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If you have no more hiking experience and are gearing up to head out on a hike. Of course you should read more knowledge and tips of hiking before heading out. From the basic equipment to the clothes that you are planning to wear, there are a lot of skills of every detail. Such as the proper traveling or hiking large backpack, appropriate clothes, shoes, to make sure you will go through comfortable hiking.

Go hiking


It is the most important hiking item. Select your backpack depends on the distance of hiking. Stick to 55L backpack for girls while choosing about 65L for boys, if you have decided to begin a long hike. Before buying, ask more information about it so as to make sure it could achieve the effect of losing weight. Waterproof lightweight wearable backpack should be the first choice.


As you know, you must be all of a sweat when hiking, at that time, the best clothes should be the one that could keep you dry when you start to work harder and sweat more. In another aspect, the athletic design clothes will make you comfortable and allow your skin to breathe much more when compare to the soft cotton tee. You’d better choose to wear shirt with long sleeves in order to prevent the sunburn or mosquito bite.



Shoes and backpacks are seen as the of significant equipment for hiking, as whether your shoes good enough or not directly related to your safe. It is worth to spend more money on your shoes if you are a sport enthusiast. Because it is the best way to protect your ankle. There are many different hiking shoes selling in the store, be sure your footwear is durable, comfortable, and appropriate for the conditions. Of course, fit is everything.

Hats and kerchief

You can choose the common sport hat, as the major function of it is prevent sunburn. Of course, you can also select hat with a broad brim. I think the kerchief is comfortable to keep your head warm and it is great way to keep head from sun.



The weather always changing fast without predict, and the temperature could drop significantly, especially if you are going up in elevation.

Michael Kors has had enough with department stores’ excessive discounting.

After reporting a 7 percent decline in its wholesale business during the fiscal first quarter, CEO John Idol told analysts that come February, the accessories brand will no longer participate in department stores’ broad-based friends and family sales, or accept coupons for its products there.

The label will also move forward with its strategy to cut back on the amount of merchandise it ships to these retailers, as it looks to rebuild the pricing power it’s lost with shoppers. Because the brand is constantly on sale, consumers have forgotten the true value of the product, Idol said.

These discounts once again damaged its revenue and profit margins in both wholesale and stand-alone stores, Idol added. Michael Kors’ same-store sales slid 7.4 percent during the fiscal first quarter, steeper than Retail Metrics’ forecast for a 4.2 percent decline.


“It’s creating confusion in the consumers’ mind relative to the value of the Michael Kors brand when it’s being seen so often on sale in so many different places,” Idol said. “We have to correct something that we think is actually having a negative long-term effect for the brand.”

Because of this pullback, Idol told investors they should expect to see further degradation at department stores for the remainder of the year and into 2017. The company has already started dialing back the number of goods it sends to department stores, a strategy it had previously announced.

Kors’ comments come just one day after competitor Coach said that it will exit about 25 percent of the 1,000 department stores where it sells its product. Like Kors, Coach is trying to regain control over the prices charged for its handbags. Unlike Coach, Kors will not pull its brand from any locations.

Michael Kors’ products are sold at retailers including Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. Macy’s generates the largest chunk of its wholesale revenue and accounted for 12.7 percent of its total sales last year.

The company reported fiscal first-quarter earnings of 88 cents a share on revenue of $987.9 million. That compares with 87 cents a share and $986 million in sales during the prior-year period. Analysts had been expecting the company to report earnings per share of 74 cents on revenue of $953 million, according to Thomson Reuters estimates.

Also hurting Kors during the quarter was a slowdown in travelers visiting the United States, with sales in tourist-dependent cities including New York getting hit particularly hard. Shoppers’ preference for smaller handbags, which carry a lower price tag, once again weighed on the company’s sales.

