No.1 Bags and Cases Leatherware Wholesale Market of Guihuagang, Guangzhou

Located in guihuagang in the north liberation road behind the guangzhou west train station, the Bags and Cases Leatherware wholesale market of guihuagang, guangzhou is the biggest and the top-ranked bags and cases wholesale market in the world; the market covers Xinyuangan Comprehensive wholesale market, second and fith floors of office building of Xinxingda hotel, Centre of Guanlu International Leather Products, Anxing Leatherware World, Zhong ou Leather Mall, Dongsheng Leather Mall, Xinxing leather mall, Zhonggang Leather mall. Qianse Leatherware Wholesale Market, Zhuolong Leather Wholesale Market, Dongxinghao Leatherware mall, Baiyun Leatherware mall, ect, totally more than 20 Large-Scale Leather Markets are joint in this area.

Guangzhou Ciitta E-Commerce Co.,ltd was founded by a group of professional purchasing elites in 2003. They are China handbags supplier in Guangzhou. After the rapid development and enriching the experience of international trading, we achieved excellent procurement success in some third-world country, where deployment of western style procurement practices are required, by adapting to their economic structure, the way of producing, industrial arrangement, trading behavior as well as their national culture.

Based on this idea, we recruited our members from global consulting organizations that hold leading positions in strategic sourcing practices and leading international industrial and retail organizations that strong in procurement, and this made a great foundation and operation environment of our own brand AITBAGS.
Guangzhou Leather Market Mall

In 1980s,thousands of foreign invested enterprises were founded in Guangdong coastal cities like shengzhen, Dongguang, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Huizhou and Guangzhou. the setting up of the factories provided numerous jobs and oppurtunities for the young people around the country from cities and villages, bringing in advanced production technologies as well as management experience. they nurtured a generation of professional people in the line of work of leather, and many of them became the main traders in the leatherware market of Guihuagang, Guangzhou in the 1990s.
Chairman Deng made his famous speech when he inspected the south in 1992, and inspired the passion of ambitious young peopel to found their business, including excellent people in different technical position from foreign invested enterprise in Shenzheng, Zhoushan and Dongguang; With their own funds or loan, they started their own leatherware wholesale companies of different scales located in nearby area of guangzhou like Sanyuangli, Tanxi,Tanxia, Huadu, Shiling.Soon, the young enterprise-founders start the age of modern leather products, industry of leather products was forming, related industry like leather processing and hardware production began to thrive, trend of using handbags to collocate dress is getting popular.

It was in this environment by then that the Leather products wholesale market of Guihuagang came into being. From 1992 to 1997, more than five thousand wholesale company on leather products have joined the guihuagang wholesale market. It triggered the birth of more than 6,000 factories in the nearby area of a thousand kilometers square around the Baiyun and Huadu districts; the Shiling town along was filled with more than 4,000 factories, and earn its fame of “Capital of the world leather products”. The industry chain centred on guihuagang market, producing more than one and a half million products each day, and delivering them to the all over the world. in this time, more than 1.4 million people work on the leather products industry, 4 million products exported by foreign invested enterprises, and 900 thousand products exported from Guihuagang wholesale market everyday.

2, Leather Products Wholesale Market of Baigou,Hebei.
Located in Baigou town of Gaobeidian City of Hebei, the Baigou wholesale market is the biggest wholesale market of leather products and small commodities in northen China. It consist of bags and cases trading mall, Yandu market building, boutique street of bags and cases, and the front square of bags and cases trading mall.
As the earliest area to produce and manufacture synthetic leather products Baigou is the biggest professional bags and cases manufacturing region, it owns more than five thousand brands of leather goods in the market with various products in all quality levels, and cheap products made up 90% of all products in the bags and cases leather products market.
Hubei Leather Market
Since 1971, Gaoqiao village in Baigou town has been manufacturing synthetic leather handbags and other kinds. after the Third Plenary Session of Eleventh Central Committee, the manufacturing, hardware and raw material production industry gained a rapid developement. Gaoqiao village started a fever that motivate its neighboring region to set up factories . From 1979 to 1984, more than 800 leather product factories were set up, with more than 70 thousand sales crew and the production rate of 100 thousand per day, its business quickly spreaded around the country, and even expanded to Russia, France and Yugoslavia. by year 2000, more than 5,000 leather products factories were build, about 300 of them are in big scale with more than 50 employees, and more than 300 thousand people were working in the industry, 200 thousand products exported every day. in the following years, many manufacture factories from guangdong joined the wholesale market of Baigou. their products were very popluar due to their innovative designs and exquisite craftsmanship, and together with thousands of brands in Baigou, they created the prosperity for the market.

