Fashion Street Snap: Learn Advance Chic in Autumn 2016

June 3, 2016

The fashion icons always have a keen eye for spotting future trends. As the summer time is just in the beginning, but you can see the fashion brands are busy on holding the Autumn and Winter Fashion Show now. It is never too earlier to know more about the future trends and get some inspiration on the wardrobe (from the clothing to the womens tote handbags, stunning jewelry) of next season.

A style of classic vintage Louis Vuitton is worth to invest, it is the timeless fashion item to punch up your wardrobe!

For those who are fanatical about simplicity and minimalistic, this piece is the ideal item for you.

Instead of the sky-high heels, the sport or casual shoes lead the fashion trend in recent years. Stripe is another timeless and classic fashion element, it does work no matter to be used on the clothing, shoes, or bags and purses.

Keep the piece delicate and minimal, so that you could wear as much or as little as you want. It differs from the other items; the jewelry is always designed with longevity in mind. Stick to go with items that explain your style and personality!

Cute and fun cartoon pattern handbags add flavor to even your ho-hum closet! No matter how old you are, keep a young heart forever!

Nice and bright jacket, sneakers, trendy and cool collocation!

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