Fashion Trends

Khaki is a never out-of-date when it comes to fashion, own it’s popularity every year, even in some simple and laconic design, it will make you outstanding and elegant, as a result of its own gentle effect on visual impact.

Of course, the color will not just work on coat or shirt, it also brings the same effects to bags!

Khaki, or sometimes camel, can be confused with each other

Different from camel or khaki, the brown bags are easier to match, a large bag can be hard to show your style, but smaller bag the will be totally OK

Lots of girls know that black color can match all, but the brown is also that useful! having a brown bag, and you can start with a lot of styles!

Even match with dark colors, brown bags can also show its power! and very vibrant.

And when it comes to gorgeous colors, Khaki and Camel are also very mature and neutralized colors

Also very good for green and blue

Or even camouflage

2White Clothing Bags

White is a holly color and also the best color to brings you different fashion effect, very useful to work with light color bags.

White casual lots are perfect with light yellow, light purple or pink colors, would give you a warm and gentle effect. White career styles are suitable for light purple or other hues like it.

3.Brown Color Clothing

Brown Color clothing have less various choices, matching with white bags for girly style, matching with red bags for vibrant style, even matching with same colors is also good to look——but can’t be very close the same, some plaid and different texture can show your unique ideas

Purple Color Clothing with Bags

Purple Clothing is elegant and luxury-like and requires high quality of material and crafting of the clothes, so it’s also hard to choose a bag. but it was just the hardest match can show your luxe and upper-class talent. Light purple is more romantic and not matching well with dark color bags, show your elegance; Dark purple is noble and luxurious, matching well with bags of close color while not that shining

Green Color Clothing

It’s suggested that Green can be matched with beige or light yellow for some spring style and laconic style. light green is idea with light red, light yellow, light blue and others like them, it’s easy, fresh and girly.

Beige Color Clothing

Beige is plain yet delicate, as the most common color used, it’s used in career style for being plain and mature, so it’s good to pay attention to choose some classic or common handbags, not those bold or sophisticated style bags.

Also, when it comes to career style, as we need to make the office atmosphere less dense, it’s ideal to choose low purity color.

A bag can not only make your collocation outstanding, but also can improve your temperament.
Let you out a shining senior.
Today, we introduce you the most fashionable four handbags. Let you take out the outstanding temperament!

1. Classic Box Bag
The box bag is seen 1 eye cannot ignore the temperament of options. Whether it is a personal or professional light cooked female. All may control belongs to own flavor. The real challenge is not age, balanced temperament.
You can go to amazon to find this Faux Leather Oversized Handbag, which is bag in a bag tote.
box bag
Wild Black Crossbody Bag
The Black Crossbody Bag may control all your wardrobe lists. With brunet department level fold wear have qualitative feeling more. It makes you dress more outstanding. Shell Shape Handbag
black crossbody bag
White Bags easily light up your whole style
During the spring and summer season white bags is better able to hold the colorful clothing. It’s a classic and ground color.
white crossbody bag
Camel Bags is the most high and mighty color
The succinct design can highlight the atmosphere. Is the brief prompt high-level perfect annotation.
camel crossbody bag

2. Quality Wine String handbag
This Handbag unique intellectual aristocrat’s makings. Rich details so the entire bag evokes a remarkable artistically.
The chain straps and the printing design of heavy and complicated.
wine string bag
For light ripe female
Choose decorative pattern design heavy and complicated can wear a fairy’s visual sense. Simple dress sheet is tasted can also wear a unique advanced.
If you feel cann’t hold the complicated design. You can select a solid color based wine Handbag.
wine string bag
For gentle and intellectually elegant women
The skirt with wool dress sweater collocation make your outstanding.

