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Who’s the most beautiful woman in the world? It must be my dear Mum! Thousands of words are not enough to express mother’s love and loving-kindness. Maybe most of us are used to get more from our Mom without saying thank you all the time. Or some of you speak poorly for saying “I love you Mum”. Not until you have been someone’s mother, could you know well the feeling of your mother and how difficulty she is! It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a mom happy and Mother’s Day isn’t the only day to show your love or make her happy. A simple greeting phone may cheer up her too!

Every mother looks like an angel in the world, even they haven’t thin waist, sexy body shape when they have a baby. But some of the mother-to-be ladies may feel concern about their style, they think they have to give up wearing the stylish outfit, instead, wear the loose one. In fact, you don’t have to put only the pretty loose boho dresses on every day, though pregnancy style can be a challenge, you will find the easiest way to fell inspired if you browse previous pregnancy looks from some of your favourite fashionable ladies.

1. Tight midi-length pencil skirts is not a bad choice to accentuated your bump. I think the key of pregnant wearing is that you should find the comfortable one and just go with it!
2. The flared skirt which is the perfect fashion item for balancing your proportions. It done well especially when your belly becomes big. You will find the belly is not so obvious.
3. Would like add a piece of bright-colored colors top without feeling awkward? Why not try the color blocking one? It could transfer the focus to the higher up but not your big belly. It’s a fun way to embrace the bump!
4. High waist dresses are another perfect choice, stick to the one that with heavier fabric, as the skirt in heavier fabric can disguise the fact that you are expecting.
5. Heels? If you are a healthy pregnant and won’t suffer from pain when wearing the heels, then just do it! It’s a great way to being sexy.
6. Without any accessories how could you finish your appearance in the right perfect way. Polish your look with multi-layer bracelets, rings,clutch evening bag, they are effective items to improve your look to another level.
7. Ask to take a photo for your sneakers with a dress, I do believe you will fall in love with it! You could just enjoy the comfortable and cool enough look!
8. Belt up top? I have crush on the belts on the long dresses all the time. I don’t think I couldn’t wear it when the belly getting bigger. Just wear them above the belly, it gives a bit more shape!



Katy Perry said ” She is one of the best female singers in today’s prevailing music, she own the most beautiful voice and awesome site sound in the world!” This 22-year-old girl has win many praise from senior singers. After much teasing on Twitter, Ariana has eventually released a new song from her upcoming album, “Danger Woman” out May 20. Her new songs has already shot to the top of iTunes, and the heated topic# BuyLetMeLoveYouOniTunes staying at a high level in Twitter as well recently. To tide us over until her album drops in mid-May, here, 9 photos to know more about Ariana.

High ponytail is deemed as her iconic hair style, the black should-off crop top simply match with the classical denim tells more about her personality. Without over accessories, she just accent herself with top designer handbags. She always be free to carve her own future. Because of the repeatedly dying her hair in cherry-soda red for the role of Cat Valentine, she had to wear bold so as to cater to her damage hair. “some people make fun of me for my hair, but I don’t know who those some people are, so I don’t care,” she said in the interview of the fashion magazine.

“once, I posted a photo with one-finger salute and fake cat ear on her head on Instagram, many people attack me and said Grande has changed, why did her change like this? ”, but Grande just shrugged her shoulders and said:”this is only a picture, I am who I am, it just a cute model!” There’s no need for us to try to please all the people around the world, actually it is impossible either, instead do as we wish, live the life that you like and enjoy it!

The elegant appearance reveals another styles of Grande. The delicate jewelry she worn shows well her femininity every time. Despite her four-octave range, Grande hasn’t went through any formal training. She said:” Music just kind of happened, I never really trained for anything.” But it doesn’t mean Grande’s music impression skills are coincidence, she listens to Whitney Houston all the time.

It is not a secret that everyone knows Grande a animal lover! “I love animal more than I love most people, no kidding.” The film Sea World which let her to become a vegan and speak out against animal cruelty.


Practical isn’t a word that gets a women’ heart racing, during this creative and high-tech twenty century, you could never attract people’s eye if you keep on the rails. Such as the fashion street snap, innovative fashion item always the focus of the photographer. However, it doesn’t mean only you appear bold and strange on the street, can you stand out in the crowd, I think it’s gotten a bit out of control! The best street style gives the lie that the outfit is simply natural combination, accent with some innovative accessories like ladies bag rather than bold from head to toe.

For me, some of them may be cool and fun when matching with daily life outfit while others like the flog handbag, personal speaking it is a little terror for me to wear, just for fun. Your kids may have crush on Chicken purse, dog handbags, which is better for collecting small toys and be as a new plaything! In any case, when I first saw them, I really admire the creative of the designers, how do you feel?


New year, fire-new season, it is time for you to refresh your spring closet! From top handles to mobile-ready creations, find what’s in the bag, and get on the on the wait list before the crazy shopping!

1.Mobile’s Wrap    

What’s the high-end vogue? This style of clutch tells you, HighPoint fashion is embracing tech- this type of modern evening clutch bags are now equipped for your iPhone 6.


With this style of bag, whether you would like to wear it at your elbow or hold it on your hand, you could easily create an elegant look as you like. Or, just simply let your assistant tote it, the top handle is the best choice in this season!


The bucket bag should be another ladylike winner, with inspired takes on the simple shape, accessorize with the drape, the asymmetrical shapes is the focus of that design!


If you said that the phone clutches are the innovative trend of handbag, there’s a touch of welcome nostalgia to the camera bag. It is the must-have item for your road trip!

I do believe that every girl has a bridal dream since a child. We dream of how beautiful we will be  when dressing up the bridal dress as well as the look of the bridegroom. As much as they love different accessories and charming clothes, women also enjoy magic bridal dresses.

Spring is full with bloom, so do the bridal dresses in Mira Zwillinger 2017, the inspiration of the design looked to the magic of nature’s annual rebirth. The partly hidden and partly visible dress done with added printing to achieve the both noble and romantic effect. Those dresses, all fluid in form, conveyed a feeling of soft romance with lace.

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