12 Tricks Solve Special Problems for Handbags

May 7, 2016

Whatever brands of handbags you own on your wardrobe, no matter how much they are, a bag that doesn’t need any maintenance still as new as the first time you find it in the shop, isn’t exist. Especially the popular brands which need more maintenance. It is the only way to keep your bags long-lasting. The key to choose maintain your bags must be the right ways which also depend on the fabric of your fashion bags.


A. Clean the special stains
1. You may go through this experience if you have a white leather bag- it will be yellow gradually after long time us. When that happened, try to use the toothbrush with neutral detergent on it and brush the whole surface of the bag, in the meanwhile, brush quilting of the bag with used brush is OK.
2. If the bag is dirty, to maintain, clean it lightly with the rubber, buff with leather cream on a soft clean cloth.
3. As for the white bag, deal with the diluted disinfectant or bleacher. Before using, you’d better do a test in bag.
4. In addition, if the bag you are going to clean is dark brown, wrap it with the banana skin.
5. Clean the oil stain with cleanser essence, or using the diluted oxalic acid smear the place with dirt before cleaning with cleanser.
6. Purchase the white petroleum from the shop, it is useful for eliminating glue on your bag, under the situation of no white petroleum, try essential balm.

B. Method for eliminating the fold of your bag
1. Keep your bag stuffed and the fold will disappear after a period of time.
2. Turn on the hair drier and blow the fold for about five minutes, it will be fine.



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