Fashion Trends

How could a woman hang out without accenting with a fashion handbag? And it seems that we women always feel like we are lack of a style of stylish bag on our closet, even though your bags nearly occupy completely your wardrobe!

Girl, please think about your budget instead of your closet. Keep in mind that a little customization can go a long way to highlight and transform the style of your basic bags. With those tricks you can go well different styles of outfit with a bag. Stroll down to know more now.

No matter your bags are only Wholesale Fashion Handbags or the fashion designer bags, so long as you use the high-quality embellishments and spend some time to execute your vision, you will find surprise.

1. Change your common bag’s strap to charming facing ribbon

Untie the original strap of your bags, instead, tie the ribbon to the two sides of your bag. You have better stick to make a knot, as it will look much nicer when compare with the double knot, if you are still worried whether it is secure enough or not, seam it with needle.

Shave the superfluous ribbon and add some trinket on one side of your bag, a semi DIY bag finally be finished! Do you like it?

2. Accent Your Bags with Scarves

Summer time is on the way coming, but don’t store your scarves in such a hurry, it is a stunning item for accenting your bags! Knot the corner of your scarf to the base of the handle to secure it and just start wrapping. Pay more attention to the center of the scarf that you are wrapping so as to make a decision on how much you are going to use by the time you get to the center of the handle of your large black purse. Your bag will look just perfect after wrapping it tightly! For the first time, many people will find themselves couldn’t grasp it properly way, why not try to tie a second knot at the other end.

3. Tie a printed handkerchief

To get your imagination started now, tie it whatever you like! If you pay close eye on the street style or the fashion trend, you must know it is the most prevailing trend now on the fashion world.

4. Drawing on your plain bags!

It will be absolutely great if you are a girl that specialize in drawing, come in handy! Instead of drawing perfectly, irregularity would look better.

Ok, let us take lazy and heavy-handed girls into account. Just searching some fun embellishments online just like the following and accessorize your bags, they will look great in that easy way!

Keep a keen eye for beauty and focus on enchanting for a party, the stars who dress up for the actual event make it a point to go all-out in high-end fashion, what you could do is getting some fashion inspiration from them if you desire.

If you are planning to attend a theme party, then it is perfect to go with your favorite start’s style! From the dresses to the evening clutch bags, every fashion items play an important role on your appearance, remember never look down upon the accessories which are properly able to act as the striking key points of your look!

There’s nothing quite as glamour as the silky and shiny long evening gowns. If you have crush on attending the party, you have better buy or rent the evening pieces.

Search a tailor for accurate fit and for the best level of comfort possible. Whether you are a jewelry aficionados or not, it is imperative to accent with at least one piece of it for one of a kind, as the shining jewelry make a splash and shimmer in the lamplight.
Plus, luxury bags are the symbolize of your status, wear sexy heels and carry a purse or handbag that matches them would be great! However, with the endless shapes, colors and style of handbags nowadays, matching a purse with your party look seems challenge.

Choose a color of your bag first depends on your outfit color, for instance, a bag in bright color perfectly work with your neutral colors dresses. If you are fond of the shoulder handbag, stick to those that hits at a flattering place on your body, as the handbags will as bulk to your frame!

As a major Taylor fan, it’s often hard to find out new things about her. There are always websites and new articles coming out claiming “10 things you don’t know about Taylor Swift.” Sure, the average person might not know a lot of details about her, but those who follow her closely do. Right here, we are not going to share you some gossip new about Taylor. As Swiftie, I always pay close attention on Taylor’s daily look, she has a keen eye for spotting future trends. As it is known to us, your daily collocation is the best way to show your personality!


Taylor-Swift-Street-Style taylor-swift

The past year has seen Taylor Swift change up her style from sweet to sultry, right in tune with her album, the smash hit 1989. But Swift’s style is more than slinky Alexandre Vauthier dresses at the Oscars after-party and Frame Denim skinny jeans for nights out with the girls. The 26-year-old also possesses a highly enviable handbag collection, ranging from classic Gucci hobos to fashion-forward limited-edition totes from Louis Vuitton, all paired with her all-American flair.





Colorful items color your lifestyle, the plain and simple prevailing bags end up with the shine and highlighting fashion week. From the most fashionable colors, acrylic powder, quiet blue, fresh white to the gorgeous rainbow color, are worth to try this year. But there’s someone who are afraid of going with the large space colors ladies bag, don’t worry, we’ve compile a few guidelines, notes, best practice and forget-me-nots no the subject.

Rose Quartz

Fade institution Pantone announced one of the fashionable color in 2016: Rose Quartz, therefore, you might look out of fashion without a rose quartz bags. Tender and lovely pink suddenly dispel act-young suspicion when matching with the hale shape. Moreover, you will look younger if you match with the fancy item.

Quiet Blue

The blue which belongs to cool tone give the clean and comfortable impression. And you will find it frequently occurs on the street style of the fashion week. The light blue totes handbags just like the blue sky which is free and cosy. Why not surprise people with a piece of white dress?