Still, management maintained its full-year guidance for revenue and earnings per share, saying it expects growth in its men’s, digital and international businesses to offset the decline at department stores. The label will likewise launch smartwatches and smart jewelry in September, which management said should moderate some of the slide it’s experienced in its watch business. That was the brand’s weakest-performing category in the quarter, posting a double-digit sales decline.


For the full year, management expects revenue to come in flat, at roughly $4.7 billion, with earnings per share between $4.56 and $4.64. The company did, however, lower its outlook for comparable sales. It now expects this metric to decline in a mid-single-digit range, versus its prior guidance for a low-single-digit drop. Its fiscal second-quarter earnings per share guidance likewise fell short of Wall Street’s expectations.

“I don’t want you to think that we don’t understand there will be a decline in certain categories because of this,” Idol said. “We absolutely understand that and quite frankly want that because we want to ship less units at lower prices … that is not the way ultimately to build a luxury business.”

Instead, the company plans to sell fewer units at higher prices — something Idol said should, over time, balance out on its top line.

Investors weren’t quite as convinced. Shares of Michael Kors were lower Wednesday, even after the wholesale category posted a much narrower decline than analysts had expected. Michael Kors’ reliance on department stores, where it generated 40 percent of its sales during the quarter, has been one of the biggest concerns among bearish investors.

“We continue to believe the brand is over distributed, and while the company is doing the right thing by reducing exposure to the wholesale channel, we believe much of the damage has been done,” Citi analyst Paul Lejuez said.


Picnic is a great choice for family party and celebrations. It is romantic and amazing to have a picnic with your lovers, appreciating the beautiful scene, enjoy the delicious foods and have a close chat. For the whole family, you can share the food with your child, play with your child in the field. And picnicking is often less expensive than scrambling around looking for tasty food. It can take place in almost everywhere, from the beach, nearby park and so on.


However, have you ever worried about what to prepare for your picnic, how to do to prepare a perfect picnic, different from earing at home, enjoy the picnic you’d better prepare carefully so as to prevent some unpredictable event and affect your moods.

picnic picnic

Here are tips to make picnics more manageable:

1. Prepare blanket, Insulated soft cooler bucket bag. You don’t have to rush to the store and buy one, you can feel free to buy the new on or just use your old one. Keep it large so as to hold everything you are planning to bring, stick to lightweight one. As you know, cold food is inevitable in summer, buy a bag with the function of keeping cool would be perfect. Keep some ice and cooler, as you never know when you will need them.


2. One-off plate, even though use the one-off plate is not an environmental choice, the plates are too heavy to bring. But please do remember to clear up all the waste after having a picnic. Don’t forget the cutting knives which are the tools people tend to forget.

3. Keep cloth napkins, it is convenience to use cloth rather than the paper one, as you could also store them with you picnic goods without worrying the napkin with be wet by melting ice. In addition, the cloth napkins are not so easy to blow away by the breezy when compare with the paper napkins.

picnic great-picnic-food

4. Umbrella and sunscreen, the sunny day is perfect for picnic, but you should do something to prevent your skin from the sun by using the sunscreen or umbrella. On the other hand, the weather always changes suddenly without predicting, it is sunny at that moment and may be raining next. There is no harm to put them on outdoor picnic bag or your personal backpack.

5. Freshly baked baguette, cheeses, sliced meats, fresh fruit and cut veggies, chilled drinks are seen as the common picnic. But extras can make picnic special. Such as salsa, popcorn, brownie bites or cookies, coffee.

Veggie-Spring-Rolls picnic_spread

There is no doubt, travel is the best teacher in your life! When I was a little child, I was very envious those who have the chance to travel all around the world, as time pass and I grow up older, I know travel around the world is unrealistic for most of us. Then I begin to admire people travel once a year or sometime have a trip with their friend. But now, I ask myself, why I just take a real liking to people, why not just do it, a short trip on your country actually won’t cost you so much. Here is the thing, not only me, but also most of people, they are yearning for traveling, but never talk themselves into it, because of having not enough money and time limited. So they are bound to admire the whole life. Not the same as them, I am planning a trip recently, I think my long-awaited travel life open gradually. But before you begin every journal, detail project is inevitable! There’s the best travel tips I’ve discover along the way.



