As the weather gets cooler, clothes come and go. Is your wardrobe too bad to can’t look? Seasons, wardrobe sorting like this. Practical and convenient absolutely!

Scarf & hat
Only needs a clothes rack, can all collect all scarves in the same place, deposit does not occupy a space, when be clear at a glance. Another method of storage is to use small clip, each clip a scarf, which is especially suitable for thin silk scarf.
collect all scarves on a hanger
scarf storage with small clip
Hat can also like scarf, with a coat hanger, but need to add a few more O-rings, it looks like lined up row good guards sport cap? Dome cap with s-shaped hook, hook on the rail, along with it, and don’t damage the shape of a hat, especially suitable for hat lovers.
hats storage with o-rings
dome cap with s-shaped hook
Lingerie & underwear
For many women, underwear store is a big problem. You can do it this way: Fold underwear, side by side in the drawer of the frame, to protect the underwear not deformation, easy to use, and save space. Underwear to be folded up, and put it in a drawer, so that you can access, and close the drawer can effectively protect privacy.
fold underwear
underwear in drawer
Many kinds of tops, they are the largest family in your closet. Per the different coat, we can choose a targeted have difference receive method.

dress and coat hanger
Dress and the coat is the most don’t need to bother to clothes, they are only suitable for use hanger to hang up, to avoid fold, ensure the intact version. However, there is a small tips we have mentioned many times available, make a coat with a dress little occupy a space, that is using a pull-loop. There is a way to save space, more practical than easy pull-loop. Need only a s-shaped curved hook, a chain can solve, literally you hang clothes, just the top hanger can withstand. Sweaters and sweatshirts made special, does not affect the pattern effect, can be folded directly, on top of the wardrobe.
After cleaning fold down jacket, packed in vacuum bags, to prevent mildew can put some moth balls, out of winter, could wear down Pat fluffy after, cold warm.
T-shirt as a basic model, everyone would have several pieces. Don’t have to use hangers to hang up and take up the space, easily fold into small cubes. Or roll up and putting it in the drawer. To find, when the roll t-pattern should be sticking out, to find the most wanted one. Condole belt vest in addition to the stacked side by side, also can hang up a coat hanger, is still hangers and O-rings, too powerful.
save space clothes storage tips
save space with a chain to your clothes storage
vests hang up a coat hanger
Pants have many solution, we would like to fold folding, want to volumes and volumes, even hang up well, if you can find a good way. Using curtain rings a belt hook for the pants, hanging in the wardrobe bar, and releases a lot of never too crowded. Pants hang on the hanger, pants slide problems may occur, and teach you a move: one leg from the side of the hanger, and through another pair of pants from the rack the other side, it will not slide off.
fold pants
All kinds of slippers can group together, then put it in storage baskets or Cabinet, until taken out again when you need to wear. Boots with a clothes hanger hanging, not to hurt shoes, convenience, eliminating the need for annual winter are looking for trouble.
Spring and autumn shoes also has a good place for a variety of styles: cut the PVC tube into a suitable length, use a strong adhesive to glue the pipe and the wall adhesions, can put in shoes, it is the creation of the magic! @Aitbags
shoes storageon pvc tube

We always heard this: Bags are like friends which you can never have too many.
Bags cure is effective for nearly all women, but to buy a bag seems to be endlessly is not a good idea. Special woman to 30 years old, a qualitative change in the style tastes compared to the previous, blindly buy this bag is not rational nor with the step into the calm of a mature age. Today said a woman of 30 small make up needs to have a bag, make you more confident and charming to step into the 30.

1. Tote Bag
First, of course, is use a tote bag for work. From graduation to mixing due diligence for many years, a work of beauty and functionality are always by your side’s best friend.
Tote is originally a verb, holds its harmonics, the meaning is specially the portable heavy thing, afterwards developed slowly, the evolution became famous the word, was refers to these handles to be relatively short, capacity big pocket.The ultra molds to have the request which the sense of reality can install to wrap all are especially love not not good, goes out often elects one.
Somewhat aloof a bit pensive, minimalist may seem dull, but please whisper softly to express my attitude not flashy, and it was with quite a high EQ women views coincide.
black tote bag street look
Don’t think that only the shirt suits to go with it, beautifully delicate dress is also matched perfectly.
Have always been neutral wears a lift can not give up, and worried about wearing out too young to the aura of indulgence, that a black tote bag is definitely your best choice. And in using it to leather pants and vests, uninhibited sex, and reveal your feminine.
High sense of distance relative to the black and gray even more gentle.
Orange passion red brick, there is independent of you, all this is very good, the better of the words a little weak.
Warm red, of course, I’m afraid it is difficult to win a relaxed and clean in the summer of blue, and a seat romantic elegant white dress is wearing out of the blue sky white clouds are the best partner. Hurry up to learn, to the passers-by with a cool and refreshing.