3. Puzzle Bag
Look like “puzzle” bag
Changeable dexterity and design feeling super strong. It can be like origami folds out various shapes at will. A bag all back method are set at a suit. Portable, side back, worn, or even remove the shoulder belt into a handbag.
On the match, simple and neat jackets go with it.
Puzzle Bag
Puzzle bag them up with more modern sense of design mix.
Some go to town the concave modelling to turn head rate the perfect score list.
So long as matches puts together the chart package, the second changes the full individual tune. A minute minute flings the passer-by ten streets.
Puzzle Bag

4. Nifty and pig bag
Young pig bag of makings even more suit the Asian women. Its design both has the detail feeling, and does not select the human. Regardless of is the delightful fresh young female student.
Mature atmospheric light ripe female. The pure color tends to gently lofty. But puts together the color material quality might as well to be freer and easier. The young pig bag always can satisfy each kind of situation the different demand. Pig package more suited to elegant style match.
Pig bag
Pig bag
The various types of dress with and pig package is the perfect match.
The autumn and winter of knitted dresses, spring and summer snow woven skirts.
To keep your beautiful effortless.

Christmas Gift – Specail Wallet for Women

Winter is coming, Christmas will come. Everybody need choose a new gift wallet for yourself. At this time a long wallet is practical and convenient. It can take money some bigger long wallet can hold cell phone. Today we recommend a wallet brand. AITBAGS, which belongs to the midrang purse product, is a recent newcomer popular brands, unique product designs, praise is high above in the Amazon. With many card slots, multiple bills, both appearance and function, Girls won’t be disappointed if you like. You can search Aitbags from Amazon.
1. Aitbags Women Ostrich Grain Leather Clutch Wallet Long Purse (Five color)
Aitbags Beige Women Ostrich Grain Leather Clutch Wallet
Aitbags Black Women Ostrich Grain Leather Clutch Wallet
Aitbags Red Women Ostrich Grain Leather Clutch Wallet
Aitbags Orange Women Ostrich Grain Leather Clutch Wallet
Aitbags Yellow Women Ostrich Grain Leather Wallet

Every girl wants to buy good quality with cheap price and special unique purses. The ostrich grain wallet not only have the good quality, but just need under 20 dollers wallet. It design for women, use soft ostrich patterns were used as skins, simple, childlike but also has the flash design. This is the purse of unique, you can buy from Amazon or go to the official website.
2. AITBAGS Double Chain Casual Style Hand Strap Ladies Wallet

AITBAGS Green Double Chain Ladies Wallet
Aitbags Sliver Double Chain Ladies Wallet
AITBAGS Black Double Chain Ladies Wallet
This wallet has three colors to choose. Green, sliver and black. Fashion double zipper around wallet with small handle. You can put a lot of things like money, card, cell phone and so on.
3. AITBAGS Fashion Style Noble PU Leather Ladies Wallet

AITBAGS Light Blue Ladies Wallet with long strap
AITBAGS Blue Ladies Wallet with long strap
AITBAGS Black Ladies Wallet with long strap
AITBAGS Red Ladies Wallet with long strap
AITBAGS Green Ladies Wallet with long strap
AITBAGS Orange Ladies Wallet with long strap
This is a crossbody bag purse, which could put phone, card, money. Six colors to choose. Just need $19.99. Great quality with good deal.
4. AITBAGS Casual Pattern Hollow out PU Leather Ladies Wallet
AITBAGS pink hollow out ladies wallet
AITBAGS light blue hollow out ladies wallet
AITBAGS black hollow out ladies wallet
AITBAGS golden hollow out ladies wallet
AITBAGS red hollow out ladies wallet
This is candy color hollows out the wallet.
5. AITBAGS Elegance Hollow Out PU Leather Ladies Wallet
Aitbags black wallet for women with long shoulder strap
Aitbags brown wallet for women with long shoulder strap
Aitbags golden wallet for women with long shoulder strap
Aitbags purple wallet for women with long shoulder strap
Aitbags Purple red wallet for women with long shoulder strap
Five colors can be choose. This wallet with long strap chain. This wallet is made of hard leather material. Surface skin use black pu leather, lining use fabric. Flip with neat hollow out design.
6. AITBAGS Leisure Style Print PU Leather Ladies Wallet
Aitbags yellow ladies butterfly oil painting wallet
Aitbags ladies flower oil painting wallet
Aitbags blue ladies oil painting wallet
This is a unique wallet with landscape oil painting, butterfly, flower, landscape oil painting. Great quality, great style.
Several wallets, size 8.25 “l x 1” w x 4.3 “h, top zipper closure, brilliant red look particularly cute playful, have it in hand, the people are young. Multiple card slots, and daily use is sufficient.

