4 Stunning Styles to Copy this Hot Summer

June 17, 2016

Though it is just the beginning of Summer, the weather is hot. So if it is possible to wear the bikini the whole day, it may be your first choice, however, work, party dresses are required in our daily life. Here is the question, if you only choose the one piece for the hot weather, how could you transfer your style to vivid one? Get some inspiration from those styles to match the hot.


If your party dress on your wardrobe look old and a little pass, refresh it with the print skirt with special design, match it with a plain sleeveless shirt. White color always looks cool in Summer time; the bright color items do work as well.


Would like to appear sexy and elegant? Why not try this collocation? The black lace crop top is a wise choice in party look. Add a stunning clutch evening bag in bright color or elegant blue one to punch up your look!


Besides the skirt, you can also try a pair of white pants and bright color top combination.


One-piece dress is always convenience, you don’t have to think over and over how to match it with the top and pants. Just accent it with jewelry and other accessories to transfer it to a live style.


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