2016 Spring Handbags Fashion Trends

September 19, 2016

Tassel fringe bag has long been the Bohemian girl in love, but in the spring/summer 2016 show, by the designers of renovation, these bags are no longer only the feeling of the ’60 s and 70s. Tassel fringe ornament on the leather handbags online sale, canvas bag bucket, feel more mature modern urban delicate charm. Of course, the girls like Boho style can find so many options.

Grass and snowflakes texture elements become the hottest hot spot of this season, combined with more elements into the national characteristics of different feeling, let’s swim once Bohemian bag, free, romantic mystery national tour.
bohemian tote bag horn curly bag
Long khaki color beach wool free loosely combined with horn’s unique design, you can feel free, uninhibited, romantic Bohemian.

Curly Bohemian rivet bag
Suede tactility always remind you of freedom is bold and unrestrained feelings. Beach wool and the combination of suede like for unruly you with passion.
Casual Style Women Tote Bag
Bosch amorous feelings tassel bag
Boogie Gypsy girl without all optional waft tassels design package?

Tassel plush tube package
Heat is not retreated reduce hair grass element this time also got on the train to national wind, warm strength for a dance.

elegance purses

Nordic design plush bag
The snowflake grain appearance give a person a kind of ice and snow that cool color moves in the temperature. Plush element of design is to let you feel a little bit of warm feeling.

The Nordic snowflake pattern chain bag
Nordic amorous feelings and evolution, this is transformed into an elegant lady to the extreme, chain package design emanate charming temperament.
inner bags for handbags
Hair bulb knitting pocket
Lovable hair bulb knitting Shan Jian package of facile mahjong piece something like a joker card.
Leisure cowboy look, matching season hit explodes now the knitting element pocket, is an upsurge as before!
Wine red knitting package of exquisite lovable bread twist knitting pocket.
Ferments the thick national mood knitting woolen sweater, in the matching wine red knitting the trousers are placing oneself fully in the national character and style atmosphere.

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