(Photo from Pinterest)

Take Pains All the Time

When you arrived to a place you are not familiar with, there’s no way to prevent all the things, do remember, don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control. You must clear that you are not spend the money and your time to be angry. Did you miss your bus? It doesn’t matter, there will be another one. Did you miss your way? Why not enjoy the scenery along by chance?


Wake Up Early

Wake up earlier before sunrise is the best choice to appreciate perfect scene by avoiding crowds. You are able to enjoy the scene that those sleep late miss. It’s also a magical time for photos because of the soft diffused light, and you could spend more time on it!


Conceal Extra Cash

People across belly, you never know the one stand in front of you or near you is a kind man or not. There will be a lot of unexpected thing along the road, you don’t know whether your wallet be stolen during sleeping on the train or not, or if there’s chance you lost your wallet, your card stops working. If those happen, I think you will be glad what you have done.


Pick A Piece of Scarf

You never know how helpful a piece of scarf on the trip. In order to prevent bringing too heavy luggage, I would like to pack 3 or 4 sets of clothes for every trip, but as you know, you will be bored of what you worn for a long trip, at that time, make full use the scarf to refresh your look, I’m sure you will find more surprise. In additionally, it’s great for sun protection.



Pack Everything Up

I really hate hold things on hand during my trip, it is inconvenient as well as uncomfortable enough. So I prefer to pack a large bag on back which chock up everything I need. Before traveling I will buy a black traveling backpack online. You have better choose the one with large capacious so as to hold all the item you need, select the waterproof one, you don’t know you will be caught in the rain or not. One of my friend have purchased the orange hiking and travel backpack, it is really hot and amazing, I gravitate toward it when I first saw it, so I ask my friend to exchange it with me, haha, she finally yield. Besides the clothes, keep both digital and physical copies of your passport, visas, driver’s licenses, certificate to go in case of an emergency.



The Olympics 2016 is holding at full black in Rio de Janeiro, every moment in the active recreation area is heart-stirring. No matter who is the winner, all of the athletes in the Olympic are the winners in our hearts, they are the best forever! It is a big sport feast that can’t be ignored in the world, and it is not only a game, the Olympic spirit, to build a peaceful and better world, requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play, to inspire and motivate the youth of the world to be the best they can be through educational and entertaining interactive challenges, to be healthier through sport is more meaningful for us.




That day the news “Final Five” win one more gymnastics gold for Karolyi heat the social network, congratulate to those lovely girls. No one really know how much efforts they have paid! Not only the Olympic Games, sport is here and there in our daily life. More and more people are aware of the significance of sport, sport meet of all sizes hold every year in the world.




There are some different flavors of various Olympic style of different countries, we have already provided you the most fashionable look in Olympic (from Olympic Opening Ceremony to Game site), which style you like best? Of course the best sport look is necessary for your reference as well, sport look is inevitable for especially the celebrities! Get inspired right now!


When referring to canvas fashion bags, most of us will remind it of light, practical, convenience, wearable. You can feel its function from another name “shopping bag”! You are able to find most of the fashion icon are no longer wearing depend on the fashion rule, instead, they perfectly match the unusual styles.


Creative Canvas Bag

Just like T-shirt, its simple style be endowed with more possible. Plain and various sloganeer and prints, all of them show your fashion attitude in a casual way, such as Bohemian Casual Style Beach Tote Bag, the innovative patterns and bright colors leave deep impression for us.

But how to wear it chic enough? If those simple matching can’t satisfy you, why not try pairing the canvas bag with IT bag? Mix the different texture, you can solve the problem of stuffing up your little bag. In another aspect, choose the canvas bag according to yourself, they are all-match item, so you don’t have to be entangled with it for a long time in every morning. You should pay more attention on the colors between bags and clothes, in most case, people would like to choose black and white. If you are planning to wear it during traveling, then the print on such as Canvas Print Tote Bag is your choice.