Simple white

Minimalism in 2015 pushes the white to the top of fashion plain, pure white bags can easily hold every dress up at all seasons.

Light Yellow

Light yellow is born with lively which give sense of rejuvenation. It is no longer the fluorescent tone in the previous years, instead, it is the fresh light yellow, it will be perfect when matching with the classical black and white, denim.


Ebullient red clothes require high wearing skill, but if you put this color on your bag, it is easy to highlight your look on the perfect way. No matter how low-key you are in daily life, so long as you own a red bag, you will appear chic and outstanding.


Refresh Green

Don’t forget to bring a wash of green to your faded life. A touch of green would be the best choice in Spring. Jasper is vintage and elegant while grass green bringing a sense of natural and fresh. Which color is your sake? totes handbags


The Coachella Festival — the party of the year, as well as the fashion industry’s most pivotally important red carpet is right here. It is the annual year’s gathering of whom have crush on music or fashion. Unconstraint should be the most fascinating point of it. Here you could feel free to wear just as freely as listening different kinds of music.

Preferred style: Hippie

When it comes to music festival, it is not hard to hear the word “Hippie”, since the previous time of 1969, Woodstock festival has been seen as the height of hippy, you can find hippy here and there among thousands of attendees.

It is a best option to wear hippie when going to the music festival, just as common as wearing the school uniform to school! But how could you wear outstanding hippie style is worth to take into consideration.

Western style

The western style is prevailing in the whole fashion word, moreover the music festival, which is full with youthful spirit; cowboy hat, western boots, tassel waistcoat, small square, tassel Ladies Leather Handbags, all of those are the key words of the western style!

“Music Festival frequenter” Bohemian style

Ethnic has replaced the simple style and becomes a hot trend in the fashion show this year. The bohemian style which you believe it is only perfect when traveling, actually, has been the “frequenter” in Music Festival for a long time. Especially the layer up-on layer accessories, maxi skit and robe, embroidery, totem.


Wear your idol on!

The classical rock idols are worth to be mentioned in music festival, if you are willing to find the guys have a common goal with you among the crowd, then you should wear your attitude about music on.


The purpose of waiting the music festival for one year is for wearing them! Accessories are the good helper to improving your whole style. It will be easy to handle if you are fanatical about collecting antique jewelry.

The following items add flavor to your modeling


It’s easy to update your accessories when the goods are both in the styles amazing you and the prices go beyond budget. However, you guys must have heard more about the outfit clash on the fashion website, actually this phenomenon is not rare in today’s daily life as well. Every woman is sensitive to the fashion items from head to toe, once you have found the same in the street, beyond doubt, it is absolutely annoying, even they are just designer clutches!

Every single day, tens of thousands of people express their highlight styles and show personality through mode world. Fashion can be the symbol of betrayer and independent. Besides, fashion brings us more entertainment too- we just play around with it. Wear those funny fashion on and use perfectly on your daily life now.

Handbags with various shapes and colors would be great way to let you shine. Even with ready-to-wear’s obsession with logo hoodies and dress-down denim, handbags are still as dressed up as ever-and still about the quirk. Without any ideas of your modeling? No matter you are willing to create the causal style or sport one, the ice cream, dog, phone shape bags are the way to stand out.



Is there a style of bag which you could feel free to wear to shopping and it will also be perfect while holding on the night party? Absolutely yes! A style of chic womens clutch purse will be your best side-kick; it is the perfect choice which kills two birds with one stone. Find out those styles of bags to invest that season now.

Fold over Clutch

Fold over clutch is a better decision for those who are fanatical about the oversized bags, as they own the amazing spacious interior, and provide a safe, large enough place for your mini ipad, make up kits, phone, in the meantime, it is “able to stoop or stand erect” as you wish due to its soft texture leather which help to keep elegant style during important occasions.


1.    Flexible fold over clutch is convenience for you to wrap your appropriative modeling, the changeable on the space means more changeable styles on the modeling. Even though you use the same style of bag, it can reach the different effects in different fashion icons’ hands. It will be your profit to buy multi-purpose bag in the same price.
2.    Don’t hold it on hand, this style of womens clutch will look more fashionable when folding over it on hand!

Box bags

This style of bag brings us to the back of our closets and back in time, to a decade ago, when bags were also defined by their eccentricity. Box bag becomes a prevailing item again in the fashion world. You could feel free to hold it on hand or wearing it on back, which let your hands free at any moment. Deduce from neutral style, vintage style to preppy style. How could you resist the temptation of this bag?


1.    It is unsuitable to wear the oversized Box bag, or you will just look like wearing the makeup bag.
2.    When compare with the use of leather, horsehair or silks box bag will look more approachable and perfect to the party style.

Envelope style handbag

The angular and simple style envelope handbag is seen as the high-light item this season. The spell able style which is full with sense of metropolis, let a person fondle admiringly. If you are willing to create the street style, the oversized envelope bag is your sake, plus, it also goes well with various kinds of oversized sweaters and add flavor to wayward style. While the min style envelope bags are the “edge tool” for outstanding in the party. The hale bag types echo to the soft dress build clash beauty!


