Dull dreary winter, if you’re tired of wearing black and white ash, macarons will let you wear in winter to life. Feast for the eyes mint green a place not only in the spring and summer, autumn and winter is not far behind, put on a pleasant mint-green coat. How about mint-green coat?
Mint green color and soft, can bring the feeling of pure and fresh. Starting from 15, regardless of street people or female stars fell in love with the fresh color, big brands are taking advantage of the introduction of mint green items.
mint green coat
In the wedding mint green show a different feeling.
Life in the mint green embroidered, romantic and cozy.

Mix mint green which colors
Due to the pepermint green brilliance quite is high, they suits the matching similar purity high color, looks like fresh sharp, like power purple, light blue, light yellow, silver gray and so on. Also may match the primary color, like black lime. The white is best in all colors, is peppermint green first choice matching. You need to remember not suits the brilliance low color. There are some candy color handbags suit for mint green coat.

Mint green + White
Mint green and white is the best match, pure and simple, with a natural fresh mint green. At match time, mint-green coat can be worn with white to make the shirt or pants.
mint green and white street looks with silver clutch
Mint green + Black
As we all know black which is a great color suits all. So it also mix green and it’s a great show.
mint green and black street look with handbag
Mint green + Grey
mint green and grey street look
Mint green + Beige
mint green beige
Mint green with shades.
Mint green collocation fastens with color, administrative levels feeling is very, very bright eye.
Mint green matches what style
Mint green coat well with t-shirts, Shirts, trousers and skirts.
Mint green coats + jackets inside take
T-shirt inside the main to wear shirts, complements the T-shirts and blouses, a white or off-white look its best.
Mint green coats + pants pitched
Minty coat well with light feet, pants, black can be.
Mint green overcoat + skirt
Mint coat and matching dress, wear layers.
Finally I would like to remind the mint green while fresh look good, but not really suitable for color of skin dark or darker fairies. It will appear darker.

In general, in order to allow a more integrated look able, a cozy feel and when the handicapped girls for what bags this issue on the trendy in front of the people of the time they had to say and large package small packages be more appropriate. Today I will show you a few of the recent fad of big and small packages for reference.

What kinds of bags for short girls? We first recommend exquisite little bag is best. Short, we cann’t change, but we can not use big bags, which will make you more short.

1. Classic Hermes Constance Bag
women with classic hermes constance bag
New year, red, popular, classics, pop, which several elements are considered together, small first is to recommend is Hermes Constance bag in red.

In addition to red, the bags available with colorful candy-colored, fully meet the fashion young people variety of choices. Want more sensation will dare to challenge the Candy-colored, candy colors can be used in a plain crisp white shape, relax can build a little wind in Europe and America. Exquisite vintage bolt embedded in bags on the flip, high quality hardware makes this bag is very light, become the crowning of bag, rotating metal locks, the ultimate retro fashion.
2. Chloe Small Pig Bag
chloe small pig bag
Recently chloe pig bag is hot. Many superstars take it. This favorite pig bag is conducting a comprehensive expression of versatility of the Chloe girl: beautiful, elegant and comfortable atmosphere, a vivid demonstration of cool modern.

3. Michael Kors Bag
michael kors bag
Compare with Hermes and Chloe, price less is clearly more suitable for work women. It is not too expensive and stylish. Similar to the new Valentino.

4. CELINE Box with Pixie market
celine box bag street style
The Pixie market a niche brand bag CELINE and large heat bags are very similar, but her price just $132. Does it look like CELINE? you judge for yourself!

5. Aitbags a New Brand for Young Ladies
Aitbags Small Handbag
With 2016 fall and winter most popular fashion designer satchel silhouette and decorated with cute fur balls and trendy tassle, It will shows your trendy flair to life and fabulous days. It’s small but enough capacity is helpful for daily items carrying, and has 1 zip pocket for card or paper files, 2 slip pockets for phones or wallets; it has top handles for hand holding, and 48-inch shoulder strap for shoulder carrying or crossbody wearing. Carrying such tote for ladies, you would be in great modes among shopping or parties.

Of course, the bags mentioned above uses are mainly for everyday shopping, dating, is said to hold a lot of stuff in it. If it is a young mother, or office workers, is more suitable for medium-sized bag.

