Does your apparel perfectly match your fashion designer bags?

April 29, 2016

It is not so difficult to have a brand designer handbag; we all know that beauty is the nature of the woman, nearly every woman owns more than two handbags in their wardrobe, however, there’s a link between your clothes and best designer handbags.

Not just wear the designer bags you must be elegant but making use of the chic style of your outfit which is able to improve the value of your bags. So long as you keep your outfit match well with your bag, there is no necessary to spend a great fortune on the fashion brand bags!

1.    High-end color matching
When it comes up to the color of the bag, bare, light tan and pitch black are all the safe matching high-end colors, you will find them not so colorful. Feel free to show sense of high-end fashion through the color of your clothes, pink and blue, denim and camel are seen as the high-end collocation in 2016. Fashion icon knows the bound between light and dark, they will balance the whole matching with a dark tone item., white and black colocation is not a bad idea and White Classic Matching and Wine Red

2.    Shoes and bags in the same color look older
Do you still live in several years ago and believe the color of the shoes should echo of the bag? Believe it or not, you will find yourself look older.

Wrong-headed: dress+ Chanel bag

Correct demonstration:
3.    Choose the right occasion
A.    Shopping
You will find this modeling looks like a square peg in a round hole! Comfortable should be the most important thing when hanging with your side-kick. A LV bag looks lofty with your outfit! Why not choose a backpack instead of the LV bag?
B.    Fitness
Get rid of your classic handbag when go to fitness which is healthy and casual. Learn from Gigi Hadid!
C.    Party
Match with the intricately detailed outfit, at that time, a delicate  designer bag would add sense of high-end for your look.
D.    Office look

designer bag

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