As we all know a lot about hoodies collocation, now I want to talk to you it’s sleeve.
Long sleeve is 2016 new fashion trends, I told you all early. So this winter’s you can choose a long seelves hoodies set to keep your fashion outfits.

I guess you see many outfits about Vetements. Long seelves is his features fashion. Although the sleeve can be directly tied to the waist taken belt, or play bondage art, but can’t stop fashion fans love to him.

Vetements sweatshirts hoodies street style

The more exotic, more by the blitz. In addition to this it also tests your ability to wear take because your not careful might change as …

The brand, which grow to be no friend of the sleeve design, should first think of Vetements. It’s this “long sleeve” wave of leaders. Vetements is representative of a trend now, the cut of its eclectic and avant-garde aesthetics, showing both functional and perfect atmosphere on the street. Have a look this Green Long Sleeve Hoodies.

long sleeve hoodies

ultra long sleeve hoodies black

Of course, stars like use the full of icon in the upper body, Vetements let red got out of hand.

Super stars is also very like long sleeve, in terms of matching is whether worn alone or mixed, they can be simple and engaging sweater to wear trendy. While this stock “ultra long sleeve” are popular, major brands in the fashion week this year is also scrambling to their “long sleeve” design clothes onto the runway.

No matter is the fashion or the tidal current, this “ultra long sleeve” the T-shirt receives the more and more many Daren’s heat to hold, no matter own can control first, buys succeeds in obtaining said again.

holding vetements kanye west rihanna

chiara ferragni vetements titanic hoodie

So the question comes, how to properly manage this “long sleeve” t-shirt?
In fact, somewhat similar to the oversize t-shirts and not so hard as we think of the wind drive, as long as the master wears a lift, it’s definitely your winter is very easy to take the items.

Select the length of the time long sleeve t-shirt is not too long (buried his hands), so as not to be too embarrassed. Besides only puts on, but also may select in the short sleeve T-shirt to build an black ultra long sleeve hoodies, presents the rich level effect.

With super long sleeve T-shirt with shorts or pants, presents a trend of neutral style, choose a sport wind pants, can make whole style show the movement of wind restoring ancient ways.

ultra long sleeve hoodies

ultra long sleeve hoodies green

Super black long sleeve t-shirt with black pants, foot or a pair of VANS sneakers, a Jet Black not only slim, will make you complete.

Collocation is not confident about yourself, can also learn from Nana wearing this suit up, both simple and violence.
If you do not want to be too casual, mashup is also a good choice for you, accompanied by intense pants or shoes, compare dresses will take good personal style.

Who would have thought that this kind of traditional aesthetic design will fire all over world? See if these fit guide on how to match it long fleece had certain understanding? If you like this design, and that while the trend is not over yet, start to put it quickly!

ultra long sleeve hoodies

As the weather gets cooler, clothes come and go. Is your wardrobe too bad to can’t look? Seasons, wardrobe sorting like this. Practical and convenient absolutely!

Scarf & hat
Only needs a clothes rack, can all collect all scarves in the same place, deposit does not occupy a space, when be clear at a glance. Another method of storage is to use small clip, each clip a scarf, which is especially suitable for thin silk scarf.
collect all scarves on a hanger
scarf storage with small clip
Hat can also like scarf, with a coat hanger, but need to add a few more O-rings, it looks like lined up row good guards sport cap? Dome cap with s-shaped hook, hook on the rail, along with it, and don’t damage the shape of a hat, especially suitable for hat lovers.
hats storage with o-rings
dome cap with s-shaped hook
Lingerie & underwear
For many women, underwear store is a big problem. You can do it this way: Fold underwear, side by side in the drawer of the frame, to protect the underwear not deformation, easy to use, and save space. Underwear to be folded up, and put it in a drawer, so that you can access, and close the drawer can effectively protect privacy.
fold underwear
underwear in drawer
Many kinds of tops, they are the largest family in your closet. Per the different coat, we can choose a targeted have difference receive method.