KATE & Co. shares tumbled about 20% Wednesday after the corporate reported disappointing earnings and slashed its monetary forecasts for the year.

Chief Government Craig Leavitt stated outcomes have been weighed down by decrease spending by vacationers, a transition to new purse types and a particularly promotional retail setting that has conditioned buyers to hunt for offers.


Comparable-retailer gross sales, a key retail metric that features shops open at the very least a year, grew simply 1% within the three months to July 2 from the year prior. When e-commerce gross sales are included, comparable gross sales grew four%, properly under Wall Road forecasts of a thirteen% improve.

“Key sale occasions fell in need of our expectations as clients search for deeper reductions, a development which negatively affected each complete gross sales and comps this quarter,” Mr. Leavitt informed analysts.

The corporate additionally underestimated demand for a brand new group of purse types referred to as Cameron Road and didn’t have sufficient in inventory, which additionally harm gross sales within the interval, he stated.

Kate Spade’s disappointing outcomes raised concern amongst buyers that rivals Coach Inc.

COH 0.02% and Michael Kors Holdings Ltd.

KORS-2.22% might come up brief once they report monetary outcomes subsequent week.


However, Neil Saunders, the chief government of analysis agency Conlumino, steered the other could be occurring. He wrote in a word to shoppers that a comeback at Coach, which has dialed again promotions, upgraded merchandise and revamped shops, could possibly be taking share from Kate Spade.

Whereas the shares of Coach and Kors recovered most of their earlier losses Wednesday, the shares of Kate Spade have been down 19% in current buying and selling at $sixteen.25. Shares of Kors have been down 2.9%, whereas Coach was off simply 0.3%.

Kate Spade’s Mr. Leavitt stated the corporate’s manufacturing unit outlet shops have been notably challenged. Common spending per transaction continued to say no in its 65 North American outlet shops, forcing the corporate to extend promotions to take care of market share.

Though the corporate tried to carry the road on promotions in its full-priced retail shops, gross revenue as a proportion of gross sales fell to fiftynine.7% in contrast with 61. 6% a year earlier, primarily on account of heavier promotions on the outlet shops.

The corporate, which operates 397 retail shops world-large and sells its merchandise in malls, now expects full-year earnings to complete 63 cents a share to 70 cents a share, down from an earlier forecast of 70 cents to eighty cents per share.

Internet revenue was $26.eight million, in contrast with $eight.5 million a year earlier. The year-ancient times was harm by the closing of its Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade shops. Kate Spade’s internet gross sales climbed thirteen.7% to $320 million.

From Wall Street Journal @ Aitbags

Recently, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted packing on the PDA during a trip to the beach! This breaking news suddenly spread among the fashion world. The pair was photographed embracing in the sand as the actor planted a very passionate kiss on his singer girlfriend’s lips. Katy team a yellow print bikini with a pair of bottoms with the same print, and a pair of sunglasses go beyond her beach look.

We have already provided some fashion tips on beach style last time. I think you must have known, the swimsuit is only used on beach, but also popular used in daily life. Any item could be the finishing touch, so does the bodysuit. If you are willing to appear both sexy and chic, get some inspiration from the follow fashion icon street style.

In additional, when it comes up to the beach style, straw tote bag is also the integral part. Try to adding it to shake things up during the beach and punch up your daily look. It is the favorite fashion item of the classic France fashion blogger. Mix it with a piece of dress or a pair of shorts, you look casual and cool in summer. Moreover, straw hat, which should be our most familiar items, it is able to pour in sense of gentleman.