2. Top Handle Bag
If essential tote bag for work, that women must be handbag. Not difficult to find, the classic into a number of major luxury brands are medium to small in size, hand-drawing, and as a wise woman, investing a fashionable life, classic handbags, handbag is definitely preferred.
It can perfectly solve the present at the important place or dinner you choose package, still can let you infinite brilliance.
Handbag for daily sweet romantic skirt, is also a love too deep, is bound to bring about sparks hot, as a way of adding to modelling look much more feminine, add more amorous feelings lasting appeal.
When the wide leg pants hitting the bag, clean the independent woman that is you.
Elegant handbag, of course, also can go populist route. Freedom to indulge the leisure item with the handbag, personality and chic, next modern talent is you.
The darling of the upgrade of the handbag is Alexa chung Mark Cross, box bag, it appeared many times in the street snap of she. Modelling is a European medieval nobility nobility, and with the modern fashionable breath, overall and avant-garde fashion, restoring ancient ways is very chic!
street outfits with top handle bag
Can be portable single shoulder bag charm may be larger, hands free, sunken modelling is also out of difficult to transcend.

3. Clutch Bag
Clutch Bag is a sign of mature woman, in the fashion circle is a perennial trees. Hands grab bag, precipitation connotation in mind, these are stepping into before 30 unspeakably beautiful.
clutch bag with long strap street look
Shirts + long dress + hand bag, confident chic woman would dress like this, and seemed comfortable wearing a lift, in detail and unique surprises, such as long sleeves and irregular hems, these stylish design when it was culpable negligence in the Palm of your, your level of taste and clothing on the floor.

4. Crossbody Bag
Crossbody bags are generally girls begin to buy the bag, it is also able to accompany you through years of ups and downs is still very good friends with you, it can occur in any situation, and a variety of costumes complement each other, whether you believe it or not, 30 years ago, you needed a large slant bags!
In the street snap of fashion week is belonged to one of the most estimate it. Tide people also often happen to coincide to choose the inclined shoulder bag, this from another Angle is also can be seen that it is practical and stylish.
crossbody bag street look
Dakota Johnson made retro grid of diagonal deerskin bag dress, rich tone, while the straw hats and sunglasses are given more vacation wind.

5. Backpack
Backpack, maybe your first reaction may be: what? I’m almost 30, backpack is not fit? And I’m telling you is a no no no. You will be not complete without backpack in the 30. It can hold hands at the same time, also has the wisdom of 30 + 15 years old girl fan ~ so universal, you don’t abandon it, please? It can hold hands free at the same time, and have the 30 wisdom and also have the fan of fifteen girl. So universal, please don’t abandon it?
Girls backpack street look
Backpack as a girl, temperament, then let it fall in love with the pink. Suit able easy, skirts are cute cute, backpack can relax mix.

Facing the variety of coat on the market, whether you have buy soft, wardrobe stuffed with a lot of you don’t know what to do about their coat? Our chest size and wallets are limited, but the girls as long as there is the following 5 coats, will be able to cope with spring, summer, autumn and winter!

1. Leather jacket
Leather jacket women outfits
Spring and the autumn is to two seasons which puts on builds is difficult to deal with, because meets changes to the clothing of the new season, often clothes and the lower part of the body built, actually always in the coat this option hesitation half of the day, advised politely Niu Niu certainly to have to have a leather coat, really very much, good, built! Not only not easy dirty, also to have, during a year also can help you to cope with the season which two difficult to do, did not think takes into account very much?

2. Baseball Coat
Baseball Coat women outfits
Even if we that a few pieces of trousers, skirts, but as long as buy foreign style, as long as the permutation and combination collocation, 7 days a week still can be in a new face appeared! Don’t think baseball coat is the patent of the boy oh, sweet veil, tannin material sheet is tasted can do with it is tie-in, baseball jacket is so amazing!

3. Suit Coat
Suit Coat women outfits
We will inevitably encounter a little formal occasions, or you just want to let oneself today seem to have a little, then you will definitely need to have a suit coat hanging around, whether it be work, go shopping, spring, summer, autumn and winter are feasible; Bold and a little girl can challenge profusion color design, and the more conservative girl, or choose pink color is black, navy blue are good to consider options.

