3 Style Tips of Wearing Mixed Prints from IT Girls

June 24, 2016

We have showed you how to refresh your Summer wardrobe for several times and as well as talking about which piece is the best choice to highlight ho-hum closet, yes, it should be the prints, with it your outfit will end up looking cluttered! After heading into the local store and go back with several bags which is jammed with print that you like, how could you mix or which latest bags for women you should go with the print? Maybe those tips be help!


To be totally honest, print is a wise way to express yourself, you can stand out easily. And pulling off prints is not a major fashion feat, you don’t have to worry so much, as they are not so difficult as you thought.


Wear mixed prints

For beginner, just simply start with two patterns and simple style. Wear the print inside and then layer another print piece, you will find the inner piece only show the sleeves and collars so that the inner print won’t steal the show of the large print or look overwhelming.


Stick to familiar colors

Try to find out a blouse which you are going to match with the print shirt dress be in one of the same colors of your shirt dress. Or just stick to the print in neutral color while having choose the eye-catching one. Or mix different style of prints that with the same colors together.


Mix texture and shapes

Select a piece of skinny dress with small print which is able to show your femininity and another piece of large print with mesh on it. Then mix them together to create interesting style. It is chic enough!

Add one more print

Do you think wearing two mixed prints are the maximum? At that time, try some delicate print accessories such as socks, heels, sprint unique clutches purses! It’s not nearly as hard as it seems!

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