5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fake Chanel

April 22, 2016

A handbag can serves as a fashionable accent for your outfit and provide you a secure place to store your cell phone, money, credit cards as well as makeup kit. There’s nothing quite as fantastic as owning a Chanel bag for women. I don’t understand those who are willing to buy a fake Chanel handbag instead of purchasing an authentic one. Is it because of the low price?

But do you have ever thought that it is also a large fortune for something is not real! It literally loses all worth the minute you hand over the money. Or some people are reluctant to buy fake one but they did due to unknown the one they have brought is not genuine. Hence, find out the 4 things you didn’t know about fake Chanel now.

1.The CC Logo


As the above picture show, The right C of the genuine one should overlay on the top and the left C should overlay on the bottom, on the contrary it is fake. The width of the C should also match the width of the horizontal gap between the two Cs.

2. Turn style lock

As for the lock of the handbags, the genuine one would be much flatter and wider in font type when compare with the fake one. What else, lock on the fake bag looks bulky and rounder in shape.

3. The Hardware

Both the snap button and the turnlock closure should be engraved with the words CHANEL PARIS. On the other side of the turnlock, on the left of the backplate should be engraved with Chanel while the right side should say Pairs.

There’s another quick way to identify the fake Chanel, you will find those 3 types of screws on the Chanel bag(as the picture showed below), but please pay attention to type A, which is called Philips head, Chanel never use this type of screw on its bag. Therefore, once you found that screw on the Chanel bag which you are ready to purchase, you should know it is the counterfeit Chanel. This is only to be use to identify the low class fake Chanel, as for the high-level one, there still have a chance to be correct.


4. Quilting

Please check carefully and find out whether the quilt stitching on the flap and the pocket match the body or not. As for the genuine Chanel, it is clear to find the quilting line up neatly on both the front flap and the back pocket. Plus, it is not that quilting runs from the purse onto the pocket on the back pocket!


5. Puffy effect

As the picture showed, the left side on the picture is the fake Chanel, and the right is real. You can see the fake one’s quilted effect is puffy because of the low stitch count while the real one won’t cause the puffy effect.


There is no denying that those simply ways are significant for common people to identify the fake bag, however, there are also some high-end fake bag that you couldn’t find some differences between the genuine easily. Buy it from the Chanel boutique directly would be the best choice!

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