Women don’t buy a coat by the picture you have a look, you need buy the most suitable for you! A coat for you, will make your style look more attractive! Come see this kind of coats for fall/winter is best for you!
Have a look the picture. From left to right, the corresponding figure, namely APPLE Shaped, PEAR Shaped, Funnel Shaped, Flat Shaped. Aitbags
body style
Cocoon coat
The cocoon coat are hot for a long time, have a look this a street style, it is glance unforgettablily!Girls with apple shaped body, had better choose simple styles, cool and neat without procrastination!
cocoon coat outfit
This coat is pretty good, as long as to choose the fit of length and style, little short is fully able to hold.
cocoon coat outfit
Waist coat
When it comes to waist coat, it is estimated that many people will think the Nightgown ~ but not that popular Pajama wind!
Waist coat style
Afraid of fat in the winter? Beam makes you perfect curves ~ still increasing waist line, visually more sensible high Oh! Flat shape wear waist and can exceed, recessed and elegant curves ~ the overall shape more solid! Waist coat, let you in this autumn and winter, the more mature femininity. But pear shape to stay away, waist coat will keep your meat at a glance, the more bloated old .
Long Waist coat style
H coat
Then has the comparison mahjong piece something like a joker card coat, a group elder brother thinks the H coat but actually good choice oh! H coat, let you points minutes from films to come out feeling!
H coat street style
If you are very thin flat shape, don’t want to look thin, can also be worn open.
H coat street style
Tall girls wearing this style of coat, was a glimpse of the past is all legs.

A coat
The A coat reveals delightfully lovable, but also can obstruct the meat ingeniously. Part follows the h-type coat perfect on your shoulder, part of an elegant hem. Camel looks more high sense. The satisfactory peppermint is green, enables you also to put on the spring in the winter the flavor!
A coat street style
And front row street style
Have to mention is ankle long coat, handsome cool in style, also super warm!
Long coat street style
A coat you walking with the wind, however, little short don’t try it.
Front Row Long Coat Street Style
Black match, plus a white sweater, and cannot think of a more gas, more straightforward look!
At last, we can find all these street style, need a handbag tote
which can fit for all collocation.

As we all know a lot about hoodies collocation, now I want to talk to you it’s sleeve.
Long sleeve is 2016 new fashion trends, I told you all early. So this winter’s you can choose a long seelves hoodies set to keep your fashion outfits.

I guess you see many outfits about Vetements. Long seelves is his features fashion. Although the sleeve can be directly tied to the waist taken belt, or play bondage art, but can’t stop fashion fans love to him.

Vetements sweatshirts hoodies street style

The more exotic, more by the blitz. In addition to this it also tests your ability to wear take because your not careful might change as …

The brand, which grow to be no friend of the sleeve design, should first think of Vetements. It’s this “long sleeve” wave of leaders. Vetements is representative of a trend now, the cut of its eclectic and avant-garde aesthetics, showing both functional and perfect atmosphere on the street. Have a look this Green Long Sleeve Hoodies.

long sleeve hoodies

ultra long sleeve hoodies black

Of course, stars like use the full of icon in the upper body, Vetements let red got out of hand.

Super stars is also very like long sleeve, in terms of matching is whether worn alone or mixed, they can be simple and engaging sweater to wear trendy. While this stock “ultra long sleeve” are popular, major brands in the fashion week this year is also scrambling to their “long sleeve” design clothes onto the runway.

No matter is the fashion or the tidal current, this “ultra long sleeve” the T-shirt receives the more and more many Daren’s heat to hold, no matter own can control first, buys succeeds in obtaining said again.

holding vetements kanye west rihanna

chiara ferragni vetements titanic hoodie

So the question comes, how to properly manage this “long sleeve” t-shirt?
In fact, somewhat similar to the oversize t-shirts and not so hard as we think of the wind drive, as long as the master wears a lift, it’s definitely your winter is very easy to take the items.

Select the length of the time long sleeve t-shirt is not too long (buried his hands), so as not to be too embarrassed. Besides only puts on, but also may select in the short sleeve T-shirt to build an black ultra long sleeve hoodies, presents the rich level effect.

With super long sleeve T-shirt with shorts or pants, presents a trend of neutral style, choose a sport wind pants, can make whole style show the movement of wind restoring ancient ways.

ultra long sleeve hoodies

ultra long sleeve hoodies green

Super black long sleeve t-shirt with black pants, foot or a pair of VANS sneakers, a Jet Black not only slim, will make you complete.

Collocation is not confident about yourself, can also learn from Nana wearing this suit up, both simple and violence.
If you do not want to be too casual, mashup is also a good choice for you, accompanied by intense pants or shoes, compare dresses will take good personal style.