4. Knit Sweater
Knit Sweater women outfits
Even if Spring and summer sunshine glare, will still be slightly cooler in the evening when you take out the jacket is knitted jacket! Do not have to select the rhombic pattern or the gaudy style, plain is a good ride, focuses on when the weather is cool and can also wear take Down long levels, it’s not boring!

5. Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket women outfits
Finally, if you are not interested in the previous coat style, so please you must have a oneself like cowboy coat very much! Long skinny fit, and now the most popular version of the boyfriend, jean jacket can in you don’t know which coat to set out to save you, because basically take what all don’t conflict!

Apart from the coat, I think you need some accessories, such as handbags online sale, scarves, hats, etc., these accessories can not only do adornment, also can promote personal charm. To our this petty girl, coat style is better take it, you might want to buy cloak, pilots coat or very likely next year you don’t like the long version of the coat, but the good build and fact wear item are in fashion can be adapted to the road, there must be a reason for it.

A woman after 30 years old, will gradually understand the importance of wear good clothes. Because we will become more beautiful more mature, like wine, more and more mellow, delicious. So these women pay more attention to the quality of the clothes, rather than blindly pursue the present trend.

So today’s topic is that those women should have classic items, you have a few?

No 1. White shirt

Mentioned the wardrobe the classical funds, first think can certainly be a white shirts.
It is said that white shirt to dress nicely or not, the true test of the goddess of true.
Because of it’s simple enough, it is able to create unlimited match possible, can be sexy.

white shirt street style

You can either intellectually capable and handsome neutral.
And no matter what a kind of style, can will belong to you the charm of unique interpretation to get incisively and vividly.
white shirt street style

No 2. Little black dress

The woman who love beauty can’t be refuse dress absolutely. No matter how much you dress it must ultimately such a classic little black dress.
Fashion legend Didier Ludot even said, a woman without a little black dress is destined to have no future.
little black dress street style

When the angel Hepburn wears the givenchy little black dress, appear in front, it was destined to become immortal and Hepburn beauty and classic.

Hepbum little black dress

Little black dress has irreplaceable important position, is that it shows neither too grandiose grand, also won’t boring.
Therefore, no matter when and where do you attend any place, it can be your best choice.
In addition, the little black dress and gold pieces are a perfect match. A simple pair of earrings, or handbag can make the overall shape texture up a notch.

No 3. Suit jacket

The new times female, the pursue is the omni-directional independence. Not only they can manage the family life well, similarly also can hit diligently on the work place spells belongs to an own world.
women suit jacket street style

A capable jacket seems to be enough, women riding the best partner in the workplace.
And suit jacket can also become fashionable, collocation more leisure trousers, to realize the seamless switching you’re commuting and daily.
Fit method can refer to collect waist style.
women suit jacket street style

No 4. Wide-legged pants

Nearly two years of wide-legged pants, and destined to become a classic fashion sheet is tasted.
If you can only use one word to describe it, it is definitely belong to universal.
wide legged pants street style
How good is the wide-leg pants to wear? Different sizes of different women can always find eager sense of security and self-confidence here, slim and hid the meat. You can also add a powerful aura of walking with the wind.
women suit jacket street style

No 5. Trench coat

In the spring and autumn, most will complement the high sense of item, it must be a classic unbeaten ones. With over a hundred years of history it is still loved and respected by the people.
trench coat street style

Among them, the color of camel’s hair coat is regarded as the classic of classics.
Don’t think the trench coat is a load of rubbish to say that now, on the contrary, now is taking advantage of the off season, collecting a big trench coat a good time!
And recommend a fashion handbags online store: Aitbags. You will find many good quality purses and cheap crossbody bags.
trench coat street style

No 6. Flat shoes

After 30 years of age, women must learn to love yourself. Also include your feet. Only cherish it, treat it, can let oneself have to further better.
And elegant comfortable flat shoes, no doubt, will be the best choice for your daily travel.
women flat shoes street style

As a girl, sometimes need to elegant outbreak. At that time a pair of good shoes can highlight its unparalleled advantages: comfortable, can in you through the scenery beautiful figure.
women flat shoes street style

No 7. High heels

Of course, when you on to attend some important occasions. You still need to have a pair of high heels to blessing, as you add more confidence and glory.
naked high heels street style

Therefore, investment on a pair of suitable high heels, can better promote your temperament.
Naked color high-heeled shoes, can match a few more relaxed modelling, give a person more tender close feeling.