1.    The envelope bag is thinner than other types of bags, do not try to stuff items on your bag, or it will plump up.
2.    The envelop bag with sharply cut that is made of hale leather will look more texture.
3.    The color blocking and contrast color envelop bag ideal for collocation of party style outfit, which go well and highlighting the little black dress!

Alien handbag

A wardrobe with all of the personality items are not practical while the whole basic style wardrobe would be boring. So do the handbag, if you think of its practical every time you buy a bag, then bags on your closet would be singsong. Sometime buying a bag just for fun will not only satisfy yourself but also be the individual accessory for highlighting your appearance, you don’t have worry about looking simple.


1.    Stick to the Alien handbag that is not too big, as the delicate one could achieve the eye-catching effect. Or you will look childish with the oversized one.
2.    Keep the simple style outfit so as to prevent the overdo.

AITbags @AITbags

It is not so difficult to have a brand designer handbag; we all know that beauty is the nature of the woman, nearly every woman owns more than two handbags in their wardrobe, however, there’s a link between your clothes and best designer handbags.

Not just wear the designer bags you must be elegant but making use of the chic style of your outfit which is able to improve the value of your bags. So long as you keep your outfit match well with your bag, there is no necessary to spend a great fortune on the fashion brand bags!

1.    High-end color matching
When it comes up to the color of the bag, bare, light tan and pitch black are all the safe matching high-end colors, you will find them not so colorful. Feel free to show sense of high-end fashion through the color of your clothes, pink and blue, denim and camel are seen as the high-end collocation in 2016. Fashion icon knows the bound between light and dark, they will balance the whole matching with a dark tone item., white and black colocation is not a bad idea and White Classic Matching and Wine Red

2.    Shoes and bags in the same color look older
Do you still live in several years ago and believe the color of the shoes should echo of the bag? Believe it or not, you will find yourself look older.

Wrong-headed: dress+ Chanel bag

Correct demonstration:
3.    Choose the right occasion
A.    Shopping
You will find this modeling looks like a square peg in a round hole! Comfortable should be the most important thing when hanging with your side-kick. A LV bag looks lofty with your outfit! Why not choose a backpack instead of the LV bag?
B.    Fitness
Get rid of your classic handbag when go to fitness which is healthy and casual. Learn from Gigi Hadid!
C.    Party
Match with the intricately detailed outfit, at that time, a delicate  designer bag would add sense of high-end for your look.
D.    Office look

designer bag

A functional and attractive handbag is a smart item for accenting your daily look. It is not strange to hear “how could you finish your appearance without piece of accessory?” from people around you.

Yes, there is no denying that the accessories play an important role on the fashion world, but you should make clear that bag for women could update your appearance under the situation of using it on the right way while it will destroy your look if it doesn’t work well with your outfit. Learn more before doing it!

Blending In

We all known, it will be dazzled when you pairing a lot of color pieces together in a look. Hence, go with the shoes and bags that are similar to one another would be a wise choice. For instance, if you are fanatical about chartreuse which is not many people can wear, just push off a dress in that color and let it to be the focus point of your whole look. Accent it with the heels and bag that complement the color and style, such as a gold clutch and nude heels. A piece of printing jean and broken tore up jeans are highly fashionable with the plain accessories.

Drawing Attention

There are some women who have crush on the simple neutral style. For those, snazzy accessories should be your sake. Likewise, it is also the best time for you to go with the color-block shoes and purse with fancy color. Choose a color in the shoes and pair it with a bag in that same shade. It will inadvertently draw attention to the bag, not the shoe. Would like to accent your outfit with a pair of luxury shoes, go with a bag in simple style and make sure it won’t steal the show of you shoes.

Keep a style

Dress according to your personality instead of prevailing trend. There is no need to take the colors of the shoes and purses into consideration each time, just keep the same style of them. A strappy sandal perfectly works with the small purse or clutch while the chunky-heeled shoe goes well with the oversized bag. Plus, messenger bag with canvas shoes create a professionally polished look!

Handbags are the quintessential accessory for women, and it is one thing that should combine form and function. It is becoming increasingly rare to see a woman who does not own a handbag.

Therefore, the importance of the ladies handbag tells its own tale. Almost every woman knows that views the prevailing trends of the handbags in the new season or year is essential before buying it from the shop! But fewer of them pays attention on the creative wearing way of the handbag in 2016. Please keep in mind, a fashionable bag won’t work perfectly with the wrong wearing way.

It is not hard to find various different wearing ways on the street; the wearing ways are no more than servals which all depend on the types of handbags you are wearing. To the best of my knowledge, a large proportion of women will choose to wear the cross body bag on either cross shoulders or wearing on the one side of your shoulder.

Apparently we’re wearing crossbody bags wrong! It is not late to find this stylish way. I do believe no word is more attractive than the charming sample picture, hence, feel free to get some inspirations from the following fashion show in 2016 now and go with your designer leather handbags for a wonderful day, it does work no matter you are going for a work or just hang out the street.