Who would have thought that this kind of traditional aesthetic design will fire all over world? See if these fit guide on how to match it long fleece had certain understanding? If you like this design, and that while the trend is not over yet, start to put it quickly!

ultra long sleeve hoodies

Bags are to women what watches are to men. To judge the Affordability of a woman, bags are as important as your clothes! Then here are the questions: how to choose your bags to match your outfits and to your body size? and how much you know about techniques on colors matching? Now, we shall find out! @Aitbags

Warm and long coat
It would be incomplete without a long coat in winter. when you are choosing bags to match that, do not select big bag as it will gain your gravity burden, the lightweight small bags will be your ideal choice to travel light and agile, especially to wear it cross body, making a great difference for you.
Ideal bags: Totes, cross body bags
Handbags outfits for warm and long coat
What’s more, shoulder bags like chain bags and bucket bags are also good choices, apart from other big bags, it’s a popular way to carry them on shoulder with your coat unbuttoned.
Bucket bags outfits
Commuting middle coat
A middle coat that length reaches kneels is necessary for everyone, whatever the size and height, as it’s easy to handle. Hand-held big bags are the best choices for those styles and for commuting! Suitable bags: Hand-held big bags (to be held in hand or elbow with handles)
Handbags outfits for commuting middle coat
Practical short coat
Short coat that height reaches hip is favored by petite girls, it can cover their wide hip without cover the person whole. To match this style, the bags should never be too large, and strap should never be too long, making it right around the waist would be helpful for proportion adjustment.
Handbags outfits for practical short coat
Contrast Color Collocation
Black and blue got sense of formal, while blue and white could felt fresh, thus, it’s good to try a blue bag with black outfits or black bag with blue outfits. but please note that you should use ocean blue instead of light blue or sky blue.

Rule for bag purchasing: Contrast colors require senses of colors matching, the basic way to match colors is to use colors with high saturation, it usually works well. Small pieces of contrast colors are also easier to handle, and to start with small bags.

Choose women handbags from Aitbags, the products quality is pretty and delivery in 5 business days. Handbags are a woman’s most essential fashion accessory, next to shoes and that’s why it’s important not only to understand what each handbag has to offer, but also what’s trendy each season and it fits into your own personal style. Handbags from designers like Michael Kors, kate spade, and Cole Haan to famous labels like Fossil, Nine West, and Vera Bradley, offer bags in many popular styles. Find more popular styles on Aitbags.

As the weather gets cooler, clothes come and go. Is your wardrobe too bad to can’t look? Seasons, wardrobe sorting like this. Practical and convenient absolutely!

Scarf & hat
Only needs a clothes rack, can all collect all scarves in the same place, deposit does not occupy a space, when be clear at a glance. Another method of storage is to use small clip, each clip a scarf, which is especially suitable for thin silk scarf.
collect all scarves on a hanger
scarf storage with small clip
Hat can also like scarf, with a coat hanger, but need to add a few more O-rings, it looks like lined up row good guards sport cap? Dome cap with s-shaped hook, hook on the rail, along with it, and don’t damage the shape of a hat, especially suitable for hat lovers.
hats storage with o-rings
dome cap with s-shaped hook
Lingerie & underwear
For many women, underwear store is a big problem. You can do it this way: Fold underwear, side by side in the drawer of the frame, to protect the underwear not deformation, easy to use, and save space. Underwear to be folded up, and put it in a drawer, so that you can access, and close the drawer can effectively protect privacy.
fold underwear
underwear in drawer
Many kinds of tops, they are the largest family in your closet. Per the different coat, we can choose a targeted have difference receive method.