No 8. Handbag

Handbag is a woman’s closest friend for life, and that it is best to be able to witness a woman’s taste and status.
Under the premise of women in the economic conditions allow, investing in a classic bag bag is very worth it. A rich sense of senior bag bag, can be your best symbol of fashion and decent.
women handbag street style

Does not need the pursue to work as the season is popular, black, brown, the bare color all is the very good choice, medium size enough you deal with each kind of situation, the work, the banquet, go to town.
women handbag street style

No 9. Jewelry Accessories

Women with Jewelry Accessories is destined to have a puzzling affair. A fine enough accessories to meet on special occasions, town the gas field.
It not only can provide you with the modelling of make the finishing point, more can make you more radiant, all belong to the female’s charm.
women jewelry accessories street style

No 10. Confident smile

More mature attitude towards the things, you will more indifferent. To love oneself live for yourself.
Don’t be too care about others’ eyes, always with a smile, full of confidence. To maintain their own body and skin.
women smile with sunshine

Tassel fringe bag has long been the Bohemian girl in love, but in the spring/summer 2016 show, by the designers of renovation, these bags are no longer only the feeling of the ’60 s and 70s. Tassel fringe ornament on the leather handbags online sale, canvas bag bucket, feel more mature modern urban delicate charm. Of course, the girls like Boho style can find so many options.

Grass and snowflakes texture elements become the hottest hot spot of this season, combined with more elements into the national characteristics of different feeling, let’s swim once Bohemian bag, free, romantic mystery national tour.
bohemian tote bag horn curly bag
Long khaki color beach wool free loosely combined with horn’s unique design, you can feel free, uninhibited, romantic Bohemian.

Curly Bohemian rivet bag
Suede tactility always remind you of freedom is bold and unrestrained feelings. Beach wool and the combination of suede like for unruly you with passion.
Casual Style Women Tote Bag
Bosch amorous feelings tassel bag
Boogie Gypsy girl without all optional waft tassels design package?

Tassel plush tube package
Heat is not retreated reduce hair grass element this time also got on the train to national wind, warm strength for a dance.

elegance purses

Nordic design plush bag
The snowflake grain appearance give a person a kind of ice and snow that cool color moves in the temperature. Plush element of design is to let you feel a little bit of warm feeling.

The Nordic snowflake pattern chain bag
Nordic amorous feelings and evolution, this is transformed into an elegant lady to the extreme, chain package design emanate charming temperament.
inner bags for handbags
Hair bulb knitting pocket
Lovable hair bulb knitting Shan Jian package of facile mahjong piece something like a joker card.
Leisure cowboy look, matching season hit explodes now the knitting element pocket, is an upsurge as before!
Wine red knitting package of exquisite lovable bread twist knitting pocket.
Ferments the thick national mood knitting woolen sweater, in the matching wine red knitting the trousers are placing oneself fully in the national character and style atmosphere.

Lying on my desk at home is a black handbag, which is my beloved side-kick that kept by my side when I just started working.
In the summer of year 1991, I was sent to work in a tax bureau of village that surrounded by rivers and mountain. The tax bureau is in charge of the taxation from five nearby towns, covering hundreds of square kilometers; with only zigzag small rural path for transportation, dust and sand would rose like cloud as vehicles moves on it, very Loess Plateau like.
fall winter 2016 retro handbags trends

Back then, there were only two bikes in the tax bureau, and due to the rugged path condition, it’s often the case that you need to lift the bike and walk instead of riding it. When heading out to levying, I spent more time walking than riding bike; I carrying the handbag with cash in the inner layer and receipt in the outer layer when getting across the villages. It could take me a whole day on miles of hiking, and it was easy to get lost.

In a burning July, when rice crops get ripen, I was crossing the narrow paths between the cropland that filled with ripen rice crop; I kept moving for very long time yet couldn’t find a way out. a women was working in the cropland, she found me get lost in the farmland, then come over and helped me out of the golden rice cropland.
Every time I carry this little black leather bag, I felt comfort but also uneasy. I felt comfort coz I have grown from a student that rely on parents to a cadre who has steady incomes; I felt uneasy because I was in a remote and mountainous area, and the concern of robbery kept me worry as the cash and receipts were in my handbag; so I held it in my hands carefully, worrying get robbed.
Ladies Cheap Handbags Online

In an afternoon,When I was heading back to the tax bureau with collected tax in my handbag. I waded across a river and ready to get on shore while I found a coral snake in front of me, swimming in the water. I took my shoes in my left hand, and handbag in the right hand, no any weapon did I have to defend myself. I grab a rock from the river in hand, and staring at that snake with each other for a moment before it moved away, leaving me frightened there. Since then, whenever I head into the hills, I would carry a bamboo stick with me for defense.

