I always loved bags jewelry accessories all about fashion since I was a kid, my mom as a fashion lover and I was always eager to learn. Now I learn to fashion and recommend some good and fashion things to all of girls.

Women love handbags, this without doubt. A good handbags, hold all you need or items, may need to hide to privacy, took it out of face and imposing manner, let a person’s mind. As if the ideal boyfriend, not only decent clothes and personable, more thoughtful, know to be caring and attentive.
According to street fashion trend, the part of the bag is really impressive. Let’s take a look at, exactly how popular backpack in 2016, and the mysterious latest Ait bags!

1. Small Square Bag
Package of agitation restoring ancient ways have shaved, to 2016, vintage has send advanced to senior grace. Popular bags this year, mostly in the form of square capable contour, simply turn a grain of buckle, and the size of small light. Celine bag restoring ancient ways is almost a hand, no doubt is necessarily Aitbags this year! If you don’t think too drab personality, it is better to choose other similar models. On the material does not necessarily just cortex, velvet or straw I think is pretty good oh.
Women Box Bag

2. Since the bag is small, why don’t use clutches
Fashion hand bags in the previous quarter, only that bag size large, tired in his hand, took a long time to avoid hand cramps. The quarter bag size suddenly shrinks, small bag in your hand or arm is very temperament. If it’s not clutch bag, just some small backpack, can also be applied, as long as the strap casual bent, and hold the bag in hand, quality promotion that’s not 1:30. Key is to bag the hand, men must be equipped with a pressure the gas field watches, ladies choice, color or similar style of bracelet watches can be a trial.
Rhinestones Lady Evening Bag

3, The bag must be long and thin
Size small, with thick bag, back when the bag just under his arm, can make right away back to the 90 ‘s. Slender straps, let the bag fall in your lap or so, that 2016 is correct Pack position. CHANEL2.55, many people prefer to bag chain into two, and then use the arm, or back on the shoulder with the arm clamp. This year you can be big enough to pull into a chain, 2.55 around free, and envy.
Tassel Red Crossbody Bag

4. Crossbody bags be popular
Believe it or not, change the way of the backpack can immediately make you look ten years younger! A Mulberry or ChloeParaty restoring ancient ways, or the socialite flamboyant 2.55 or Celine restoring ancient ways this year it bag, the normal single shoulder will be walking in the city in a hurry, but aslant are completely different! With a little bit of random unruly students taste, still have some wild naturally Orion temperament, let you look more free and easy at ease.

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