance, in the meanwhile they could play as a shining point for your look so long as you have done on the right way, but first of all , you do need to get an shining as well as unique bag that both fit you well and is able to show your personality!

For accessory aficionados, every year brings it with an opportunity for a handbag to break away from the pack to become not just appealing but somehow essential, something that capture the feel of a moment while being just slightly unattainable, just slightly unattainable. Right here, we ‘d like to show you those eye-catching and funny bag, and what if the bag of the moment was already in your closet ?

I believe you could find those milk bottle shape inside the stores here and there, but what you seen from that picture actually is a bag, even with the plain red T-shirt and dressed-down denim, handbags are still as dressed up as ever-and still all about the quirk.

A lipstick-like bag! The imagination of the designer is absolutely inconceivable, every shape could be designed as a bag! It isn’t just a smart bag, it is a time and a place, a shopping or traveling woman that could be slung over the shoulder, and wandering casually. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about your tiny item will missing on your big big handbag! Search the AIT bag to find a unique bag for yourself. That may be the secret help you stand out in the crowd.

Would like to find a special one to accent your elegant look? Then the better choice for you must be the evening clutch bags! The abstract and funny pattern is innovative enough and tell it own tale.