dress and coat hanger
Dress and the coat is the most don’t need to bother to clothes, they are only suitable for use hanger to hang up, to avoid fold, ensure the intact version. However, there is a small tips we have mentioned many times available, make a coat with a dress little occupy a space, that is using a pull-loop. There is a way to save space, more practical than easy pull-loop. Need only a s-shaped curved hook, a chain can solve, literally you hang clothes, just the top hanger can withstand. Sweaters and sweatshirts made special, does not affect the pattern effect, can be folded directly, on top of the wardrobe.
After cleaning fold down jacket, packed in vacuum bags, to prevent mildew can put some moth balls, out of winter, could wear down Pat fluffy after, cold warm.
T-shirt as a basic model, everyone would have several pieces. Don’t have to use hangers to hang up and take up the space, easily fold into small cubes. Or roll up and putting it in the drawer. To find, when the roll t-pattern should be sticking out, to find the most wanted one. Condole belt vest in addition to the stacked side by side, also can hang up a coat hanger, is still hangers and O-rings, too powerful.
save space clothes storage tips
save space with a chain to your clothes storage
vests hang up a coat hanger
Pants have many solution, we would like to fold folding, want to volumes and volumes, even hang up well, if you can find a good way. Using curtain rings a belt hook for the pants, hanging in the wardrobe bar, and releases a lot of never too crowded. Pants hang on the hanger, pants slide problems may occur, and teach you a move: one leg from the side of the hanger, and through another pair of pants from the rack the other side, it will not slide off.
fold pants
All kinds of slippers can group together, then put it in storage baskets or Cabinet, until taken out again when you need to wear. Boots with a clothes hanger hanging, not to hurt shoes, convenience, eliminating the need for annual winter are looking for trouble.
Spring and autumn shoes also has a good place for a variety of styles: cut the PVC tube into a suitable length, use a strong adhesive to glue the pipe and the wall adhesions, can put in shoes, it is the creation of the magic! @Aitbags
shoes storageon pvc tube

Tassel fringe bag has long been the Bohemian girl in love, but in the spring/summer 2016 show, by the designers of renovation, these bags are no longer only the feeling of the ’60 s and 70s. Tassel fringe ornament on the leather handbags online sale, canvas bag bucket, feel more mature modern urban delicate charm. Of course, the girls like Boho style can find so many options.

Grass and snowflakes texture elements become the hottest hot spot of this season, combined with more elements into the national characteristics of different feeling, let’s swim once Bohemian bag, free, romantic mystery national tour.
bohemian tote bag horn curly bag
Long khaki color beach wool free loosely combined with horn’s unique design, you can feel free, uninhibited, romantic Bohemian.

Curly Bohemian rivet bag
Suede tactility always remind you of freedom is bold and unrestrained feelings. Beach wool and the combination of suede like for unruly you with passion.
Casual Style Women Tote Bag
Bosch amorous feelings tassel bag
Boogie Gypsy girl without all optional waft tassels design package?

Tassel plush tube package
Heat is not retreated reduce hair grass element this time also got on the train to national wind, warm strength for a dance.

elegance purses

Nordic design plush bag
The snowflake grain appearance give a person a kind of ice and snow that cool color moves in the temperature. Plush element of design is to let you feel a little bit of warm feeling.

The Nordic snowflake pattern chain bag
Nordic amorous feelings and evolution, this is transformed into an elegant lady to the extreme, chain package design emanate charming temperament.
inner bags for handbags
Hair bulb knitting pocket
Lovable hair bulb knitting Shan Jian package of facile mahjong piece something like a joker card.
Leisure cowboy look, matching season hit explodes now the knitting element pocket, is an upsurge as before!
Wine red knitting package of exquisite lovable bread twist knitting pocket.
Ferments the thick national mood knitting woolen sweater, in the matching wine red knitting the trousers are placing oneself fully in the national character and style atmosphere.

Lying on my desk at home is a black handbag, which is my beloved side-kick that kept by my side when I just started working.
In the summer of year 1991, I was sent to work in a tax bureau of village that surrounded by rivers and mountain. The tax bureau is in charge of the taxation from five nearby towns, covering hundreds of square kilometers; with only zigzag small rural path for transportation, dust and sand would rose like cloud as vehicles moves on it, very Loess Plateau like.
fall winter 2016 retro handbags trends

Back then, there were only two bikes in the tax bureau, and due to the rugged path condition, it’s often the case that you need to lift the bike and walk instead of riding it. When heading out to levying, I spent more time walking than riding bike; I carrying the handbag with cash in the inner layer and receipt in the outer layer when getting across the villages. It could take me a whole day on miles of hiking, and it was easy to get lost.

