4 Tips You Must Know Before You Start Travelling

August 11, 2016

There is no doubt, travel is the best teacher in your life! When I was a little child, I was very envious those who have the chance to travel all around the world, as time pass and I grow up older, I know travel around the world is unrealistic for most of us. Then I begin to admire people travel once a year or sometime have a trip with their friend. But now, I ask myself, why I just take a real liking to people, why not just do it, a short trip on your country actually won’t cost you so much. Here is the thing, not only me, but also most of people, they are yearning for traveling, but never talk themselves into it, because of having not enough money and time limited. So they are bound to admire the whole life. Not the same as them, I am planning a trip recently, I think my long-awaited travel life open gradually. But before you begin every journal, detail project is inevitable! There’s the best travel tips I’ve discover along the way.



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Take Pains All the Time

When you arrived to a place you are not familiar with, there’s no way to prevent all the things, do remember, don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control. You must clear that you are not spend the money and your time to be angry. Did you miss your bus? It doesn’t matter, there will be another one. Did you miss your way? Why not enjoy the scenery along by chance?


Wake Up Early

Wake up earlier before sunrise is the best choice to appreciate perfect scene by avoiding crowds. You are able to enjoy the scene that those sleep late miss. It’s also a magical time for photos because of the soft diffused light, and you could spend more time on it!


Conceal Extra Cash

People across belly, you never know the one stand in front of you or near you is a kind man or not. There will be a lot of unexpected thing along the road, you don’t know whether your wallet be stolen during sleeping on the train or not, or if there’s chance you lost your wallet, your card stops working. If those happen, I think you will be glad what you have done.


Pick A Piece of Scarf

You never know how helpful a piece of scarf on the trip. In order to prevent bringing too heavy luggage, I would like to pack 3 or 4 sets of clothes for every trip, but as you know, you will be bored of what you worn for a long trip, at that time, make full use the scarf to refresh your look, I’m sure you will find more surprise. In additionally, it’s great for sun protection.



Pack Everything Up

I really hate hold things on hand during my trip, it is inconvenient as well as uncomfortable enough. So I prefer to pack a large bag on back which chock up everything I need. Before traveling I will buy a black traveling backpack online. You have better choose the one with large capacious so as to hold all the item you need, select the waterproof one, you don’t know you will be caught in the rain or not. One of my friend have purchased the orange hiking and travel backpack, it is really hot and amazing, I gravitate toward it when I first saw it, so I ask my friend to exchange it with me, haha, she finally yield. Besides the clothes, keep both digital and physical copies of your passport, visas, driver’s licenses, certificate to go in case of an emergency.

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