5 Must Have Dateless Fashion Items on Your Wardrobe

May 31, 2016

Keep a watchful eye on doesn’t mean you should refresh your wardrobe with a large number of on-trend items when the seasons changed. It is a pretty penny to save if you build a great wardrobe which is based on timeless foundation pieces, and then refresh it with some trendy items so as to liven up it. But how could you know which pieces are actually those foundation and timeless items? Therefore, before heading to your local clothing, discount designer bags shops, read following!


1. Black heels

Some women gravitate toward sneakers, while others might have crush on flip-flops. However, have you found that a pair of basic black pumps works in various occasions, and have you ever heard the black pumps will be out of style? Any collocation does work with the black pumps. Hence, when you are planning to buy a pair of black pumps, stick to high-quality one.


On the other hand, go for a closed, almond-shape toe. While both round-toe and pointy-toe pumps have their own shining time, the almond-shape never be out of style. You have better buy it on real store instead of online, as you know, besides looking beautifully, perfectly fit and comfortable are more important, you don’t want to feel prey to your heels on the street.

2. Dust coat

Since 1800s, the dust coat firstly appeared in vogue, it seems that it doesn’t plan to fade in the fashion world. It is appropriate at times to perfectly match your pants or dress, totes handbags with it. It’s perfect for drizzly days in the fall and spring. The classic style should be your sake if you would like to own the timeless dust coat, such as medium lapels, double-breasted bodice and a tie at the waist.


3. Deep color jeans

I think every woman has at least a pair of jeans on wardrobe, they are the most common items in our everyday look. Though you could find jeans easily in every year’s fashion week street style, just add the plain, dark one, as for the shape, of course you could feel free to choose according to your body shape.


4. Neutral Satchel

For me, adding cheap designer bags just like a common meal. Opt for classic and all-match style would be great, if you are willing to add a designer bag on your wardrobe and want to save budget.



No matter you are going to work, date or party, it does work. It fit closely all the way down the body.



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