3, Leather Products Wholesale Market of Yiwu,Zhenjiang
Leather Products Wholesale Market of Yiwu in Zhenjiang is the biggest wholesale market and famous small comodities wholesale market among eartern China;It has Chaoyan street specialized in trading leather belts, Huangshang street trading bags and cases, and boutique shops on delicate leather products in the third floor in the small commodites mall. Its market cover the most area of eastern China.
Yiwu Wholesale Market

Products from thousands of brand are being traded in the Yiwu leather products market, meeting all different demands from the market, and more than 90% of products from Guangdong.As four major special economy zones set up after 1984, 14 costal cities were world-opened, which brought prosperity to the small comodities trading and transporting in Yiwu, and created the condition for leather products trading to thrive. The leather products trading was started from the manufacturing of belts and shoes set up from Wenzhou and Luqiao; in 1986, a fever of setting up factories started in Zhejiang province, the those factories drove the development of bags and cases products manufacturing, and 2 thousand leather products factories were set up during 1992 to 1998, most of them were in Yiwu. the local enterprises mainly produce clothing and synthetic leather products, and gradually form a large scale leather products wholesale market that centre on Yiwu. With more than 100 thousand people worked in the leather products industry,Zhejian province could produce more than 120 thousand bags and cases produced per day, and half of them were to be exported to the Russia, Outter Mongolia, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the United States.

4, Nantai Bags and Cases Leather Products Wholesale Market of Liaoning
Located in north part of the Haichen city of liaoning, Nantai leather products wholesale market is the biggest leather products market in northeast China. It consist of first and second hall of Nantai market building, Nantai boutique bags and cases mall and local boutique shops of residents’ streets. With plenty of products in 20 types and thousands of brands for all market targeting, Nantai leather products wholesale market, is also the biggest market for famous and luxury brand leather products trading. during the time from 1988 to 2000, Dunhill from British, Tesla Danny from Itali, Lious Vuitton from France, Cartier and other foreign well-know brands made their sales record 1000 pieces per day, made up a third of the total sales of famous brand in the country. In its earlier time, the producing were carried out by family operated workshops, mainly on manufacturing products made of cloth, chemical fibre and synthetic leather. Production rate is more than capable to offer northeast China, and 50% were exported overseas.
Liaoning Bags Wholesale Market

5. Leather Products Wholesale Market of Hehuachi SiChuang
Located in Chengdu city, an important business place of western China, the leather products wholesale market of Hehuachi is the biggest bags and cases distribution place of northwestern China. Hehuachi wholesale market is located in the Dongyi road that near the Chengdu train station, mainly consist of 16th trading zone of Futian building, Hehuachi comprehensive market and other places. From 1986 to 1992, this market was small, and mainly traded leather products at fair price from Hebei, Liaoning, Zhejian and Sichuang province. After 1992, Leathr Products from Guangdong province entered the market in large number, makeing the market expanded rapidly, and formed a trend of popular-upper-class products centred business environment. 85% of All its products are from Guangdong, in thousands of brands and various kinds, and with more than 2000 fatories and 60 thousand people are working in the industry, 100 thousand products are bing traded every day.
ChengDu Wholesale Market

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In the early 1970s in France, a time when arts leaders in the wave of chaos, simultaneously the two playing outstanding students who were studying in France Université de Paris Randy

Helm from British and Eugène Bouchardon from France co-sponsored a youth UNIR VOGUE Designers Association. At that time the starting point is very simple, that is, in order to allow more young people, like them a platform for exchange and display, the art of ideas form here.

This is a far some of the arts organizations, bringing together not only designers for clothing, leather goods & shoes, and the young avant-garde & the space designer, they gathered to create. The activity of association is very simple fixed, each month, the members of the association, everyone will have to come up with a work for your evaluation, from space to clothing, works of art in full bloom for everyone involved, putting forward opinions, often different understanding from the fields causing the different understanding from the fields causing the different arguments and even quarrels, but the arts are interlinked and they believe that this unique review will only widen their own art thoughts, in which multidisciplinary review and recommendations, everyone has access to the most valuable increase. Gradually on the 5th of every month at the gathering, there will always be some work to win all the praise.

70s is times of the fashion trend change, full of freedom and antagonism invoice. The strict rule of Chun Teng Union was threatened, Mod look Declaration of Independence fashion started and the wild uninhibited creation & endless imagination broke out. And at this time, young people with creative ideas to draw on collective wisdom after the critical amendments to allow UNIR VOGUE Association to gradually the famous. The art pioneer strength of the Association continuing infected young people.

Brand Style:


Extension uninhibited, unrestrained design thinking and collision of traditional rigorous design theory, the formation of the bold Unir Vogue, free, assertive personality, European classic, conservative shadow, fashionable, with a strong sense of design, exquisite craftsmanship and high quality materials embodies Europe has always been rigorous spirit, a representative of the new generation of fashion leather goods.


Randy 20160516111646Randy Helm

One of the leaders of UNIR VOGUE Designers Association, graduated from Université de Paris




Eugene 20160516111705Eugène Bouchardon

One of the leather of UNIR VOGUE Designers Association, graduated from Université de Paris