Long gone are the days of my taxation work days in that tax bureau, it was tough but also enriched. By the day I left there and head to work in the tax bureau of the county with a pool in the front, I didn’t take anything except the black handbag that kept my company for years. at the present days, as the VAT threshold rose, the increasing numbers of household business citizens have free from taxation thanks to the government policy, I will never forget the long gone days when I travel across the tough terrain for taxation.

Elie Saab 2016 Autumn and Winter Look. It’s really amazing black.
With a Madison Avenue store in the works for 2017, Elie Saab had a ready-made theme for his new couture collection: New York, New York. In the previous impression, Elie Saab has always been a dream is like the fairy of unreal, out-of-touch, her light step, gauze wrap around the body, the next second will fly to heaven. Perhaps when tired of fairy, 2016 high fall series of Elie Saab into trying to do the queen, she was wearing leather gloves, decorated with a thorn, the original dream of ice cream color into black purple midnight blue so dignified and noble color, in a word, bullying, fairy finally black.

Sirens and horns blared on the sound system, and Saab printed a press book with quotes about the city from famous locals and visitors. It’s been a good week for the Big Apple; Gilles Mendel riffed on his adopted hometown in his first-ever couture show yesterday. Chez Saab, lit skyscraper windows were a decorative motif on the first few gowns, but beyond that the direct references to NYC were fairly few and far between. It certainly seemed to energize him, though.

The knock on Saab has been he’s got a look and he sticks to it, with one collection blending into the next. Over the past couple of ready-to-wear seasons he has made an effort to inject youthfulness into his aesthetic. Today, for the first time, he showed a handful of mommy-and-me dresses, the little girls’ frocks every bit as lavishly detailed as the women’s. There’s no quicker way to the fashion crowd’s heart than putting kids on the runway, but youthfulness wasn’t the point here.

This was an exceptional Elie Saab collection because of how expressive it was. Birds flocked on the skirt of a gown with a black velvet bodice; hearts appeared as prints and as crystal embroideries. And there were all manner of flowers—picked out in yellow, light blue, bordeaux, and black beads on tulle; embroidered in 3-D on Chantilly lace; and appliquéd in watercolor silk on another graceful gown. That hardly sounds like a novelty at couture, where flowers are many designers’ stock in trade, but Saab has always preferred a monochromatic look, most often with shimmery tone-on-tone embroidery. His embrace of change augurs well for his Upper East Side store, and for the brand in general.

Fashion From @Blog Aitbags
And when you use this outlook, I think you need some fashion wallet for you.
Now I recommend you some outfit to suit these amazing look.
Pink Ladies Wallet
Vintage Style Retro Envelope Ladies Wallet
Retro Style Rivets Envelope Leather Wallet

Recently, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted packing on the PDA during a trip to the beach! This breaking news suddenly spread among the fashion world. The pair was photographed embracing in the sand as the actor planted a very passionate kiss on his singer girlfriend’s lips. Katy team a yellow print bikini with a pair of bottoms with the same print, and a pair of sunglasses go beyond her beach look.

We have already provided some fashion tips on beach style last time. I think you must have known, the swimsuit is only used on beach, but also popular used in daily life. Any item could be the finishing touch, so does the bodysuit. If you are willing to appear both sexy and chic, get some inspiration from the follow fashion icon street style.

In additional, when it comes up to the beach style, straw tote bag is also the integral part. Try to adding it to shake things up during the beach and punch up your daily look. It is the favorite fashion item of the classic France fashion blogger. Mix it with a piece of dress or a pair of shorts, you look casual and cool in summer. Moreover, straw hat, which should be our most familiar items, it is able to pour in sense of gentleman.

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She seems really great and she’s good-looking as well as a great model for clothes. In recent years, Kendall Jenner has been more and more popular in the fashion world, not only as a super model in the fashion show, but also in the street. Actually, she has a keen eye for beauty and is apt at spruce up wardrobe. Jenner is able to wear the basic style item on the fresh way, transfer the common office look to the street style chic.

From head to toe black, maybe you will say that all black collocation is easy to make. Any perfect collection is not that easy. The prevailing black crop top, black leather pants and the black boots, black casual backpack, even all the items are in the same color, the different texture combines together to create stylish look.

Small tape is the inevitable summer item for women to stay both cool and stylish. White is also seen as the best summer color. White crop top pair with black jeans, casual and simple chic.

In a silky cardigan over a worn tee, cut-off shorts and ankle boots really make this an outfit that goes beyond your typical brunch look. And the sunglasses and black leather backpack gives your outfit a boost.