8 Wearing Tips from Fashion Editor

August 4, 2016

In season and out of season, fashion editor is seen as a charming career for many young girls, the amazing fashion world in your eyes is only their daily work. All of them have a keen eye for spotting future trends and look stylish all the time. In fact, those are only because of their requirements and pursuits for fashion and beauty. Improve your “EQ” through the following 8 tips, it is not hard to find even though you are not occupied in such a chic work, being styling every day is easy.


Purchase can be considered as Investment

Closet is your “current assets”, just like Carrie in “Sexy and City” said, we are all willing to spend money on where we could see clearly, such as the wardrobe! Try to distribute your budget, for example, 70% for the necessary styles while spending 30% on trendy items. For instance, a style of classic designer fashion leather tote bag is worth to invest. Gradually, you will know how to spend more on the worthy items.


Style has no relationship with money

Fashion editor is not only wear the branded clothes; they just have a leg up on most of us. Instead of wearing brands from head to toe, why not try mixing those common items. It is a wise choice mix the high-end clothes with commons.

https://www.aitbags.com/product/aitbags-simple-shell-shape-versatile-women-purse-handbag-tote-902.htmlYou are what you wear

No matter you are recognize or not, the only way to change yourself in shortest possible time is changing your style. Even the first impression is not unsoundness, which style you show play significant role on first impression. Spend more time on preparing your look for the next day in evening from now on.

https://www.aitbags.com/product/aitbags-simple-shell-shape-versatile-women-purse-handbag-tote-902.htmlTreat yourself on classic style

With age, you should learn how to use subtraction ruler on your closet, you are no longer need to refresh your wardrobe with tens of clothes every month. Instead, spend more money and buy less.


Purchasing all the time is not a proud thing

It is truth, clothes are like friends, which you can never have too many. In most time, mix new breakthrough says more than a mountain of new items. Sort your clothes according to different occasions bring you inspiration!


Mixed style is perfect

Try a rock shirt with Chanel pearl necklace, put a twist on your style by opting for boyfriend denim with pointed shoes would be great.


Never look down upon accessories

When compare with several pieces of clothes, some unique accessories are not only able to be outstanding, but also change your style simply. Refresh the old clothes with jewelry and brown leather bags, your outfit will end up looking cluttered.


Change your style depends on occasions

Change your style timeliness which includes select your clothes for different occasions, or when you reach different levels in your career. Afresh your clothes and choose the one fit you well.

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