In a burning July, when rice crops get ripen, I was crossing the narrow paths between the cropland that filled with ripen rice crop; I kept moving for very long time yet couldn’t find a way out. a women was working in the cropland, she found me get lost in the farmland, then come over and helped me out of the golden rice cropland.
Every time I carry this little black leather bag, I felt comfort but also uneasy. I felt comfort coz I have grown from a student that rely on parents to a cadre who has steady incomes; I felt uneasy because I was in a remote and mountainous area, and the concern of robbery kept me worry as the cash and receipts were in my handbag; so I held it in my hands carefully, worrying get robbed.
Ladies Cheap Handbags Online

In an afternoon,When I was heading back to the tax bureau with collected tax in my handbag. I waded across a river and ready to get on shore while I found a coral snake in front of me, swimming in the water. I took my shoes in my left hand, and handbag in the right hand, no any weapon did I have to defend myself. I grab a rock from the river in hand, and staring at that snake with each other for a moment before it moved away, leaving me frightened there. Since then, whenever I head into the hills, I would carry a bamboo stick with me for defense.

Long gone are the days of my taxation work days in that tax bureau, it was tough but also enriched. By the day I left there and head to work in the tax bureau of the county with a pool in the front, I didn’t take anything except the black handbag that kept my company for years. at the present days, as the VAT threshold rose, the increasing numbers of household business citizens have free from taxation thanks to the government policy, I will never forget the long gone days when I travel across the tough terrain for taxation.

Elie Saab 2016 Autumn and Winter Look. It’s really amazing black.
With a Madison Avenue store in the works for 2017, Elie Saab had a ready-made theme for his new couture collection: New York, New York. In the previous impression, Elie Saab has always been a dream is like the fairy of unreal, out-of-touch, her light step, gauze wrap around the body, the next second will fly to heaven. Perhaps when tired of fairy, 2016 high fall series of Elie Saab into trying to do the queen, she was wearing leather gloves, decorated with a thorn, the original dream of ice cream color into black purple midnight blue so dignified and noble color, in a word, bullying, fairy finally black.

Sirens and horns blared on the sound system, and Saab printed a press book with quotes about the city from famous locals and visitors. It’s been a good week for the Big Apple; Gilles Mendel riffed on his adopted hometown in his first-ever couture show yesterday. Chez Saab, lit skyscraper windows were a decorative motif on the first few gowns, but beyond that the direct references to NYC were fairly few and far between. It certainly seemed to energize him, though.

The knock on Saab has been he’s got a look and he sticks to it, with one collection blending into the next. Over the past couple of ready-to-wear seasons he has made an effort to inject youthfulness into his aesthetic. Today, for the first time, he showed a handful of mommy-and-me dresses, the little girls’ frocks every bit as lavishly detailed as the women’s. There’s no quicker way to the fashion crowd’s heart than putting kids on the runway, but youthfulness wasn’t the point here.

This was an exceptional Elie Saab collection because of how expressive it was. Birds flocked on the skirt of a gown with a black velvet bodice; hearts appeared as prints and as crystal embroideries. And there were all manner of flowers—picked out in yellow, light blue, bordeaux, and black beads on tulle; embroidered in 3-D on Chantilly lace; and appliquéd in watercolor silk on another graceful gown. That hardly sounds like a novelty at couture, where flowers are many designers’ stock in trade, but Saab has always preferred a monochromatic look, most often with shimmery tone-on-tone embroidery. His embrace of change augurs well for his Upper East Side store, and for the brand in general.

Fashion From @Blog Aitbags
And when you use this outlook, I think you need some fashion wallet for you.
Now I recommend you some outfit to suit these amazing look.
Pink Ladies Wallet
Vintage Style Retro Envelope Ladies Wallet
Retro Style Rivets Envelope Leather Wallet