Khaki is a never out-of-date when it comes to fashion, own it’s popularity every year, even in some simple and laconic design, it will make you outstanding and elegant, as a result of its own gentle effect on visual impact.

Of course, the color will not just work on coat or shirt, it also brings the same effects to bags!

Khaki, or sometimes camel, can be confused with each other

Different from camel or khaki, the brown bags are easier to match, a large bag can be hard to show your style, but smaller bag the will be totally OK

Lots of girls know that black color can match all, but the brown is also that useful! having a brown bag, and you can start with a lot of styles!

Even match with dark colors, brown bags can also show its power! and very vibrant.

And when it comes to gorgeous colors, Khaki and Camel are also very mature and neutralized colors

Also very good for green and blue

Or even camouflage

2White Clothing Bags

White is a holly color and also the best color to brings you different fashion effect, very useful to work with light color bags.

White casual lots are perfect with light yellow, light purple or pink colors, would give you a warm and gentle effect. White career styles are suitable for light purple or other hues like it.

3.Brown Color Clothing

Brown Color clothing have less various choices, matching with white bags for girly style, matching with red bags for vibrant style, even matching with same colors is also good to look——but can’t be very close the same, some plaid and different texture can show your unique ideas

Purple Color Clothing with Bags

Purple Clothing is elegant and luxury-like and requires high quality of material and crafting of the clothes, so it’s also hard to choose a bag. but it was just the hardest match can show your luxe and upper-class talent. Light purple is more romantic and not matching well with dark color bags, show your elegance; Dark purple is noble and luxurious, matching well with bags of close color while not that shining

Green Color Clothing

It’s suggested that Green can be matched with beige or light yellow for some spring style and laconic style. light green is idea with light red, light yellow, light blue and others like them, it’s easy, fresh and girly.

Beige Color Clothing

Beige is plain yet delicate, as the most common color used, it’s used in career style for being plain and mature, so it’s good to pay attention to choose some classic or common handbags, not those bold or sophisticated style bags.

Also, when it comes to career style, as we need to make the office atmosphere less dense, it’s ideal to choose low purity color.

We always heard this: Bags are like friends which you can never have too many.
Bags cure is effective for nearly all women, but to buy a bag seems to be endlessly is not a good idea. Special woman to 30 years old, a qualitative change in the style tastes compared to the previous, blindly buy this bag is not rational nor with the step into the calm of a mature age. Today said a woman of 30 small make up needs to have a bag, make you more confident and charming to step into the 30.

1. Tote Bag
First, of course, is use a tote bag for work. From graduation to mixing due diligence for many years, a work of beauty and functionality are always by your side’s best friend.
Tote is originally a verb, holds its harmonics, the meaning is specially the portable heavy thing, afterwards developed slowly, the evolution became famous the word, was refers to these handles to be relatively short, capacity big pocket.The ultra molds to have the request which the sense of reality can install to wrap all are especially love not not good, goes out often elects one.
Somewhat aloof a bit pensive, minimalist may seem dull, but please whisper softly to express my attitude not flashy, and it was with quite a high EQ women views coincide.
black tote bag street look
Don’t think that only the shirt suits to go with it, beautifully delicate dress is also matched perfectly.
Have always been neutral wears a lift can not give up, and worried about wearing out too young to the aura of indulgence, that a black tote bag is definitely your best choice. And in using it to leather pants and vests, uninhibited sex, and reveal your feminine.
High sense of distance relative to the black and gray even more gentle.
Orange passion red brick, there is independent of you, all this is very good, the better of the words a little weak.
Warm red, of course, I’m afraid it is difficult to win a relaxed and clean in the summer of blue, and a seat romantic elegant white dress is wearing out of the blue sky white clouds are the best partner. Hurry up to learn, to the passers-by with a cool and refreshing.

2. Top Handle Bag
If essential tote bag for work, that women must be handbag. Not difficult to find, the classic into a number of major luxury brands are medium to small in size, hand-drawing, and as a wise woman, investing a fashionable life, classic handbags, handbag is definitely preferred.
It can perfectly solve the present at the important place or dinner you choose package, still can let you infinite brilliance.
Handbag for daily sweet romantic skirt, is also a love too deep, is bound to bring about sparks hot, as a way of adding to modelling look much more feminine, add more amorous feelings lasting appeal.
When the wide leg pants hitting the bag, clean the independent woman that is you.
Elegant handbag, of course, also can go populist route. Freedom to indulge the leisure item with the handbag, personality and chic, next modern talent is you.
The darling of the upgrade of the handbag is Alexa chung Mark Cross, box bag, it appeared many times in the street snap of she. Modelling is a European medieval nobility nobility, and with the modern fashionable breath, overall and avant-garde fashion, restoring ancient ways is very chic!
street outfits with top handle bag
Can be portable single shoulder bag charm may be larger, hands free, sunken modelling is also out of difficult to transcend.

3. Clutch Bag
Clutch Bag is a sign of mature woman, in the fashion circle is a perennial trees. Hands grab bag, precipitation connotation in mind, these are stepping into before 30 unspeakably beautiful.
clutch bag with long strap street look
Shirts + long dress + hand bag, confident chic woman would dress like this, and seemed comfortable wearing a lift, in detail and unique surprises, such as long sleeves and irregular hems, these stylish design when it was culpable negligence in the Palm of your, your level of taste and clothing on the floor.

4. Crossbody Bag
Crossbody bags are generally girls begin to buy the bag, it is also able to accompany you through years of ups and downs is still very good friends with you, it can occur in any situation, and a variety of costumes complement each other, whether you believe it or not, 30 years ago, you needed a large slant bags!
In the street snap of fashion week is belonged to one of the most estimate it. Tide people also often happen to coincide to choose the inclined shoulder bag, this from another Angle is also can be seen that it is practical and stylish.
crossbody bag street look
Dakota Johnson made retro grid of diagonal deerskin bag dress, rich tone, while the straw hats and sunglasses are given more vacation wind.

5. Backpack
Backpack, maybe your first reaction may be: what? I’m almost 30, backpack is not fit? And I’m telling you is a no no no. You will be not complete without backpack in the 30. It can hold hands at the same time, also has the wisdom of 30 + 15 years old girl fan ~ so universal, you don’t abandon it, please? It can hold hands free at the same time, and have the 30 wisdom and also have the fan of fifteen girl. So universal, please don’t abandon it?
Girls backpack street look
Backpack as a girl, temperament, then let it fall in love with the pink. Suit able easy, skirts are cute cute, backpack can relax mix.