5 Basic Equipment and Skills for Hiking

August 16, 2016

If you have no more hiking experience and are gearing up to head out on a hike. Of course you should read more knowledge and tips of hiking before heading out. From the basic equipment to the clothes that you are planning to wear, there are a lot of skills of every detail. Such as the proper traveling or hiking large backpack, appropriate clothes, shoes, to make sure you will go through comfortable hiking.

Go hiking


It is the most important hiking item. Select your backpack depends on the distance of hiking. Stick to 55L backpack for girls while choosing about 65L for boys, if you have decided to begin a long hike. Before buying, ask more information about it so as to make sure it could achieve the effect of losing weight. Waterproof lightweight wearable backpack should be the first choice.

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As you know, you must be all of a sweat when hiking, at that time, the best clothes should be the one that could keep you dry when you start to work harder and sweat more. In another aspect, the athletic design clothes will make you comfortable and allow your skin to breathe much more when compare to the soft cotton tee. You’d better choose to wear shirt with long sleeves in order to prevent the sunburn or mosquito bite.



Shoes and backpacks are seen as the of significant equipment for hiking, as whether your shoes good enough or not directly related to your safe. It is worth to spend more money on your shoes if you are a sport enthusiast. Because it is the best way to protect your ankle. There are many different hiking shoes selling in the store, be sure your footwear is durable, comfortable, and appropriate for the conditions. Of course, fit is everything.

Hats and kerchief

You can choose the common sport hat, as the major function of it is prevent sunburn. Of course, you can also select hat with a broad brim. I think the kerchief is comfortable to keep your head warm and it is great way to keep head from sun.



The weather always changing fast without predict, and the temperature could drop significantly, especially if you are going up in elevation.

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