1 20160805183406


In season and out of season, fashion editor is seen as a charming career for many young girls, the amazing fashion world in your eyes is only their daily work. All of them have a keen eye for spotting future trends and look stylish all the time. In fact, those are only because of their requirements and pursuits for fashion and beauty. Improve your “EQ” through the following 8 tips, it is not hard to find even though you are not occupied in such a chic work, being styling every day is easy.

Purchase can be considered as Investment

Closet is your “current assets”, just like Carrie in “Sexy and City” said, we are all willing to spend money on where we could see clearly, such as the wardrobe! Try to distribute your budget, for example, 70% for the necessary styles while spending 30% on trendy items. For instance, a style of classic designer fashion leather tote bag is worth to invest. Gradually, you will know how to spend more on the worthy items.

Style has no relationship with money

Fashion editor is not only wear the branded clothes; they just have a leg up on most of us. Instead of wearing brands from head to toe, why not try mixing those common items. It is a wise choice mix the high-end clothes with commons. are what you wear

No matter you are recognize or not, the only way to change yourself in shortest possible time is changing your style. Even the first impression is not unsoundness, which style you show play significant role on first impression. Spend more time on preparing your look for the next day in evening from now on. yourself on classic style

With age, you should learn how to use subtraction ruler on your closet, you are no longer need to refresh your wardrobe with tens of clothes every month. Instead, spend more money and buy less.

Purchasing all the time is not a proud thing

It is truth, clothes are like friends, which you can never have too many. In most time, mix new breakthrough says more than a mountain of new items. Sort your clothes according to different occasions bring you inspiration!

Mixed style is perfect

Try a rock shirt with Chanel pearl necklace, put a twist on your style by opting for boyfriend denim with pointed shoes would be great.

Never look down upon accessories

When compare with several pieces of clothes, some unique accessories are not only able to be outstanding, but also change your style simply. Refresh the old clothes with jewelry and brown leather bags, your outfit will end up looking cluttered.

Change your style depends on occasions

Change your style timeliness which includes select your clothes for different occasions, or when you reach different levels in your career. Afresh your clothes and choose the one fit you well.

Jean-Jacques Guiony, CFO of Louis Vuitton’s parent comany LVMH, announced on a conference call Tuesday that the brand will be shifting towards higher priced accessories due to higher quality materials.


In recent months, price tags on Louis Vuitton bags have increased by as much as 12 percent in the effort to increase sales.

Vuitton’s growth has slowed in recent months because luxury-hungry consumers in emerging markets like China are becoming rapidly more sophisticated; in essence, they want subtle leather bags instead of the logo-covered canvas pieces that are Vuitton’s bread and butter, in addition to being the brand’s most visible symbol. So how, exactly, might a price hike help?


As Passariello mentions, much of Vuitton’s recent success has been predicated on entry-level luxury consumers’ lust for the brand’s flashy canvas pieces. That group will be the one affected the most by Vuitton’s price-increase strategy because they’re the most price-sensitive segment of Vuitton’s consumer base; in losing some of what the brand seems to consider riff-raff, execs are hoping to gain new customers at the top end of the market. After all, Hermes increases its prices constantly (or at least it feels that way) and is growing at record rates, perhaps because the type of customer the brand attracts doesn’t care about an extra $500 on top of a $5,000 purchase. If Vuitton can’t buy Hermes, it seems hell-bent on trying to become its twin.

Hermes, of course, doesn’t have much of an entry-level segment of which to speak, which is part of what makes it attractive to the most cash-flush of luxury consumers. Even with the Birkin as in-demand as it ever been, the brand walks the exclusivity-profitability tightrope better than anyone else in the business, and it does so without relying on $190 key pouches to keep the bills paid. Almost no other company can say that, but the second segment of Vuitton’s reported growth strategy – emphasizing its subtler, more expensive leather bags and accessories over its famous canvas – indicates that it’d like to at least attempt to become a similar brand, at least in the eyes of the purchasing public. (Those keychains and card cases, of course, will still be readily available, just at a slightly higher price.)

From Wall Street Journal @Aitbags