4 Romantic and Cheap Present Ideas to Surprise your Girlfriend

May 30, 2016

There are so many special days such as anniversary or Valentine’s day as well as birthday that you need to rack your wits about thinking the present ideas for your girlfriend. There is no doubt that tens and thousands of choices you could select, here are the question, how to choose if your budget is limited? That means the luxury jewelry and top designer handbags、luxury perfume are out of question. Actually, without spending a great fortune, you are still able to create a romantic day for her! Do remember that meaningful gift says more than the expensive one.


1. Romantic trip

Almost every girl is dreaming for a romantic trip with her boyfriend, so instead of sending her a big bunch of roses, hometown trip absolutely a wise and meaningful choice. If you are in tight budget for a long journey, why not find out the place for exciting activity or beautiful scenery in your city for about two days? Prepare everything and give her a surprise! It won’t cost you a lot and you can also have a rest and relax from working days.


2. DIY handbags

“Are you kidding me?” when reading DIY, man maybe suspicious of that. I’m not mean you should DIY the whole handbags for your girlfriend. As we all know, every woman gravitates toward fashion purses or bags, especially the unique handbags! Chose one according to your girlfriend’s style, create accessories that are carving several words that you love about her, or find found the beads that engrave words and find out the words that you would like to show her on the bag!

3. Breakfast in Bed

If you are a man that never have made a breakfast for your girlfriend, that may be a good chance for you to make your girlfriend happy. Moreover, use the love theme will strive for further improvement. Cut a heart shape bread by using a metal cookie cutter, put it into the pan with hot grease, crack an egg into the heart shape hole. At last decorate it with some fruit or other favorite food of your girlfriend, she will be thrilled.


4. Memorable Tour

Every coupe or lovers has their own memorable things and places. Do you still remember it? Try to refresh your memory or the place that are important for you two. Take a walk down to that place with her, recall the friendly recollections together and send her a gift! Or if you are planning to make an offer of marriage on that day, hide the ring and roses on specific location first and give her a surprise. Do you think is a great idea?



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