Amazing Street Style of Gigi Hadid

June 23, 2016

Street style is always an ideal way to get inspired and fashion trend. But sometimes it’s gotten a bit out of control, we’ve noticed an alarming trend among street stylers of changing not once or twice, but three or more times a day!

Actually, the best style is that you have a sense of magic and verve that makes the whole thing on your body creative and perfect, just like Gigi Hadid, with her California Girl good look and outgoing personality, especially her keen eye for spotting future trends, she has quickly become one of the most welcome modes in USA.

She knows well how to combine the accessories such as vintage designer handbags, t-shirt with jeans to look either sexy or cool! Get inspired from her, you can be outstanding on the crowd as well!

A cool designed jacket perfectly matches with the jean to create a cool look. Accenting it with the sun glasses and pointed boots, everything looks harmonious without any fault.

The white midi slip dress goes just perfect with her skin tone and show well her perfect body shape. Layer with a draped coat, accent with Versace black leather handbag adds bonus to the whole look!

A denim shirt with several buttons open look stunning and button-down with the leather pant, which is a best collocation for casual traveling. Accessorize the whole look with a white shoes and make sure you have a comfortable trip!

The black rolling stone tee, black sexy pant in special pant show her perfect leg shape. From head to toe black look fun with the design, texture and delicate necklace.

Shop a colorful tee with eye-catching pattern like Gigi on your Summer wardrobe now! As it is a good choice to add point to the tee and shorts this common combination. Improve the common collocation to next level really test your wearing skill!

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