dress and coat hanger
Dress and the coat is the most don’t need to bother to clothes, they are only suitable for use hanger to hang up, to avoid fold, ensure the intact version. However, there is a small tips we have mentioned many times available, make a coat with a dress little occupy a space, that is using a pull-loop. There is a way to save space, more practical than easy pull-loop. Need only a s-shaped curved hook, a chain can solve, literally you hang clothes, just the top hanger can withstand. Sweaters and sweatshirts made special, does not affect the pattern effect, can be folded directly, on top of the wardrobe.
After cleaning fold down jacket, packed in vacuum bags, to prevent mildew can put some moth balls, out of winter, could wear down Pat fluffy after, cold warm.
T-shirt as a basic model, everyone would have several pieces. Don’t have to use hangers to hang up and take up the space, easily fold into small cubes. Or roll up and putting it in the drawer. To find, when the roll t-pattern should be sticking out, to find the most wanted one. Condole belt vest in addition to the stacked side by side, also can hang up a coat hanger, is still hangers and O-rings, too powerful.
save space clothes storage tips
save space with a chain to your clothes storage
vests hang up a coat hanger
Pants have many solution, we would like to fold folding, want to volumes and volumes, even hang up well, if you can find a good way. Using curtain rings a belt hook for the pants, hanging in the wardrobe bar, and releases a lot of never too crowded. Pants hang on the hanger, pants slide problems may occur, and teach you a move: one leg from the side of the hanger, and through another pair of pants from the rack the other side, it will not slide off.
fold pants
All kinds of slippers can group together, then put it in storage baskets or Cabinet, until taken out again when you need to wear. Boots with a clothes hanger hanging, not to hurt shoes, convenience, eliminating the need for annual winter are looking for trouble.
Spring and autumn shoes also has a good place for a variety of styles: cut the PVC tube into a suitable length, use a strong adhesive to glue the pipe and the wall adhesions, can put in shoes, it is the creation of the magic! @Aitbags
shoes storageon pvc tube

Bright fresh colors and neutral colors are the best option to fit well the warm weather in summer. Of course, the bright color one should be a wise choice to be outstanding, but it doesn’t mean it is the only way to look stylish! So long as you have grasped the rules of accessorizing your neutral style, shining brightly in the crowd is never a dream. From the women designer handbags, shoes, jewelry, more attentions should be pay on your style. In need of more tips? Scroll down and find.

Besides the classic white and black, bare is the most common color among your wardrobe. Any collection looks current when combine with the bare color fashion item, and you don’t feel like you need to learn more before reining it. Be sure that make full use of the delicate accessories with eye-catching colors, punches up your traditional look is no more difficult. As the following collection showed. The rose inwrought jean and oil painting bags say more than fashion.

Bare and white seems the winning couples for hot summer style. Moreover, the bare style oil painting bag echoes of the whole look. Both the design of the shirt and skirt show well your body shape and sexy.
When I first saw this collocation, it reminds me of a beautiful street with expanse of trees, an elegant style woman wandering on the street. All the annoying things cast to the winds suddenly.

The white bag for women, white heels perfectly match with the print white dress. You will find any solid inventory looks stylish when combine with the standout patterned piece!

Though it is just the beginning of Summer, the weather is hot. So if it is possible to wear the bikini the whole day, it may be your first choice, however, work, party dresses are required in our daily life. Here is the question, if you only choose the one piece for the hot weather, how could you transfer your style to vivid one? Get some inspiration from those styles to match the hot.


If your party dress on your wardrobe look old and a little pass, refresh it with the print skirt with special design, match it with a plain sleeveless shirt. White color always looks cool in Summer time; the bright color items do work as well.


Would like to appear sexy and elegant? Why not try this collocation? The black lace crop top is a wise choice in party look. Add a stunning clutch evening bag in bright color or elegant blue one to punch up your look!


Besides the skirt, you can also try a pair of white pants and bright color top combination.


One-piece dress is always convenience, you don’t have to think over and over how to match it with the top and pants. Just accent it with jewelry and other accessories to transfer it to a live style.


I love party, what about you? But party look is not as easy as you thought, especially when you caught unware by an event or party that you completely forgot about. I couldn’t bear wearing flawed appearance during the party, therefore, I’m used to prepare my party outfit before one week of the party. Found out the following style inspiration, may be they are help!

24 20160601162045

White is a wise choice to create the elegant look, it is appropriate at times to perfectly match your heels with white handbags. And it will be inadvertently draw attention to the dress. Moreover, they all work for the office look. There is no necessary to buy the dress only work for the party!

26 20160606144557

We all know the little black dress is the classic and never out of fashion night-out party item. However, if you feel bored of black, why not try to red lace one which is able to punch up your traditional look. Or if you are shy to wear that eye-catching lace dress, try adding a pair of red heels and red totes handbags to the mix to shake things up.

28 20160607165222

How could you go through this Summer without a piece of print dress? Accessorize it with some plain accessories so as to prevent the accessories steeling the shot of your dress.

29 20160608135037

It’s all about the print, to be honestly, I am fanatical about the print skirt or dress! You could never tell the delicate between women and print!